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I don't think anyone's already made a thread for this show, so I thought I'd start now :).


I'm a big fan of Mac Quayle's soundtrack for the show, and enjoy the 7 volumes that have been released. But, like many other fans, am disappointed that the final chapter, Volume 8, doesn't seem to be any nearer to release. From the videos uploaded to his youtube channel, it seems as though the album has been arranged (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8bEwRoLFwsRjAeMi0skA5-_gQz7HcSbf), but after contacting Lakeshore records, who produced the previous 7, there doesn't seem to be any plans for it. It seems like the only thing to do is sign this petition and hope for the best: https://www.change.org/p/usa-network-release-mr-robot-vol-8-original-television-soundtrack-by-mac-quayle


Anyone else here fans of the show?


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Sure, although my enthusiasm petered out somewhat in subsequent seasons.


I like some of the score (the show really excelled in its use of EXISTING music), and at some point might welcome a single album release of the entire show's music.

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Might seem minor, but it's worth taking notice that Lakeshore Records' twitter account has started responding to those @ing them asking about the Vol 8 release, which is something they hadn't been doing prior. Anyone know their release schedule?



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On 03/02/2022 at 5:43 AM, TSMefford said:

Huge fan of the show and I'm annoyed as hell that Lakeshore decided not to release the very last Volume of music. Why bother releasing Volumes 1-7 and just not release 8?


Volume 8 will finally be released on May 9!! 





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5 hours ago, Chewy said:


Wow. What the hell is the excuse for taking this long?


Finally. The collection is complete.

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This is exactly the news I wanted to hear when I saw the topic update.


I can only assume it was delayed because execs were like "Lol the show is done, why would anyone want more music?"


It was very telling that the 7th volume came out during the 4th seasons because Mac Quayle probably wouldnt have been able to release it in a timely manner at all if he waited too long.


edit: Its so long as well. Which is fair since it covers 7 episodes.

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