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What do you think of the Harry Potter soundtrack?


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Is the Harry Potter BSO the best BSO in recent history? Leaving aside personal tastes for one saga or another and from a totally objective point of view, in what position would you put the Harry Potter BSO?

I am interested in knowing because I have a website specialized in Harry Potter questionnaires (You can see it here) and I wanted to know opinions about where you would put this BSO compared to other BSOs of different sagas.

All the best

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BSO....I'm guessing that's Spanish for Banda Sonora Originale (i.e. OST) rather than Boston Symphony Orchestra. :D


Harry Potter is fine. I'm not as connected to the films and scores as many others here, and I have zero nostalgic relationship them as I was well into my 20s when they came out, but the third score is a masterpiece. And the films are entertaining enough even for an adult.


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Even though the LalaLand Boxset for John Williams' Harry Potter scores is wonderful, I think, hardly anything beats the puplications of the Lord of the Rings scores. Lovely OSTs, also as deluxe edition in a nice digipack, including documentary DVD, a complete recording edition with the whole program in audio DVD as well, and I am not getting started about the artwork and documentation.

Even though there is a lot out there for Star Wars still I would say, LotR has so far the best soundtrack puplications overall for a saga.

Harry Potter is probably second, If you take into account, that I am basically only interested in the Williams scores.

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It's hard for me to determien how important nostalgia is when it comes to Potter.


I hated most of JW's scores in my teens and before that (was born in 1993). Barely noticed the music when we owned 1 and 2 on VHS, did think 3 was composed by somebody else.


I LOVED GOF when it came out, the score changed my life.


Then I broadened my horizons, first fell in love With Zimmer and then fell in love with JW's music.


I used to love HP3, but largely due to LLL's wonderful and unbeatable set, I now regard HP1 as a masterpiece, one of a kind. We'll see what happens when LLL does 4. And as Holko already said, the OSTs are a mess. 1 wastes time on the children’s suite, 2 misses set pieces and 3 completely misrepresents the score because it’s all about the dark stuff.


5-8... I never liked Yates, though his DH movies have grown on me. Hooper's music was fine for me, now it's bland. Desplat has always been pretty good.


As for LoTR... I used to think they were incredible works of art, then I discovered all the underscore is basically random chords.

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