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New Jerry Goldsmith Projects in 2022?


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2 hours ago, Jay said:

Sounds like for the rest of our lives there will be more Jerry music to dream of owning

Indeed — and his live TV and radio output in the 1950s is kind of a great untapped treasure trove of goodies, which Leigh Phillips’s new Goldsmith Anthology project is hoping to tackle further, after recording everything we can find of Goldsmith’s output for General Electric Theater. While Goldsmith himself told Jon Burligame that he started on that show in the mid 50s while it was a live program, not long after he started Climax, the earliest episode we’ve been able to confirm him working on (by finding the actual written music) is “Hitler’s Secret” in 1959, which was a filmed episode. Incidentally that’s one of two more scores for the series which Leigh just recorded last week, and for anyone who likes Dark Jerry this will be a real treat, a powerful 9.5 minutes of concentrated brass and percussion tension.


But yeah, it’s amazing to think that less than a year ago, it sure seemed like nobody would bother touching live TV/radio 50s Goldsmith, which would require re-recordings for super obscure material. And now a world of possibilities has opened up! His output in 1959 and 1960 for Playhouse 90 in particular is thrilling to contemplate because these were basically feature length stories (the “90” is for “90 minutes”, so these were basically TV movies of the 50s), and Jerry was afforded a larger orchestra budget and could afford close to 20 musicians, sometimes more…



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