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Omni to release Poltergeist


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Potentially good news for Europeans. Omni have made a distribution deal with Schott Music, allowing them to sell their Batman score in Europe, without international shipment and extra taxes (and the parcel services then charging five times the taxes they're supposed to charge):




Hopefully, more of their scores will follow. I've still got at least Poltergeist and Sneakers on my list, and what's mainly prevented me from ordering them so far is that I don't feel like paying DHL an extra €50 they're not entitled too (and spending extra hours to at least get back what they charge in excess even to that).

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2 hours ago, Thor said:

I wasn't aware you read music, Marian?


Well, I sing in a choir, so I have to, to an extent. And I can play the piano a bit (poorly). I'm not very skilled at reading full orchestral scores (I'm glad if I can follow a new SATB score at live speed), but it's fun every once in a while, and getting a glimpse* into the "source" of some of my favourite scores is always a fascinating experience.


*) I won't say "insight"; I'll leave that to those who are skilled enough to not only keep up while reading along, but also have enough brain capacity left for stuff like structural analysis along the way. Although Omni's introductory notes are certainly helpful in picking up themes and techniques throughout the score.

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