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The Greatest Works of John Williams (Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo, Taizo Takemoto)


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3 hours ago, Quppa said:

Taizo Takemoto is a well-known conductor


Following up my own post, he's been conducting John Williams pieces since at least 2003 - previous recordings include the Star Wars Film Spectacular and John Williams Film Spectacular (both from the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra).


He did an interview about the album here (Google Translate).


1 hour ago, Tom said:

Is this the first complete recording of the HP suite?  


The interviewer seems to think so.

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  • 2 months later...

Finally managed to listen to the children’s suite.


1.      Hedwig’s Flight: the celesta is so magical here.

2.      Hogwarts Forever: no complaints.

3.      Voldemort: A bit on the slow side and there’s a curious tremolo/vibrato thing going on, I wonder if JW wrote it that way. And as usual, the slower they play, the more details you pick up.

4.      Nimbus 2000: no observations. Or one: very nice flute playing.

5.      Fluffy’s Harp: again on the slow side, which places too much emphasis on the harp tremolos. But again, I got into it eventually.

6.      Quidditch: A bit heavy-handed. Lots of details, but something was just… off. The brass section seems not confident enough, the notes are too legato…

7.      Family Portrait: Loved the vibrato in the cellos.

8.      Diagon Alley: There’s a drum instrument that really shouldn’t be there at all, unless the sheet music calls for it, but I found it very intrusive and it drowns out the harp too. Really glad to finally have a studio version of the great ending, but again, there’s something heavy-handed about it. It doesn’t… sparkle enough.

9.      Harry’s Wondrous World: Quite nice, until they suddenly skipped the entire first section of the Family Theme, like the end credits do. I have no idea where this comes from as they ignore every other film edit. Is that even an option in the printed score? Also, in the Quidditch part, they made the same ‘mistake’ Berlin did, which leads me to believe it’s not a performance mistake at all and this concert is now perfect. But of course, no delicious ritardando on the A-sharp and none at all during the final bars. Really unfortunate.


I feel very fuzzy and warm after hearing the suite, though, and it’s nothing got to do with the heatwave.



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