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Williams debuts "Helena's Theme" from Indiana Jones 5 at the Hollywood Bowl


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It's funny: I'm so used to the wood-colored stage at Symphony Center in Chicago that the black stage really hides the musicians in this view.  It looks like they're performing in a black-box theater!

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10 hours ago, artguy360 said:

Has this video been shared yet? It's a very nice performance of Helena's theme with mostly clean audio.




I don't believe that's been posted here, no.  Thanks for sharing, that's the best audio and video yet!

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On 05/09/2022 at 1:00 AM, ConorPower said:

The  discussion here of "Love Themes" is rather interesting. Williams calling PWB's Helena a femme fatale struck me, as the theme didn't sound as noir-ish as Irina's theme. I'd be interesting in seeing how the theme relates to the depiction of her. Is it really representative of her character, or (as described in relation to Marion's theme on Art of the Score) a "thinking of Helena" theme? Not so much representative of her but how Indy (or maybe even Williams?) thinks about her. 


I addressed this issue a bit when discussing Irina and KotCS in article I had out last year. I'll do a shameless self-plug for anyone who might be interested in reading it. 

Article - Swashbucklers and Femme Fatales - Gender Coding in John Williams's Score to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008).pdf 359.2 kB · 7 downloads


I read your paper. You seem to be evaluating John Williams based on how progressive he is. However, you have things backwards. One does not measure Williams with a measuring stick, because Williams IS the measuring stick by which all other things should be measured.


John Williams should not be judged by how well he conforms to the standards of progressivism. Instead, progressivism should be judged by whether it meets the high standards of John Wiliams. Insofar as progressivism is pro-Williams, progressivism is good. Insofar as progressivism is anti-Williams, progressivism is bad.


Before you adopt a political philosophy, ask yourself whether it passes the "John Williams test."

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