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The best Star Wars music, ranked (Entertainment Weekly)


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2 hours ago, Naïve Old Fart said:


To avoid the woke mob, it should probably be retitled "Non-binary Sunset" :lol:


There is not a reaction icon that is up to this task. Somewhere between neutral and spitting out my coffee.


9 hours ago, ThePenitentMan1 said:


Because it's not like the beginning of both of these cues is a particularly important statement of a major theme or anything. ;)


I'd be worried about getting too deep in the weeds but that ship sailed ages ago. The first chunk of Han Solo and the Princess IS Han Solo and the Princess. While that section of The Princess Appears / Lost Artoo / that terrible title ;) is not the "Binary Sunset" theme.


And of course the entire cue is the sort of thing that makes Star Wars amazing, rather than a concert presentation of a theme. It starts with a lovely little bit of Luke's theme (is that a clarinet?), it goes to Ben's theme (and yes, it's as gorgeous as everyone makes it out to be, even if it has, along with TIE Fighter Attack, worn out it's welcome some), there's a wonderful little statement of the Rebel theme, then back to that "Aw shucks" setting for Luke's theme and then this "wizard behind the curtain / things are afoot" (and Artoo is LOST!)" restatement of Ben's theme. I would HATE a concert arrangement of this. (Much as I'm not at all fond of the concert version of The Asteroid Field.)


That's another thing about the other times this piece is straight up re-played (rather than something like Leia Breaks the News): they are all meant to be EPIC. While the music played over the sunset is lonely and wistful. It's big dreams in a small place.


The list doesn't have Imperial Attack or Through the Window, so it's shite.

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