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The Chronological Film Score Thread

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Two things of note, a few cues were microedited in the film or had some sections replaced with either tracked or new material that I couldnt recognize (like Field Trip, and What more could I lose? has

To answer my own question, I wound up finding a playlist on Spotify that seems to have everything in order (as far as the Score / Soundtrack). Could be a good start point: La La Land OST=Sou

Here's just for those two releases: P1/S12 - Will He Shoemaker? (3:18) P2 - A Run on the Market (:50) S1 - Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) (1:49) P3 - Sighs and Shine (:23) P4 - Ofrenda

Okay for those here who do like Zimmer and knows Gladiator really well.. I've got three unused pieces that I need to know where they go in the score. I'll post the unused pieces first and then the track list, I'd really appreciate help here.

Unused Cues

The Rhino Fight (3:45)

Germania Battlefront (5:58)

The Battle Of Carthage (6:51)

The Score

01. Prologue / The Wheat / The Battle (13:16)

02. Aftermath (1:33)

03. Earth (3:02)

04. The Protector Of Rome (1:05)

05. Figurines (1:02)

06. Patricide (4:08)

07. The Emperor Is Dead (1:22)

08. Homecoming / Sorrow (4:49)

09. Desert Journey (3:42)

10. Marakesh Marketplace (0:42)

11. To Zuccahabar (3:00)

12. All That Remains (0:55)

13. Maximus (1:09)

14. The Might Of Rome (5:19)

15. Streets Of Rome (1:16)

16. Spaniard (2:23)

17. Duduk Of The North (5:33)

18. Strength and Honor (2:10)

19. Reunion / The Coliseum (2:16)

20. Barbarian Horde (7:58)

21. Revelations (2:35)

22. The General Who Became A Slave (3:04)

23. Rome Is The Light (2:43)

24. Evil Desires (1:59)

25. Secret Love (1:09)

26. A Vision Of Greatness (1:24)

27. Secrets (1:59)

28. The Mob / Busy Little Bee (6:01)

29. The Slave Who Became A Gladiator (5:39)

30. The Trap (5:55)

31. Death Smiles At Us All (2:12)

33. I Am Not Merciful (6:32)

33. Not Yet (1:21)

34. Now We Are Free / End Credits (11:56)

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Is "The Da Vinci Code" in chrono order? If not, does anyone know the order?

Also, if anyone knows of a place I can go to get translations (or meanings) of the track titles, that would be great.


No, it's not chrono. In fact it's very mixed up; most of the album consists of suites that comprise short bits used at various points in the movie, and it's a bit difficult to tell were each fragment went to.

Here's a try:

Track 1 starts with the main title, and then skips to one of the last scenes were Langdon is figuring out the cryptex in Westminster Abbey. The track title refers to a writing on Newton’s tomb, which is more or less visible during this scene.

Trach 3 depicts Silas whipping himself. The title refers to the toy Silas is using.

Track 4 (and possibly track 12) underscores Langdon's and Sophie's escape from the Louvre.

Track 5 is used either in the bank when the box containing the cryptex arrives, or in the library when Teibing starts his lecture. (Arcana means Secret)

Track 6: the flashbacks of the various witch-hunts, as told by Teabing. The title is the same as the title of the book that instructed the Inquisition on how to recognise and treat witches.

Parts of track 9 and 11 are used during Sophie's recollections of her childhood and her realisation of who she really is at Rosslyn Chapel. The ‘chalice’ in the title refers to Magdalene’s womb. ‘Rose of Arimathea’ points at Magdalene herself, as she was born in Arimathea.

Track 10 underscores the scene where Silas tries to escape from police, and accidentaly kills Aringarosa. A variation on it (without the voices) is used during the Smart-chase.

Track 13 depicts Langdon finding Magdalene's tomb at the end. ‘Chevaliers’ = hunters, ‘Sangrial’ = the Grail.

Track 14 is used first when Langdon and Sophie enter Westminster, and later during the last part of the end credits.

So you can’t really program this cd chrono; you would have to chop most cues into pieces - very complicated. But I think the score works great this way. Too bad the end titles of the movie don't start with the Kyrie; it works great after Chevaliers.

Thanks for this! But what about tracks 2, 7 and 8?

