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Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer's The Matrix Resurrections (2021)


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The opening cue sounds like exactly what it is - someone trying to emulate Davis' sound, but it goes between stylistic quotes (with the brass) and fairly generic original material.


Why on god's green earth didn't they just bring back Davis (assuming he would be up for it). They clearly wanted his sound.

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Given the reputation Cloud Atlas's score has, I'm ready to blame WB for this sounding like more standard modern blockbuster fare outside of the Davis bits, since I would think Klimek and Tykwer could be capable enough to make something more compelling. Not to mention scores like Jupiter Ascending showing the Wachowskis certainly allow for more expressive ventures still sound wise, so this is just coming off like heavy studio notes were adhered to based on some of the reactions here.


That being said: I probably would still wait for the album, since there's a good likelihood stuff might've been left out. Not even thinking of the rules here, since I know the previous films had cues replaced or dialed out, so that could be a good possibility here.

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It looks like T&K had no idea how fit into Davis' shoes without copying his music 1:1, so they limited his input to minimum but still for the casual audience to not feel disjointed, added some electronics to it, and the rest 95% is their typical style of composing from Cloud Atlas or Sense8, with some influences from RCP-produced soundtracks. The worst part is now they tried to do more intense action scoring than usual, which was never their strength in the first place.

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Personally, I judge each on their merits separately. I've known movies that were great but had terrible soundtracks, and vice versa.

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I'm listening to the FYC album now and not liking it at all.  I liked the first track yesterday, but that was all Davis.  The original stuff is not very exceptional

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Unfortunately they fall short with this score. Incredibly generic ideas and sounds. There's not much that harkens back to the original trilogy. The organic orchestral sound is gone, just modern day synthetic orchestral sounds. They may as well hire Junkie XL. 


That said, my expectations were low and this was not surprising. Don Davis set the bar really high and a couple of composers that aren't known for big symphonic works delivered exactly as I predicted in my mind. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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There is no reason to believe Davis was even going to find the opportunity to deliver something in the same spirit of the trilogy (if not better).


Say what you will about the Hobbit scores but even though they brought back Shore for those, I thought the end results had none of the care or enthusiasm he poured into the Rings scores. Sure he delivered his trademark complex writing. But the soul of his work for the Middle Earth was completely gone there.


Part of me thinks that had Davis been brought back for this (considering what happened during Speed Racer as well) all he was going to do was "resurrect" pieces from the trilogy and rework them to fit the picture, if not play around with Dark Knight / Inception temp tracks.


Actually, I can't quite think of any "resurrected" franchises that managed to dodge this plight. Maybe except the new SW trilogy but then, at this point, Williams is more likely to have the authority to reject others' ideas than the other way around.

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As far as I know Lana Wachowski doesn't use temp tracks during editing process. And since Cloud Atlas she even prefers to have the score written mostly based on the first reading of the script, well before shooting.

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I like this FYC Promo but... I feel a little bit disappointed.  Klimek and Tykwer could have done something better...  I can't say if I prefer any of the Davi's scores for the previous films, but the style in the score stays too close to Davis. I know it makes sense but these guys shine more with another style, I think.

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7 minutes ago, Edmilson said:

What happened during Speed Racer? 

I assume that it's because they chose Michael Giacchino over Don Davis.

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Technically they didn't track in any LOTR recordings - they just had the LPO re-record some LOTR passages almost verbatim with Robert Ziegler conducting

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I recently commented on the Ghostbusters: Afterlife score that it's a successful marriage of classic themes and new material.


Well, after listening to this one, I would say this score represents the exact opposite. This is an example of how not to do it. The scant references to Davis' material feel so out-of-place that, aside from the opening title, they really shouldn't have used the material. Maybe the OST will be a different presentation, but I actually suspect that this is the OST.

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Nevermind, I figured out how to use ffmpeg to grab .aac files using the website links in the FYC thread.

