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La-La Land Records Black Friday 2022


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I have a feeling this year's batch will be the most popular one around here in a while!


this pretty much confirms Hook then.


Go ahead jay, post this emoji:  :whistle:

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1 minute ago, Bellosh said:

jay edited his post now.


he knows hook is coming 


Why would MV deny it then? 

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4 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

Any of the following would make a really nice Christmas:



The Terminal


great 'christmas' score imo

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Out of the 64 previous Black Friday titles,


9 are for television series

  1. Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis, and Michael McCuistion - Batman: The Animated Series (2CD)
  2. Mark Snow - Millennium (2CD)
  3. Bear McCreary - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  4. Various - Star Trek: The Original Series (15 CD) (1701 - 6000)
  5. Various - Star Trek: Enterprise (4CD) (1330 - 3,000)
  6. Various - Star Trek: 50th Anniversary Collection (1410 - 3,000)
  7. Various - Land of the Giants 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection (4CD)
  8. Various - Star Trek Voyager Collection Volume 2 (4CD)
  9. Mark Snow - The X-Files Volume 4

6 are box-sets of multiple films

  1. Michael Kamen - Lethal Weapon Soundtrack Collection (8CD) (1287 - 3,000)
  2. Danny Elfman - Batman / Batman Returns (4CD) (1327 - 3,000)
  3. John Williams - Jurassic Park / The Lost World (4CD) (1409 - 5,000)
  4. John Williams - Harry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection (7CD)
  5. John Williams - The John Williams Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection (4CD)
  6. Various - Nevada Smith - The Paramount Westerns Collection (4CD)

2 are OST albums for new films

  1. John Debney - Bonnie and Clyde (1292 - unlimited)
  2. Bear McCreary - Freaky

15 are premiere releases of old scores that never got a score album

  1. Les Baxter - Panic In Year Zero
  2. James Horner - Jade (15th Anniversary)
  3. Danny Elfman - Scrooged  (1195 - 3,000)
  4. Ennio Morricone - Fat Man and Little Boy (2CD) (1196 - 3,000)
  5. Dimitri Tiomkin - Gunfight at the OK Corral (1280 - 2,000)
  6. Robert Folk - Police Academy (1269 - 3,000)
  7. Danny Elfman - Big Top Pee Wee (1334 - 2,500)
  8. David Arnold - Shaft (1326 - 2,500)
  9. Dimitri Tiomkin - Giant [2CD] (1333 - 3,000)
  10. Harold Faltermeyer - Beverly Hills Cop II (1407 - 3,000)
  11. Harold Faltermeyer - Beverly Hills Cop (1406 - 3,000)
  12. Leslie Bricusse - Doctor Dolittle (50th Anniversary) (2CD)
  13. David Shire - Apocalypse Now - The Unused Score
  14. Ernest Troost & Robert Folk - Tremors (30th Anniversary)
  15. Craig Armstrong - Love Actually

18 are the first time a score was expanded

  1. Jerry Goldsmith - Innerspace
  2. James Newton Howard - The Fugitive (2CD)
  3. Danny Elfman - Batman Returns (2CD)
  4. Jerry Goldsmith - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (2CD)
  5. John Williams - Home Alone (20th Anniversary)
  6. Ennio Morricone - The Untouchables (25th Anniversary) (1236 - 3500)
  7. Michael Kamen - Die Hard With A Vengeance (2CD) (1233 - 4000)
  8. John Ottman - Superman Returns (2CD) (1282 - 3,000)
  9. John Debney - Passion Of The Christ (10th Anniversary) (2CD) (1329 - 10,000)
  10. James Horner - The Pagemaster (1378 - 2,000)
  11. James Horner - Braveheart (20th Anniversary) (2CD) (1375 - 3,000)
  12. David Arnold - Die Another Day (15th Anniversary) (2CD)
  13. James Horner - Titanic (20th Anniversary) (4CD)
  14. Leslie Bricusse - Doctor Dolittle (50th Anniversary) (2CD)
  15. John Williams - Schindler's List (25th Anniversary) (2CD)
  16. David Arnold - The World Is Not Enough (2CD)
  17. Wojciech Kilar - Bram Stoker's Dracula (3CD)
  18. Alfred Newman - The Diary of Anne Frank (2CD)

14 are new expansions of scores that had been expanded before

  1. Michael Kamen - Die Hard (2CD) (1188 - 3,500)
  2. John Williams - Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (20th Anniversary) (2CD) (1232 - 3000)
  3. John Williams - Home Alone (25th Anniversary) (2CD) (1374 - 5,000)
  4. John Barry - Dances With Wolves (25th Anniversary) [2CD] (1350 - 5,000)
  5. James Horner - Titanic (20th Anniversary) (4CD)
  6. John Williams - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (40th Anniversary) (2CD)
  7. David Arnold - Stargate (25th Anniversary) (2CD)
  8. Bill Conti - The Karate Kid (35th Anniversary)
  9. Goldsmith At 20th Vol. 1 - Von Ryan's Express / The Blue Max (2CD)
  10. Goldsmith At 20th Vol. 2 - The Detective / The Flim-Flam Man
  11. Bill Conti - The Karate Kid Part III
  12. John Williams - Fiddler on the Roof (50th Anniversary) (3CD)
  13. Bill Conti  - The Next Karate Kid
  14. Harry Manfredini - Friday The 13th


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Given the recent massive success of Maverick, I do wonder if this might be the time for them to finally release the original Top Gun score after it's been mentioned to have been worked on in the past.

