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I'M BACK! And....I just got The Lost World & the Fury!!!

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Hello, folks. I know I haven't been around in forever and I guess the one thing that this comes form is - school. But Spring Break has just started and lo and behold, I had to post!

I just got the Fury 2-CD Varese release two weeks ago (after the 500 warning, I decided I better hop to it). I've listened to the first disc so far, and I love it! I still haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm interested. Everyone kept saying how great it was, but I had no idea! Great score.

Fast forward to yesterday - I'm in FYE and looking around at different soundtracks, and I go to look under Jurassic Park looking for The Lost World just for the hell of it (almost no place near me has it, and those that do charge eighteen dollars and up), and lo and behold, I found a used copy for three dollars!!! I couldn't believe it. I bought it immediately. It's a great score and the movie just happens to be on USA right now :-) . I do havea question however - is the film version of "Ludlow's Demise" tracked music from the concert version of the main theme? Just wondering. It's a shame that this album is only a slight improvement over the previous film's album in terms of editing and sequencing, but oh well.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some more. Good to be back!!!

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The Fury 2 CD set is a fabulous recording to own- one of those scores that really grows on you.

Congrats on your two acquisitions.

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Lost World was a one exception on Williams/Spielberg collaboration regarding music edit. The main theme is edited to the film from the concert version or track Malcom's Journey many times. It almost feels like Lucas had had something to do with the editing ;) The score was a total surprise to me when I bought it in 1997(it was my first score along with Schindler's List) and I think the movie contained many good cues that not made it to the album (of course there is the ever gnawing issue of using the alternate of Rescuing Sarah for the album. The movie version is so much better). Williams showed his versitility once again and his jungle rhythms are infectious ;)

The Fury is one of scores to receive ever growing respect and adoration from JW fans. It is a great score and I love the darker side of Williams and the sheer dramatic weight that the music of Fury carries. I owned the regular release(VS reissue) before buying the Deluxe edition. I have to say I was impressed by the remastering of LSO album. The sound quality is astounding compared to the old version.

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