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John Williams in Orange County [Friday, Saturday]

Hector J. Guzman

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Thanks to Jeffrey Wheeler's wonderful John Williams Web Pages, there's info on a concert where Mr. Williams will share conducting duties with the music director of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra Carl St.Clair in a concert called 25th Anniversary Finale with John Williams.

The program includes Sound the Bells!, the Three Pieces from Schindler's List and his exciting Tuba Concerto. And something that will please everyone, the Pacific Chorale, and the Pacific Chorale Children's Chorus will be present to perform among other things, Williams' own Call to the Champions and "Exsultate Justi" from Empire of the Sun.


:music: Williams Princess Leia

The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

John Williams

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The site is actually run by Jeff Eldridge. Jeffrey Wheeler has contributed reviews to The Unofficial John Williams Homepage and to Film Music on the Web but, as far as a I know, does not run any film music Web sites.

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I hope you have a great time and that you will share your concert experience with us!


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Too bad he's not doing POA as a kind of tribute to the film's release. Awesome to hear Exultate Justi, that is a piece that I don't think is performed often. So are the SL pieces the ones with voices?

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