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8 minutes ago, Andy said:

After listening to @Thor’s  podcast, I would like a television works collection. 

Wagon Train would be a cool place to start. With two original scores by Goldsmith and a whopping SIX (or more) from Williams, that’s a bunch of guaranteed sales already even before you add in names like Schifrin, Moross, Green, DeVol, Fried, Skinner, Amfitheatrof, Harline, Salter, Gold, Courage, Roemheld, Webb, Buttolph, Murray, Mockridge, and Shores…


Plus it’s owned/controlled by Universal, an entity which seems friendly to the labels (though admittedly we haven’t gotten much TV from them as yet).



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3 hours ago, JTWfan77 said:

I'm guessing Amistad or Born on the Fourth of July for the Williams title, and hoping for Goldsmith's MacArthur as well.


MacArthur would be nice, because it's one of the few Goldsmiths I don't have yet.


3 hours ago, Jay said:

Covid seemed to slow down film studio approvals to an astonishing new degree


Which is absurd. Seems to me that approving stuff that was all ready to be produced and released would have been the one easy thing to do while everything else was shut down.

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46 minutes ago, TolkienSS said:

Hook would be a massive dissapointment. How many releases does a score need?

A proper one done with TLC.


Hoping for Hook, but as long as a new Williams one is done every year at least, that just means we're one step closer to the big big ones;)

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The $40 title has me intrigued. 3CD set? 4CD set? 

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I bet the $39.98 one will be a 3CD or 4CD box. But which one? A few bets:

  • The John Williams Oliver Stone collection (not likely, they're movies from different studios);
  • The non-Williams Harry Potter collection (with music by Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat);
  • The non-Williams Jurassic Park collection (JP3 and the first World movie - the sequels already have big enough OSTs);
  • Another Star Trek box;
  • The John Williams TV collection (with his earlier music for 60s TV shows);
  • Star Wars Original Trilogy/Indiana Jones box (yeah, right...)
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27 minutes ago, Brando said:

How much was the JP box set when it first dropped?



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Not that there's a pattern, but $15 or so per disc. I bet the $40 set is 3 discs. Or 4 discs.

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Elfman's Spider-Man 1 perhaps? If I am not mistaking, this year marked the 20th anniversary of this film. I remember that #2 and #3 were said to be impossible to do, but I don't think I've ever heard the same for the first one.


Maybe something for a film franchise that has gotten (or will be getting) a sequel or reboot lately/soon? I reckon Avatar would be something for Intrada to look into so, Faltermeyer's Top Gun 1 perhaps?


How about a soundtrack album for JNH and co's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" TV series?


They also haven't yet looked into JNH's Postman, even though they released sets for Waterworld and Wyatt Earp. That could be on their to-do list.


It would be super cool if they started looking into JNH/M Night collaborations too. Perhaps starting with Signs which, just like Spidey 1 above, also had its 20th anniversary this year. Though I don't think there was much interesting or significant music missing from the 2002 CD, if anything at all.


9 hours ago, Edmilson said:

Star Wars Original Trilogy/Indiana Jones box (yeah, right...)


Those would be Intrada's territory, right?


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5 hours ago, whitenoise23 said:


Curious order, seems to be random? 2 disc, 2 disc, 3-4 disc, 2 disc, 1 disc. You'd think it'd be organised from lowest to highest... unless this is in reveal order? In which case the 1CD one is the last one, the biggest one? Maybe something thought to be lost or impossible?

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The $40 title feels like a 4-CD set to me - Intrada's Sleepy Hollow is the same price. Given a highly unreliable rumour posted on Intrada's forum a while back, I'm going to keep my prayers open that it's Gladiator (1/2 - score, 3 - alternates, 4 - OST).


Otherwise must be either some sort of TV box or some other score that has a lot of material. Outside of Hook (which we know it isn't) I can't think of any JW scores that would fit this.


If their history is anything to go by, they'll try to do a mix of newer stuff (perhaps millennium onwards) and older stuff so there's something for everyone to at least consider. This is certainly the most exciting batch in a while, partly as they've got it nailed down this far in advance and because so much other great stuff has come out generally over the year that we're probably not in a 'drought' period generally.

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It would make real sense to be TLW and JPIII because the former gives them a nice dependable revenue stream (especially if it somehow has something new on it) for less work than a new release, and the latter is a nice sister release and closes the book on the JP trilogy.


But this is where serious expectation management is needed, and of course things may not fall into place as nicely as that.

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I'd hope for either of those to have some film versions

Though the JP2 filmversions would be hard to recreate.

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12 hours ago, TolkienSS said:

Hook would be a massive dissapointment. How many releases does a score need?


Hook has had exactly 2 releases. The original soundtrack album in 1991, and an incomplete expansion produced by Didier Deutch in 2012, which was only in print for about a year before it sold out in the summer of 2013 and had been unavailable since. 


Any other "releases" you might have seen on the internet are unofficial fan edits / bootlegs. 

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