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Schindlers List cronological order?

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I believe this is the film order...

Schindlers Workforce

Oyf'n Pripetshok/Nacht Aktion

Stolen Memories


Making the List


I Could Have Done More

Jerusalem of Gold

Theme from Schindlers List (Perlman)

Theme (reprise - Orchestral) (end credits)

Remembrances (Orchestral) (end credits)

'Jewish Town' and 'Remembrances' (both with Itzahk Perlman) is concert only arrangement for violin and orchestra and do not appear in the film.

'Give Me Your Names' is a complete mystery to me, I do not believe that is used in the film at all. Perhaps someone who has seen the movie more than I have could clarify.

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Give me your Names is actually two cues in one. The 2nd cue is used and the 1st wasn't used. Spielberg tracked in the end credits instead of the music that was supposed to appear although it merges back into the tail end of the original cue. Basically Spielberg screwed up an otherwise perfect score.

I think the correct order is

5. Schindler's Workforce

9. Stolen Memories

6. OFY'N ... and Nacht Aktion

9. Stolen Memories (guitar part on the end)

3. Immolation

10. Making the List

11. Give me your Names, 1st half -unused except for the final minute or so; orchestral version of the main theme in end credits is used

8. Auschwitz-Birkenau

11. Give me your Names (second half)

7. I could have done more

12. Yeroushalaim ...

1. Theme from Schindler's List

14. Theme reprise (end credits)

4. Remembrances - orchestral

2 and 13 are concert tracks as stated.

- Adam

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It's actually a bit more complicated than that. A number of album tracks have to be split and pasted to make a chronolgical album. I did this years ago onto an audio tape, which is long gone by now. I've been planning on redoing it on CD since I got the film on DVD but haven't gotten around to it. The lists above are a good start if you just want to program your CD, but if you want every piece in the right place, they're far from complete.

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I indicated the two tracks that are split up. Am I leaving something off? I'm fairly certain I'm not. Not sure why this thread got bumped up, though.

- Adam

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I apologize, I hadn't read the instructions on track 11 clearly enough. I think you've got everything there. I went back and listened to th CD and looked for your edits. The cut of track 9 into two tracks is what I most clearly remembered, with the guitar solo playing as the woman's parents are freed by Schindler. You've done good work to list what needs to be done for a chronological album and again, I'm sorry I didn't look closely enough.

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Anyone willing to update this list with tracks from the Recording Sessions bootleg? THat would be a great listen, methinks.

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