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i NeEd yOu jErrY !!!!!!!!!!

Hector J. Guzman

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These pictures were taken during his 70th birthday celebration at the Hollywood Bowl:




(Photographs by Nathaniel Thompson)

Please, come back to your hometown, and conduct your beautiful music!!!!

We want to celebrate with you!!! PLEAAAAAAASSEEE!!!!


[sob --- sob]



P.S. Pictures are from a Scorelogue article that can be found on this link

P.S2. Damn lucky londonites

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It looks demented.

It's called effect.

Same old questions, becuase we've never been given an answer.

I replied to a question to one of the moderators, which is basically that in this case I did not feel happy with something, I deleted it and decided to change before anyone replied, and re post it.

Hector - who finds visiting here less happy every time

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did I accidently happen on the JGFAN.com board???

also known as LOTRFan.net in december, HPFan.net when a new book comes out and SWFan.net the rest of the year.

Maybe the lack of new Williams scores makes us look for other composer's work. Goldsmith was a good option for me (as well as North).

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also known  


HPFan.net when a new book comes out  

not at all, we had one dedicated thread towards the novel, and one only.

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I think it sucks having to read stuff like that. If you're lazy and/or don't want to use caps, fine. But if you're going to go through the trouble of writing in such a rediculous way, leave it, and just use proper spellings.

Just my opinion.

- Marc

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Let the 12 year olds do it.  It looks sloppy and unprofessional.

I thought it was supposed to be funny. Anyway I don't really see a rule that says no sloppyness. :thumbup:

Justin -Who appreciates Neil for running a tight ship anyway. ;)

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The topic title is still written in both lower and upper case, was it supposed to be changed or something?

Ray Barnsbury

It was changed and then changed back.


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Jerry, sick? I thought those were always rumors. Anyway, that guy is just awesome. I'm getting my Timeline as soon as it comes out. Just got Hollow man and I'm getting to know it with what little time I have.

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