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Okay for those here who do like Zimmer and knows Gladiator really well.. I've got three unused pieces that I need to know where they go in the score. I'll post the unused pieces first and then the track list, I'd really appreciate help here.

If the titles do indeed relate to the moments in the score, I'd place Germania between 1 and 2. IIRC, the "Barbarian Hoarde" was part of the Battle of Carthage re-enactment, so the Carthage track could go on either side of 20.

The Rhino fight was an unfinished/abandoned scene, but in theory it would make sense near the "tiger" fight from the film. I can't immediately recall where in the score that fits. I need to pull out my DVD and check it out again.

"22. The General Who Became A Slave" has one of my favorite cues in it ... the very middle-eastern cue that you hear upon arriving at Zucchabar. What is your source for "Desert Journey?" Is it a better version of this cue? I think I read the Sndtk 2 version is an alternate.

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I have borrowed the following soundtracks/scores from my local library, and I would like to listen to the tracks in chronological order. Can anyone help me?

Dune (1984)

Apollo 13

Independence Day

The Mummy (1999)


Batman Begins

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)


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ID4 is in order, no worries on that one.

For The Mummy it too is in film order.

For Batman look at this post here.

The others I dunno I'm sure someone else will post info though.

Thanks a lot for your reply about ID4 and The Mummy. :P

But the Batman link you posted is about Elfman's Batman. I was asking about Batman Begins (2005, by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard).

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I have borrowed the following soundtracks/scores from my local library, and I would like to listen to the tracks in chronological order. Can anyone help me?

Dune (1984)

Apollo 13

Independence Day

The Mummy (1999)


Batman Begins

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)


ID4, The Mummy and Narnia are in order. I love that. Thanks.

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The Mask of Zorro:

1) The Plaza of Execution

2) Elena and Esperanza

3) The Fencing Lesson, Part 1

4) Tornado In the Barracks

5) The Confession

6) The Mine (Montero's Vision)

7) Stealing the Map

8) The Fencing Lesson, Part 2

9) The Ride

10) Elena's Truth

11) "Leave No Witnesses..."

12) Diego's Goodbye (I think a different version is used in the film)

13) I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You

14) Zorro's Theme

Does anyone know at what time The Fencing Lesson should be split?

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Does anyone know at what time The Fencing Lesson should be split?

Give or take, 1:28 sounds about right.

Sounds right indeed. Thank you.

I like the album as it is, but does the chronological order flow better, the same, or worse?

Hard to say, but I think it does. Leastwise, I think ending the album with Zorro's Theme is better than the song. Splitting The Fencing Lesson also works quite well, better than I thought. Part 1 makes a nice intro for Tornado in the Barracks and Part 2 nicely follows the love theme at the end of Stealing the Map.

Additionally I've added a quality rip of the dance scene tango and managed to edit the crowd applause at the beginning and end and some voice echoes in the middle. Quite an exciting little addition that fits nicely after the lovely Confession cue. So, uh, yeah... :cool:

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Nope. Otherwise I would probably own the score. I think I saw a bit of it on TV, but not much.

Oh, and regarding Unbreakable: I don't need the entire order, just two questions.

1. In "Visions," it's the part where David is walking through that crowded area trying to find those criminals, right?

2. At about the 2 minute mark of "The Wreck," is that when that brilliant twist is revealed?

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As far as I figure, the prequel trilogy OSTs are sequenced for a better listening experience rather than in the order it was presented in the film (except, ofcourse, for TPM Ultimate edition). So if you own own the original prequel trilogy sondtrack CDs and want to (roughly) play them in chronological film order, it's pretty simple to program your player to play the CDs in the following order:



and for ROTS


But what about TPM? Can anyone tell me in what order to play the tracks to get a most "movie-like" trackorder?

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Hey, rough cut. Welcome to the boards!

The TPM OST is all over the place... cues all out of order and mixed into other ones. There's no good way to put it in order without editing the tracks (and also using the Ultimate Edition set, which is better and worse at the same time). But if you want a rough approximation, this would be accurate for at least some part of each track:

1, 13, 14, 4, 10, 12, 7, 11, 9, 8, 6, 12, 5, 15, 2, 16, 17

Track 3, of course, is a concert version and is not in the film at all. Personally, I like to listen to those first, but many people put them at the end. Up to you.

