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"Ray Barnsbury" is.....


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Ray, it seems like only a couple of months ago that I was writing in your last Happy Birthday thread. My how time flies. Have a good one mate. :)


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Ray's birthday present was learning that Williams won't be scoring GoF.  

Yeah, how sucky was that?!

Thanks to the most recent batch of well-wishers. I didn't get any film music yet, but hopefully I will tomorrow at the "official" celebration with relatives. From my immediate family I got Friends Season 7 on DVD, and a digitial camera.

Ray Barnsbury

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Thanks Cal and Wael.

glad you got a digital camera. . .better for boston.

Yeah, and that trip is actually what inspired me to ask for one.

Yeah! Hopefully my eye reaction time is more suited to this one!

Heh, I'm looking forward to the time when we'll find out!

Ray Barnsbury

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There's actually a video function on the one I got, and it's pretty good quality. It's quite amusing to record people and pretend you're just framing shots.

Ray Bransbury

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