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For those of you who jog/run- what’s your favorite score cue to listen to?

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I was flying through Some great Powell cues yesterday during my jog. 


Bim Bam Smash

Wild Hog Chase part 2

Bull Run

Buck Takes the Lead


I LOVE jogging to John Powell cues.

Some other favorites score cues to run to are:


My First Bus Ride (Mummy Returns)

Like a Dog Chasing Cars ( TDK)

Jungle Chase (Crystal Skull)

The Huns Attack/Avalanche (Mulan)


For those of you who enjoy a good run, what are some of your favorites film score cues you enjoy running to?

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I haven't worked out or jogged since the fall of 2017 (hence why I've gained 25-30 kilos since then), but when I did, I didn't listen to music. I need to have all my senses intact, and earplugs are not good for my tinnitus anyway. If I'm going to have music to workouts, it's better with non-film music. Hardhitting rock or EDM, mostly. Perhaps some 80s synthpop.


In terms of film music, should I ever add it to a workout playlist, it would probably be some 80s synth scores again, or newer synthwave. Needs a regular, fastpaced beat of some kind. Regular, orchestral film music with all the wacko dynamics going on, would be totally useless to me. No matter how much of an action cue it is.

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I run three times a week, but I usually don’t listen to film score tracks.  I think in recent memory, I’ve listened to two full albums during runs - the Solo OST and WAR HORSE.  Obviously I wasn’t using them to keep pace or get pumped, but it was just something I wanted to listen to those nights.


The only film score track that crossed over into my running playlists at one point was The Long Song from Doctor Who S7.  Not on there currently though.



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Huh. I confess I’ve never listened to any of the Doctor Who scores. I’ll have to give this one a spin and add it to my jogging list:)

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If you’re looking for something with a steady loping pace, there’s probably a good amount of that in the Murray Gold/Who run in general if you ever want to dive into like 11 seasons of material.

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The action stuff from M:I - Rogue Nation

Amsterdam Chase - The Hitman's Bodyguard

Black Widow Kicks Ass - Iron Man 2

Zombie Time - Fate Of The Furious

What Else You Got - Bad Boys For Life

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