Currently up to TRACK 12, I'm...really enjoying this? I was really worried when Don Davis wasn't coming back but I'm honestly pretty happy with how this sounds, there's a good blend between orchestral chaos and the more digitized 'modern' sound, which I normally hate but for some reason I'm finding works quite well for THE MATRIX. There seems to be a decent amount of variety and energy in the tracks too.

This may sound like blasphemy but I listened to this right after listening to THE MATRIX COMPLETE EDITION and I'm already enjoying my listening experience of MATRIX RESURRECTIONS more, so much of the former's score blended together and in some cases was so compositionally complex that it sounded more like sound effects than music. That isn't to say THE MATRIX's score doesn't work magnificently in the film, it's just as a standalone listening experience it really didn't do much for me, whereas I'm finding MATRIX RESURRECTIONS is quite entertaining as a standalone album. Maybe that means it'll be used horribly in the film :P

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On 06/12/2021 at 3:46 AM, Luke Skywalker said:

Recently watched lotr and the hobbit trilogies and listened to the scores, and musically the hobbit scores are worthy succesors of the originals, bit the latter will always be better, but it happens always with sequel scores. 

some of the hobbits themes are better imo.


Worthy successors yes. Close to the original trilogy not the slightest. The original trilogy scores are all time greats. The Hobbit scores are 4 stars scores.

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It sounds like they tried to replicate Davis' piledriver sound at points, but... their use is far too subdued. Davis had those sounds mixed in quite loud, they stood out.


This really does come across as a poor person's Matrix score, way more so thaneven Erik Lundborg's Enter the Matrix does.

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OST has been announced. Looks like the FYC was actually the OST minus the remixes.



The “Exomorph Remix” of the theme was made by Johnny Kilmek and Tom Tykwer, the co-composers of The Matrix Resurrections score; the Oscar-nominated duo (huh?) of electronica musician Klimek and Run Lola Run director/composer Tykwer have worked together for over 20 years, dating back to the latter’s 1997 film Winter Sleepers.


The multi-suite “Neo and Trinity Theme” opens with an ascending ambient piece before breaking into a full-on rave over the middle third of the track. The theme — which, given its length and track list placement, would fit well in the film’s end credits — closes with a strings section before the electronica beats reemerge to bring the song to its conclusion.


In addition to Klimek and Tykwer’s 25-track score, The Matrix Resurrections soundtrack, due out Dec. 17 via Warner Bros/Watertower Music, also features remixes from artists like Marcel Dettmann, Moderna, and Thomas Fehlmann and more DJs who played a pivotal role in the underground music scene centered around the famed Berlin nightclub Berghain.

The Matrix Resurrections Soundtrack Track List

  1. Opening – The Matrix Resurrections

  2. Two and the Same

  3. Meeting Trinity

  4. It’s in My Mind

  5. I Fly or I Fall

  6. Set and Setting

  7. Into the Train

  8. Exit the Pod

  9. The Dojo

  10. Enter IO

  11. Inside IO

  12. Escape

  13. Broadcast Depth

  14. Exiles

  15. Factory Fight

  16. Bullet Time

  17. Recruiting

  18. Infiltration

  19. I Like Tests

  20. I Can’t Be Her

  21. Simulatte Brawl

  22. Swarm

  23. Sky Scrape

  24. My Dream Ended Here

  25. Neo and Trinity Theme (Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer Exomorph Remix)

  26. Opening – The Matrix Resurrections (Alessandro Adriani Remix)

  27. My Dream Ended Here (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

  28. Nosce (Almost Falling Remix)

  29. Bullet Time (Moderna Remix)

  30. Back to the Matrix (Eclectic Youth Remix)

  31. Welcome to the Crib (System 01 Remix)

  32. Flowing (Thomas Fehlmann Remix)

  33. Temet (Esther Silex & Kotelett Remix)

  34. Choice (Psychic Health Remix)

  35. Monumental (Gudrun Gut Remix)



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