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Michael Kamen's "THE IRON GIANT" in Full Score - Available to Pre-Order NOW!

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17 hours ago, chrissiddall said:

I will be sharing a playlist on my YouTube channel which contains playback of the cues not present on the OST, which will remain active until an expanded OST is released.


Woah - like, clean versions?  Or ripped from the movie w/ sound effects and such?

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1 hour ago, Corellian2019 said:

I interpreted it as mockups of unreleased cues


This. However there is scope for an expanded release. If and when one materialises, I'll "defer to that" and take my version down. 

The original OST does cover most of the flowing material. What's left is either very short, or has breaks for dialogue/action in an almost recitative style. 

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This is really cool. 


And yes, I would love an expanded release of this score. Unlike the majority of Michael Kamen soundtrack recordings, this has a beautiful recording and performance. Usually his scores are rather messy and rushed. This is the exact opposite. 



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As I mentioned on various posts around the web and on my YouTube series "The Chain", I've put together a complete playlist for The Iron Giant which uses the OST and playback audio from my notation software for all the cues which are in the book but otherwise not available to listen to. Now you can read the score along with the music without having to contend with the dialogue and FX. Enjoy!
(with songs)
(score only)
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