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What is the last television series you DIDN'T watch

rough cut

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There're so much to watch on TV right now. Not only from the universes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC, but also a lot of other big properties like Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Wheel Of Time, The Boys and The Sandman. And then we have "new" content like Succession, Only Murders In The Building, Hacks, The Gilded Age, Never Have I Ever, Picard, Archive 81, Outer Range, Foundation, White Lotus, Queen's Gambit, The Terminal List and so on and so on... That's great! Lots of quality shows and plenty to choose from.


But I am exhausted. There's too much content.


So, I've decided to step off certain shows. I'm not saying I'm not watching these because they are bad. It's just too time consuming. (But sure, some shows I've quit mid-season because it just didn't appeal to me. Some I never gave a start, for various reasons.) I guess in a lot of cases, I'm simply not the target audience. For some, I'm very clearly the target audince and - in spite of raving reviews - I just haven't mustered up the strength to press the play button.


And that's OK.


There's such a focus all the time on what we should watch, the must see, and the don't miss. But I don't watch everything anymore. I can't watch everything. It'd drive me insane if I did. Either I don't think it's good enough to spend my time on, or I simply don't have the time and prioritize another show or movie - or just life in general - instead. And you know what? I'm fine. The curiosity passes. The allure of the new show fades. New things come instead. And the tempo relaxes a bit.


Maybe sharing a little bit about what we haven't watched is equally interesting. Maybe, for some, it can take some the preassure off of having to have watched everything - which I imagine is quite high especially for young people (do we have any of those here on the forum?). I'm not saying I'll never whatch any of the shows listed below. Some I am curious about, some I've had recommended to me, some I know I'll probably like, and some I could consider watching as a guilty pleasure, or even a pass-time activity.


And maybe someone will give me a slight nudge in the comments. "Come on man, you have to watch this..." And then, maybe I will. Someday. But not now.


So here it is. Stuff I haven't watched, for some reaseon.


If anybody is willing, feel free to chime in on what series you haven't watched.


Recent stuff that I haven't watched:

  • She-Hulk - I watched the first four episodes, but I lost interest and don't want to watch any more. It's too cringy and bad.
  • Ms. Marvel - Inspite of hearing good things, I just haven't been able to get the time to see this. Lack of interest from my side.
  • Star Wars Andor - It just seems dour and/or sad.
  • House Of The Dragon - As one of the few who didn't enjoy the original GOT-series, I am not very inclined to watch this. But I wouldn't mind giving it a try. But I don't know when, if ever.
  • Star Trek Strange New Worlds - Mostly because it's not on any streaming service I subscribe to, and - you know what - it kinda feels like a relief.
  • Star Trek Discovery - I kept up until S3, but since they moved it to a different platform I don’t have, I don’t really miss it.
  • Lisey's Story - As a huge Stephen King-fan I love to keep up with the adaptions. But this one... well, it's on my to watch-list.


Other series, I've also not watched:

  • The Witcher - I just never got 'round to it.
  • DC's Stargirl - I watched a couple of episodes, then stopped.
  • Sweet Tooth - It looks alraight. It's on my watch list. But it'll probably be there a long time.
  • Squid Game - I have to see this. But when?
  • Cowboy Bebop - I am unfamiliar with the source material, but the show looks good. But I know it's not going to be renewed and I am unsure if it ends on a cliffhanger, and if it does I just can't.
  • DC's Doom Patrol - I think I watched a couple of episodes. Not sure if I stopped because there weren't any more, or because I lost interest.
  • The Umbrella Academy - I have no idea what this is about, but I have the feeling that people think it's good.
  • Cobra Kai - Looks good, I'd like to watch it. Don't know when though.
  • Superman & Lois - I am a huge Superman fan, but this doesn't feel like a Superman show to me. I stopped after S1, I think.
  • DC's Titans - I never finished S3, I felt it just kept dragging and dragging.
  • Reacher - The new one from Amazon. It looks good, I guess. But I don't know if I'll ever come 'round to it.
  • Russian Doll - I am interested in this one. I intend to see it.
  • Severence - I would like to see it, but I don’t have Apple TV+ any more.


More stuff that it occurs to me that I've never watched:

  • Sopranos - Shame on me.
  • Breaking Bad - Really, shame on me.
  • Better Call Saul - Well, since I didn't see Breaking Bad...
  • The Ozark - "C'mon, it's great!" I know, I know...
  • Narcos - Nope, I didn't see it. Sue me.
  • Vikings - Never saw it. Don't intend to.
  • Any of the Walking Dead shows or spin-offs.


