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Restored Isolated Score: The Eiger Sanction


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Great work, @Chewy!  I actually had time to watch every video, and enjoyed the whole thing.


Some times I am not really sure why you left so much of the movie in before or after each cue, or combined two cues into one video that are separated by a lengthy unscored scene, but overall you made tons of great decisions putting this all together.


Especially revelatory is seeing how The Car Chase, Fifty Miles of Desert, and Hanging By A Thread would have worked if used.  I actually think it was wise to leave the car chase unscored, but the other 2 scenes are greatly improved by Williams' music being there, especially Hanging By A Thread - no idea why Eastwood dialed that middle out.


A few of the other cues with the beginning or ends restored really improved things too.

Overall, this made me appreciate this score more than I already did, especially the cues for The Eiger part of the movie, which hadn't been my favorite part of the album before.

Thanks again, wonderful work!

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