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Unreleased LOTR music teased for an event Tuesday


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In fairness, we will also be discussing (but not playing) a few alternate passages that haven’t been heard. (We aren’t discussing silly things like .43 seconds missing from the album for musical purposes. That falls under the “pedantry up with which I shall not put” category! ;) ) It should be cool though! 


But yeah, I don’t love the overhyped promo. Feels a bit misleading. Love the hosts, and I get that this is how the internet works in 2021, but yeah ….


If you’re in the mood for a more sedate discussion, I did a bit on BBC Radio 3 a week or so ago, and it came out quite well, I thought. Nothing there that diehards don’t already know, but I could read the phone book with that glorious music and it would still move me to tears! 


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