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Natalie Holt's BATGIRL (2022)


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There are two separate characters in the comics - Batwoman and Batgirl (which are further subdivided into a number of different secret identities).  In fact, Kathy Kane/Batwoman predates Batgirl in the comics, if I recall correctly.   Not much of a brave new world here.


If they add a show or movie for Nightwing, Batwing, Red Robin, Huntress, or Ace the Bat Hound, those are also preexisting Batman characters distinct from the Batman/Robin/Batgirl trio that showed up onscreen in the 1960s and 1990s.

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Remember the end of Dark Knight Rises strongly hinting at Nightwing adventures to follow? Never did happen. 

I think I've glimpsed Ace the Bat Hound. I have a terrible feeling he had a cape attached to his collar.  

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“So, it’s been announced that Michael Keaton is in it and so I actually had a conversation with Danny Elfman because I feel that if a character has a theme that has been with them since like 1989, we need to hear it when we see him. That’s how I feel. So, we’ll see what happens, but there’s been conversations with Danny Elfman so obviously that will tell you something. And there’s also bringing something new and we’re trying to establish Leslie Grace and give her her own identity and discover what that is and so I’m in the middle of that at the moment and it’s been an exciting process.”


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