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Does Your Wife/Girlfriend Hate John Williams?

King Mark

Does your Wife hate JW  

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Ross: Ross, old friend! You wosrhip a false God! He thinkas that Jerry Goldsmith is great and The Phantom Menace is a boring score! How wise of a God can he be? In this case, we can use the lower case 'god.' :thumbup:

My mind... is in darkness... God... God I'm sick!

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Trojan a comdom label?

What kind of name i it (appart for being the most funny label name i have heard)?

Arent they supposed to prevent the Big Horse speading his little soldiers inside?

Not a very reasuring name... ;)

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Son, condoms are no laughing matter!

They are if you're in relationship and don't have to use them. ;)

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Yeah, but it's a pain to have to call Tiffany, Heather, Cody, Dylan, Dermott, Jordan, Taylor, Brittany, Wesley, Rumer, Scout, Cassidy, Zoe, Chloe, Max, Hunter, Kendal, Katlin, Noah, Sasha, Morgan, Kira, Ian, Lauren, Q-bert, and Pnil to dinner everyday.

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To Chistopher Chrushercomix.

I accept that you have your own judgment and will not try to tell you that you are wrong and should only live my way.

Me debate with you in this thread ends here.

Your friend.


I bailed out 2 pages ago.

K.M.who forgot to add boyfriend to please everyone.

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There are some things that are worth waiting for... Anticipation makes the moment better. I have NO aversion to sex whatsoever, but I am not as uncommonly drawn to it as some are, either. Sex is only wonderful, if it is something shared with someone special, otherwise it might just as well be masturbation.

You must be a very skilled masturbator then. I bet you don't masturbate either so you can enhance your anticipation in waiting for your soul mate. It's absurd.

Comparing the joining of two human beings to expelling waste and bodily fluids... Is it any wonder you are alone?

But I wasn't talking about it's emotional importance, which only applies when there is love, you have misunderstood what I was saying. It's about what should be it's social importance. Without love sex is just like enhanced mastubation that is really what I was saying, and what is wrong with that. But even masturbation has too many taboo's around it when it's such an ordinary part of human nature like pissing and shitting.

1. Cars don't have feelings. They don't feel used if you choose a different car.

Well, cheating is bad of course, but it's not practical to stay with someone one isn't happy with because they are scared of hurting their feels.

2. A man equating a woman to a car to be test driven portrays himself as someone who has no respect for women.

As a lover of music you should know the possible level of respect for things that aren't human. :mrgreen: Besides, you display here a lack of understanding of what an analogy is. Your arguement here is simply... too easy to make, and I consider it a dishonest method at the worst.

4. You can't catch STDs from driving a car.  

5. You can't get a car pregnant.

Car crashes kill more than wars actually. I'd say sex is a low risk compared to a car.

The microscopic holes in every condom produced are wide enough for the HIV virus to pass through.

You know, one or 2 cells of the HIV virus won't kill you, you need a certain number of them for there to be a risk as far as I know, I am quite skeptical of what you are saying, has anyone actually got AIDS this way and how many?

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Steef: Sigh... debates aren't about making people think like you... they are about trying to get people to see the truth and base their judgements on that.

KM: I bailed on this thread too, because it started leaning towards getting a little too political and (as Steef pointed out) I just have to keep repeating myself anyways. I already made my points.

Morn: 1. Yes, more people die in cars than using condoms. What does that have to do with any analogy between cars and women? And I was just pointing out that it isn't polite to call someone that you are in a supposedly relationship with an inatimate object like a motor vehicle. I also know that the people who used that anology didn't honestly MEAN it like that towards their significant others (God forbid... some people do), but at the same time I made my point.

2. Condoms can't protect you 100%. They certainly can and do reduce the risk, but they aren't fool-proof. That was my point. Some diseases aren't even stopped at all by condom use, but if you're whore-ing yourself around, it's many MANY times better to have one than not have one. I personally can't stand the things myself, but at the same time I'll only have sex with my future wife. If I was 'doing' people other than my future wife, I'd certainly choose wearing them over not wearing them.

Simpsons quotes: Excellent....

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This thread was interesting but now i feel like well. . .i don't know i'm going to keep my mouth shut :) have fun guys.

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I bailed on this thread too

Could've fooled me.

This thread was interesting but now i feel like well. . .i don't know i'm going to keep my mouth shut

I see you "bailed" on this thread, too.


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  • 17 years later...

Reviving a 17-yr-old thread—that’s got to be some kind of recent record! 2004 was such a different world ago. 

To answer the question, my wife did not have film music or JW on her radar before she knew me. Today she is a JW fan. Originally, she listened mostly to humor me, but then it grew on her. 



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Of course Yes, my husband always say to me: "You listen to very strange music." or "You always listen to the same Star wars music, you are not tired of it?"


I say to him... there is 9 Star Wars... and there are many many many different recordings...


He says: "It's always the same music.".



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1 minute ago, Jurassic Shark said:

I AM John Williams, so I sure hope she doesn't hate John Williams.

So you're the account that John Williams uses when he wants to find out what people are saying about him in his own forum! No wonder you don't like Hans Zimmer.

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