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Moonlight Lead Sheet


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11 minutes ago, QuartalHarmony said:

It's not an error in your version, but the published sheet music (available for download from various sites, though you can often only preview the first page) notates more or less the whole melody in straight crotchets (quarter notes) - no triplets anywhere. In the absence of a leak, whether or not that's what JW provided for Dees and Sting to sing in the studio is anyone's guess!


Interesting! I refrained from looking up any existing sheet music because most of the fun for me is doing it by ear. Sounds like it's even more rhythmically ironed-out than what I transcribed. My initial pass really did try to reflect the nuances of Sting's performance, but I felt I was hitting diminishing returns pretty quickly.


11 minutes ago, QuartalHarmony said:

Oh, and I'd normally 'spell' Dmaj7(add9) as Dmaj9... unless you're intending the 9th (E) to function as a 2nd... in which case I'd call it Dmaj7(add2)... at which point one is well and truly down a rabbit hole...


I find chord symbol nomenclature endlessly fascinating. You're quite right, the better symbol for that chord would be Dmaj9. Though listening more closely, I wonder if it might actually be a D6/9 chord instead.

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15 hours ago, QuartalHarmony said:

Ooh, D6/9. Yeah, that too.


If you ever need to distract a roomful of jazz pianists for a few hours, just ask them this sort of question.



Wouldn't D6/9 also be D13, or D13(no 7), or G9/D?

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