Jeez, that's alot, and this list'll keep on growing...


(Please don't use this thread to bash what other people love - it's not about being right or wrong, we can all like different things ;).)



  • True Detective - I kind of saw S1. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention. At least, I always thought that was why it didn’t gel with me, because I hear it’s very good. I’d like to like this one because I like a good detective story.
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Aww man! You HAVE to watch She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Star Wars Andor, House Of The Dragon, Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Star Trek Discovery, Lisey's Stoy, The Witcher, DC's Stargirl, Sweet Tooth, Squid Game, Cowboy Bebop, DC's Doom Patrol, The Umbrella Academy, Cobra Kai, Superman & Lois, DC's Titans, Reacher, Russian Doll, Severence, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Ozark, Narcos, Vikings, and Walking Dead! C'mon, they're great!

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There's only been a few shows that I started, then abandoned


The Walking Dead - Me and a group of friends binge-watched the entire (6 episode) first season back in the day when it came out and we were young.  I always intended to keep watching the show, first it was waiting for a group of us to get together to binge some again, then it was something else, and next thing you knew, I never watched a second of it again.  Hearing about Darabont's firing didn't help either


Breaking Bad - I watched the first 3 episodes when it came out.... and didn't like it!  A few years later when I kept hearing about how good the show had gotten, I rewatched those and kept going this time, and of course ended up loving the show.  I still think the first 3 episodes are the low point of the entire series (well, episodes 2 and 3 at least), but overall it's of course one of the best shows ever.  Glad I resumed it!


Once Upon A Time - gave up after 4 seasons I think it was.  I was never really all that good, my wife and I used to watch it to fall asleep lol


Marvel's Netflix shows - I watched Daredevil 1, Jessica Jones 1, and Luke Cage 1, but no further.  I always meant to, just... didn't.



That's all I can think of that I actively gave up on.  Of course there's plenty of shows I watched like, an episode of and that was it, but those aren't really the same thing


Bothering to mention which shows that exist that I am choosing not to start seems pointless as pointless can be

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RoP is the only show I actively watch now.


Back in the day my brother and I religiously watched 24, Lost, House, Prison Break, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. I stopped watching the latter when Negan came in - it felt lke the show had jumped the shark by that point.


I watched initial seasons of Once Upon a Time but lost interest after that. I haven't yet seen the final season of BCS as I dropped Netflix - maybe sometime.


I was also, along with a friend, a dedicated Outlander viewer until they put it behind a Starz subscription, and since season 5 wasn't brilliant we decided we wouldn't bother.


I have absolutely zero interest in any MCU/SW/Trek/GoT shows. I once saw Thrones S1 Ep 1 and thought little of it. I saw the first few episodes of Squid Game before I ditched Netflix, and thought it was awful.


Hence most current TV score albums are concept albums for me - GoT, HotD (when it's out), Obi-Wan.

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18 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

Back in the day my brother and I religiously watched 24, Lost, House, Prison Break, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. I stopped watching the latter when Negan came in - it felt lke the show had jumped the shark by that point.


The same has happened to me.


When I was a teenager, I used to watch religiously Prison Break, Lost, Dexter, GoT, TWD... I eventually binged all of Breaking Bad back in 2012-3.


But now that I'm older, there are very few shows that appeal to me. These days, I'm currently only watching Rings of Power (which is decent) and House of the Dragon (which is pretty good). But I don't have the time or interest to see:


  • Most Disney Star Wars and Marvel shows;
  • The Witcher (I saw season 1 and didn't liked it, so I skipped S2);
  • Pretty much every superhero show airing today;
  • Walking Dead and its numerous spin-offs;
  • Cobra Kai (apparently in order to understand it I need to have watched every 80s/90s Karate Kid movie that exists, and I only saw the first one)
  • Squid Game (whenever something becomes too much talked about on Twitter, I simply lose interest);
  • All of those crappy Netflix adaptations: Resident Evil, Cowboy BeBop, etc., (The Sandman was an exception, as it is a great show and I'm a Neil Gaiman fan)

I think part of my disinterest with all of those hyped and trendy TV shows is that in my youth I spent so much time watching both good and bad shows (I even saw three seasons of CW's awful The Flash!) that now I realized life is too short and precious to waste with them.


