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Jerry Goldsmith Alien in full score by Chris Siddall


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40 minutes ago, chrissiddall said:

Hehe you beat me to it!!


No photo description available.

So looking forward to this. Spiral bound would definitely be awesome. But I understand that costs would probably be more. In any case, it’s coming to Nova Scotia 😃

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19 minutes ago, filmmusic said:

Is this gonna be with spiral binding like in the photo, or that is just a prototype sample?


No, that's just the test print that I do at home for myself (it's helpful to do one last check in physical form away from the screen).  Whilst spiral binding is nice for laying flat (making for easy scanning and sharing - not such a plus from a retailer POV!), one particular drawback is that you then have no spine art to help differentiate one book from another once you get a bunch of them in your bookcase.  My collection of John Williams Signature Edition scores from Hal Leonard are a good example of that!

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I would have to agree with that. Having every score(and I have a few…) looking differently is a nice touch when you have a lot. The signature ones all look the same. 
once again, thank you Chris for bringing these to us.

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8 hours ago, chrissiddall said:

"R7P2 (Original) Catnip" only appears as a reference in the liner notes of the OST, since the original takes were not saved


Maybe one day an older element will be found that has them?

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Right, I know they weren't found on the element used to build the Intrada CD but maybe some other elements exists in the vaults they weren't wiped from.  Who knows!

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