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John Williams recorded something for "A TV project" at Sony sound stage in LA on Monday


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IF it was, I wonder who the series composer will be that uses the Williams material.  Powell again?  William Ross?  JNH even?  


Oh man, I really don't wanna get my hopes up here without confirmation.

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19 minutes ago, Jay said:

Tatooine is supposed to be this tiny inconsequential planet in the middle of nowhere in the original film


Then they returned to it in Return of the Jedi

and Phantom Menace

and Attack of the Clones

and Revenge of the Sith

and The Mandalorian Season 1

and The Mandalorian Season 2

and The Book of Boba Fett

and Obi-Wan Kenobi


when will they move on!?


I don't really think this complaint makes sense personally.  Most of what occurs actually on Tatooine in those films is not consequential to most of the galaxy.   Anyway, I've been loving getting more world building with Tatooine specifically.  I completely understand wanting to see more planets, but I'm not complaining that's for sure.

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So does this mean Powell might be doing the main scoring duties? The Force theme was always pretty much a Kenobi theme in the first Star Wars, but perhaps Williams wants to give the character a unique theme, like he did for young Han Solo

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My God this week has been a rollercoaster !!! If it's Kennoby, can't say I expected it at all! But I'll wait for confirmation, maybe it's some 10 second bumper for NBC news...

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Devil's advocate... wouldn't musicians have been told / signed an agreement to not say anything about a project like this if the project was Obi-Wan? Hope I'm wrong? Either way, we're in for some more Williams!

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3 minutes ago, Jay said:

Williams loves trees. 


It could be a theme for a new documentary series about trees. 


He didn't score the new Green Planet series for David Attenborough and that was the perfect opportunity for them to collaborate on a series about trees! :(


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27 minutes ago, Tom said:

You know, it may very well be a recording of the Overture to the Oscars.  In fact, I am going to go with that as the most likely candidate. 

you beat me to it.


But I hope he already recorded that a while back and it's Kenobi

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