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Urgent! Need ticket for tonight (May22)


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Box office sold out.

I will be at symphony hall around 7:00.

Anyone with extra ticket? I don't care where it's at as long as I get in.

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I don't know for what show it is, but Bhodee on the trading board is selling tickets to something.

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Yes, I agree with your highly verbal comment on MSN. And it's as close as it gets.

But seriously, how did you know my name? And my full name- I always go by John?

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And usually i just reject your pleas.


It is sadly befitting of thine godly status to reject cries from us mere mortals.

But Alright, i'll send you one.

I shall mark such a joyous occasion. On my skin. ;)

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no a family gave him a ticket. . .he'll tell you about it when he gets home.


I rushed down to Symphony Hall around 7:00 and started pleading to people arriving that I was looking for one ticket if they had any extras to sell. At one point I even made myself a sign (thanks to the help of Neil's pen). About 20 minutes before the concert, this nice family of four handed me a ticket ($37 orchestra) and refused to accept any payment from me. I sat at their table and had a great time. I wish I would have gotten their name so I could have sent them a thank you card but they left during "Stars and Stripes". Talk about luck.

I didn't originally plan on going to that concert since I went to the May 21st one and planned on meeting JW there. Since he was so tired from his NY trip, he only showed up for a few seconds to thank us for waiting but telling us that he couldn't stay to sign stuff and take photos. The other JWFAN members told him they would be back on the 22nd and JW said "OK. Then I'll see you then". I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see JW again so I was determined to get a ticket.

Unfortunately, JW didn't show up at all last night 8O

At least I got to sign his card. It was still a fun concert regardless, especially since someone was nice enough to give me a free ticket.

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