So now I'm choosing more carefully what to watch. Like Severance, which was a nice surprise.


But I do plan on watching Succession and Barry on HBO.

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One I forgot about is a BBC quiz show called House of Games. I was introduced to it on holiday (when the weather meant there wasn't much else to do) and the've made tons of episodes. I occasionally binge a couple of hours when I fancy a bit of brain exercise.


TBH, if HotD were on a platform I subscribe to I'd probably give it a go as I'm not completely averse to that sort of ancient fantasy, but I'm nowhere near interested enough to subscribe specially.


I'm also generally a Who watcher but obviously that's not on very much at the moment. I'll be paying a lot more attention when we get the RTD 2.0 series though.

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I'm completely done with Star Wars and Marvel movies and TV shows. I have no interest in Rings of Power. The only TV show I've watched from beginning to end in the last few years was Better Call Saul

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Of the shows that @rough cutmentions, I have seen precisely none of them.

Tell a lie! I have seen Ep. 1 of SQUID GAME.

I thought it was ok, but I wish it hadn't been dubbed. I'm in two minds whether to continue.

For me, the rest is TV wasteland.

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2 hours ago, Edmilson said:
  • Cobra Kai (apparently in order to understand it I need to have watched every 80s/90s Karate Kid movie that exists, and I only saw the first one)


What? Who told you that? It's 100% untrue. You don't even *have* to see the first film, though it's certainly helpful. But my wife started watching without seeing any Karate Kid films and she followed everything perfectly and fell in love with the show (she just really hated Daniel LaRusso initially, lol).


Characters from the 2nd film don't make an appearance in the show until season 3 and even then, little flashbacks fill you in on literally everything you would need to know. Sometimes it even helps to just infer context from those, because Karate Kid III was an especially bad film and you're frankly better off with the little excerpts they feed you in the show (and they are minimal and come late).


The fourth Karate Kid movie from the early 90s, The Next Karate Kid, has not come into play for the Cobra Kai series in any way yet. There's some speculation that Hilary Swank's character might show up before the end of the series but it's pure speculation. And that movie is terrible so again you're better off not seeing it apart from any excerpts these brilliant showrunners might choose to include.


In short: WATCH AWAY! Some stuff does get better and better, but if season 1 doesn't win you over it's probably not the show for you. But I think it's the greatest legacyquel of all time.


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Oh, there's so much stuff I haven't watched. I do watch a variety of new and old shows, but there's only so much time in the week. The only one that I definitely will watch but haven't touched yet is Andor.

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7 hours ago, Datameister said:

but there's only so much time in the week.

Exactly. I don't have enough free time to keep up with all of those shows. Most of the little free time that I have I spend with videogames

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I watched a "free" old horror movie yesterday on a platform... Anyway, I saw the Andor trailer about 56 times.... and I still don't want to watch that series. Hehe.

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Don’t judge, but I reeaally tend to look for lighter fare. I’m at an age and point in my career and family life where after adulting all day, I have little desire to watch edgy gritty shows.  Maybe I’m missing out, but I sort of know that light tone and optimism will sooth my need for entertainment. 

I’ve started to watch Peacemaker and 3 episodes in I’m not clicking with it.   I hear some goo things about the Boys, but I have a feeling it’s a bit nastier than I care for. 

I would NOT be watching Andor we’re it not under the Star Wars brand. 

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15 hours ago, Richard Penna said:



15 hours ago, Richard Penna said:



15 hours ago, Richard Penna said:

Prison Break


15 hours ago, Richard Penna said:

Once Upon a Time


15 hours ago, Richard Penna said:


These are also shows I haven’t watched, but I did watch the first five or so episodes of Lost.

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11 hours ago, Datameister said:

You can watch whatever you please. Some evenings I want to just shut my brain off. Sometimes I want to be challenged, or scared, or educated. Sometimes I just want the comfort of watching something I've seen a thousand times. Sometimes I crave something emphatically new. Sometimes I want to laugh. Sometimes I want a show that just oozes "premium quality." Sometimes I'm just interested enough in a junky show to stick around for the ride.


YES!  YES!  EXACTLY THIS, all this!


11 hours ago, Datameister said:

Anyone who judges someone else for what they want to watch has too much time on their hands. Probably enough time to watch another show I still haven't seen.



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