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Hector J. Guzman

The Birthday Thread

What month is your birthday on?  

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3 hours ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:


I thought @Jay deleted most of these?


9 hours ago, Incanus said:

and Happy Birthday to @Chris ChrusherComix!!!



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So...it's a hearty "many happy returns" to: a fine actor, who you wouldn't look sideways at; another actor who's last name is one letter away from my homeland; an ex-tennis player for whom resistance is futile; the best damned bass guitar player in the business - and that's a bald fact, and...oh, yeah...me! :wizard:

If it's your birthday, a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from everyone at JWfan!

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Thank you Jerry, and Inky.

JS, it is my birthday. I was born at 6am, on 6th of the 6th.

Ah...does that make me...Sam Neill? :unsure:

My name on the other hand, and as I  have explained, is a tribute to a soundtrack aficionado and good friend, who died a while back.



Can you guess who else I share my birthday with?

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