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Christophe Beck and Michael Paraskevas' HAWKEYE (2021)

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I'm halfway through the series and have noticed a lot of score cues that were actually nice, looking forward to checking out the albums soon


In particular I really liked the Carol of the Bells cue in the first episode, and some music in the third episode that reminded me of Kraemer's Mission Impossible 5 score

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I listened to the Volume 1 OST album and mostly liked it, though I wouldn't say it was completely compelling for its entire runtime.


The "Carol of the Buy and Sells" cue was great outside the show, which was nice.  "Sorry Santa" was the cue that sounds like Kraemer's MI5 to me



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Did any of Yelena's theme make it to either soundtrack, and does anyone have timestamps?  I just finished this half-satisfying series and am delving into its half-satisfying score today.  I like Beck's themes for Clint and Kate, but they're a bit short and flimsy, and I keep expecting Aslan to show up when the opening notes of Clint's theme play.  I also absolutely love the interpolation of Christmas melodies, but I wish he'd done it more than twice in the series.  Those are two of my absolute favorite cues.  A lot of the rest of it is fading into action anonymity for me.  The writing is fun, but the themes don't have enough melodic meat to latch onto.  Neither is as memorable as his themes for Wanda or Ant-Man, or even the Wasp.


I didn't latch on to any of Balfe's Black Widow themes in the theater, so I'm curious. (UPDATE: Found it in "Dustup on a Housetop" and then sampled the eponymous track from Balfe's score.  That theme doesn't suit Yelena's personality at all!  It's like all Balfe knew was her ethnicity when he wrote the theme.)


I agree that Beck is becoming the new champ of thematic integrity (or really always has been).  I do actually find it a little odd, though, that in a series spotlighting an original Avenger, using some Silvestri material, and featuring a scene actually set during the Battle of New York, we don't get a single snatch of the Avengers theme.


And not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but a couple of Hawkeye's arrows definitely presented unrealized potential

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Yelena's theme is also heard in the Arrival and Return around 0:16 and 2:40 (and a bit in Wreck the Halls around 3:15)


While I like Bafle's version... I guess it does indeed sound a little ill-fitting in his way.

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