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HOOK all the way !!

I'm always wondering why John Williams doesn't push Hal Leonard to publish it... it's so wonderfull.. and in most of his concerts, he puts some Hook music... so why don't they release it ?

Philippe - who's again angry because he wants to conduct Hook in concert.

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Hook suite.

Not just one cue but a suite like in Harry Potter and Star Wars. And what happened to Chamber of Secrets. It was all set to be released with 5 cues and it's been in limbo hell, unless anyone has heard otherwise. As for other cues....

Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra

Episode 2 - Chase through Corruscant

Episode 1 - Droid Battle

WOE - Dance of the Witches

The Fury - Main Title

Temple of Doom suite

Raiders suite (not just the march)

Sabrina - Main Title

Return of the Jedi suite

Jurassic Park suite

Jaws - Main Title

Space Camp - Theme

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Elegy would actually be the ultimate to be released for me. The orchestral version, however any concertos released have always been for that instrument and Piano, which is OK, but it doesn't substitute for the orchestral score.

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Since :


Parade of the Slave Children

The Love Theme

Finale & End Credits

(includes Short Round's Theme & RAIDERS' March)





Indy's Very First Adventure

Scherzo for Motorcycle & Orchestra

Escape from Venice

Belly of the Steel Beast

End Credits (includes RAIDERS' March)






SABRINA End Credits (1995)

are available by TNV for orchestras, those pieces are unlikly to be published in the signature edition.

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TNV: Thems and Variations

Sheet music publisher only for movie scores and only for orchestras to perform the music. The City of prague orchestra is a good customer. Driving force behind tnv is John Waxman, the son of Franz Waxman.


ESB abd ROTJ sutes seems to be available also as rental sheetmusic. (I found them in the Bonner Katalog, a book with available rental sheetmusic.)

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Yes, I'm sorry. I apologize to all those who entered for the very slow pace. It's coming soon. My E-Mail has not been working very well lately. So either I didn't recieve your E-Mail altogether...or I may have deleted it accidentally. Feel free to try on a more stable server now that I'm at college... Jesensky@hartford.edu

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