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HELP!! Cd's lost or stolen........


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As posted over at FSM:

I have had several cd's go missing. I run a limo service, so I'm in my car most of the day and I keep a cd case with me filled with stuff that I haven't listened to or haven't listened to in awhile. I keep this cd case in the trunk which is where the cd changer is. This way it is always handy whenever I need to get to it!

I have always thought of what I would do should my cd's get stolen or lost, and I always brush the thought aside because I am very anal and carefull with them especially because I don't make back-ups of them.

Well, my worst thoughts came true about two weeks ago. I was lying in bed when I thought I would play one of those cd's while trying to go to sleep (I always sleep listening to music), so I got up, threw on some slippers and went quickly drove to the office where I keep the car. The trunk opened, and my case was gone. I didn't freak out because I thought that I probably moved it to my car (although I don't remember doing so), or my father prob. moved it into the house (which he does every so often). I figured I would check it in the morning. Like I said, I wasn't worried. My family knows how much these mean to me, so they don't screw around with them either.

The next day, I searched the office, my house, my car, my parents house...top to bottom. They were no where to be found.

I waited a few weeks thinking they would pop up somewhere, but I am fearfull that they aren't. I have started calling all of my customers that were in that car in that two week time frame hoping that, maybe, they mistook it for one of their bags. No such luck. I have called 28 people so far, and I have 15 to go. I don't think it's going to surface. Which is why I'm writing this plea:

Does anyone have any of these cd's that they would, hopefully, sell to me? I understand that a few of them are hard to find so I'm not banking on it, but I can't sleep knowing that I haven't tried.

Here is the list of what was "stolen" (which is what I think happened).

***UPDATED 6/2***



















If anyone can help me out, that would be wonderful!

The thing that sucks the most, for me, is that I was so close to completing my Goldsmith collection, and ALL of those Goldsmith cd's listed above were ones that I searched high and low for. Some of you may even remember me asking anyone if they had them for sale!

Oh well...... Sh*t happens, so they say.

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John, that's a lousy deal. I cannot stress enough the need to make CD-R backups for the car. I never brought pressed discs with me anywhere. Cd-R's are cheap and they help protect the original.

Or you could just get an iPod and take all or the majority of your collection with you everywhere.


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Steef: Yes. It hurts. About as much as riding a bike without a seat.


Stupid thing is... is that I DO have an Ipod! The business car that these were in, however, dosen't have a tape player and that FM transmitter thingy just didn't work well enough for me, so I couldn't use the Ipod in that car.

Is it me, or is <name of some religious figure erased> pissed at me?


I definately learned my lesson here. Damn did it have to be THIS hard of one however? I mean, it would've been ok... but damnit...the FOX set?!?!!?

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Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Johnnyecks. That's a major bummer. :angry: However I don't own any of these CDs so I can't help you out. Although I did see a copy of Deep Rising in store a few weeks back for $A 10 ($US 7)...


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Well,on the up side,that's only 4 Williams c.d albums.I thought it was like your entire collection.Bad luck though,but keep in mind they might turn up *somewhere* in your house.Made the mistake of re-buying the Simpsons 1 st season DVD's which i thought was stolen,then i found them in some closet corner.


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I've got a few original CDs of what you're looking for, Johnny:






On the Fox set, I've got one I'm willing to sell, but that I'd have to sell as a complete set so not to devalue the other discs (not sure if you want to go that route since you only need two discs).

Write me if I can help you out!

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I used to bring most of my Williams CDs in one large CD wallett before I got my 1st CD-Recorder, but...

1. Fearing them being stolen or...

2. Fearing them getting damaged (which happened with two CDs... they play on newer players but some older CD players don't read the skips and play them).

From now on, I only bring CDRs. And I only put them in a hard case with hard CD holders. Those cloth ones damage CDs and CDRs (like I said above, I found out the hard way). KM knows this too, of course his car has an MD deck, which is cool because the discs are smaller, but bad because they are expensive.

I may want to look into a portable mp3 player, since they are getting cheaper and cheaper. But ipod? Aren't they rather expensive? I'll pass, I've been burned too many times in the past buying electronics and then watching them get cheaper and better as the years go by... plus I'm poor. :devil:

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My Minidisk car deck just died.I'm giving up on MD altogheter,on the long run I find the players unreliable and fragile because of too many moving parts,and all of the ones I've had have broken at some point except my original recorder.They are expensive and they are impossible to get repaired.Plus some of the disks get corrupted and start skipping after a while.Oh well,it was a fun 10 years with MD's,but time to move on...

K.M.Planning to get a MP3 cdr player for his car and a ipod.

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Thanks for the remarks guys! Things are looking a little better, at least with my finding the cd's again. I have had a few offers which I am considering, plus I have been able to find at least 3 on eBay. I was able to find disc 3 of the Goldie and Fox set. It was in the labtop that I am using right now. I haven't used the labtop in a few months, so I was shocked when I saw this. So, I'm only missing disc 6 now. I am considering purchasing a brand new set from someone here, but I don't know what to do. I don't think I'll rest easy with the knowledge that I have a copy of a cd in this set, that it immediately lost it's value. Not that I have these for their 'value', but it's like getting a rare painting and then spilling water on it. It's not entirely damaged, but YOU know that it is. Know what I mean?

One thing that does have me upset, however, is the Varese 25th ann. Vol 2 set. I haven't been able to find anything about that. No one has one to sell, none have popped up on eBay. I guess I'll have to see if I can get cdr's of that one (legal, since I own it...well...before it was lost).

I updated the list in my first post of what I'm still missing.

If anyone can help me out, please email me!

And, I DO recommend the Ipod Crusher. It's great, if you actually use it. It would've saved me money had I used it for these cd's...but I'm a doltz...what can I say!

- J

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