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If I may, I see and accept what you are doing with the albums... but it's almost a futile thing at times... You have to make a ton of compromises... by putting one track in one place, you're moving parts of it that belong in another out of order...

Because of that I couldn't really give you any advice past maybe do, in the least, an expanded score edit. It's really not that difficult anymore.

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I've been sequencing and editing the Back to the Future albums. Here's the track list and 'editing' guide (no SFX):

Back to the Future

01 Overture - The Ride 04:10 [Rerecording; since there's no main title, the main theme is the end title, and the overture on the official album is just an edit, this piece makes for an excellent real overture to the three CDs. Its ending is also appropriate for the next track's opening.]

02 The DeLorean Revealed 00:50

03 Einstein Disintegrated 01:27

04 The Libyans 04:40

05 The DeLorean Ditched 01:52

06 The Town Square 01:16

07 The DeLorean Retrieved 01:15

08 1.21 Gigawatts 01:36

09 Skateboard Chase 01:49 [Rerecording. I've used Debney's rerecordings wherever possible because I prefer sound quality over the bad quality of the thin-sounding boot. Debney's tracks are at least listenable.]

10 The Letter (Album Version) / The Kiss 01:52 [Edit: the album version of The Letter is the first part of the "Overture". But because it segues on that album to another cue, I've edited it onto the next track, The Kiss - miles apart in the film though - in order to avoid the fade-out. An alternate option is to use Debney's "Marty's Letter" (Film Version) of course. By the way, the bootleg track is also the film version. Otherwise you can place Debney's as bonus track at the end. I chose to leave it out though since I thought the End Title closed off the album pretty well.]

11 It's been Educational 00:56 [Edit: Watch out for the gap on most bootlegs]

12 The Clock Tower Part I 04:57 [Edit: Use the first few seconds of the bootleg track; the rest is on the official album - the 2nd part of the Overture. For the ending, again, use a few seconds of the bootleg. Requires some close editing, but it's not too difficult and quite seamless.]

13 The Clock Tower Part II / Helicopter 05:45 [Rerecording] [Don't forget to edit out the ending of Part I on the rerecording]

14 Lone Pine Mall 03:52 [Two options here: 1. use the entire rerecorded track. 2: Edit: I used the first part of the rerecorded track, then segued to the last part of the "Overture" - easy mix]

15 4x4 00:58 [Rerecording]

16 Doc Returns 01:30 [Rerecording]

17 End Title 03:19 [Official Album]

Note: the End Title on some bootlegs is the Kunzel rerecording from Star Tracks II, a very nice recording in itself.

Back to the Future Part II

01 Main Title / Hill Valley, 2015 (Extended) 03:59 [Edit: the re-recording gives us an extended middle part. The album version is presumably edited. I still used the album track for the main title and the closing part of the track, and used the middle part of the rerecording.)

02 The Future 05:23

03 Hoverboard Chase 02:49

04 A Flying DeLorean? 04:30

05 My Father! 02:04

06 "Alternate 1985" 03:04

07 If They Ever Did 03:57

08 Pair O'Docks 01:27

09 The Book 04:49

10 Tunnel Chase 05:21

11 Burn the Book 02:25

12 He's Gone 00:47 [Rerecording]

13 The Letter (Alternate) 02:03 [i used the Rerecording here, because with that bridge it seems to be the full version again. The original ending of Western Union is one of my favorite cues though, so I used that somewhere else -see below.]

14 I'm Back 00:51 [Rerecording]

15 End Logo 00:20 [Rerecording]

16 The West 01:15 [Rerecording]

17 End Title 04:37

Back to the Future Part III

01 Hill Valley, 1955 / Main Title 03:41 [Extended: Here I used that part of the 2nd album, the closing of Western Union, and inserted it at 0:23 of the opening track]

02 Indians

03 Hill Valley, 1885

04 The Hanging

05 We're Out of Gas

06 Doc to the Rescue

07 At First Sight

08 Doubleback (ZZ Top) [You may also choose to make like a tree and leave this one out]

09 The Kiss

10 The Future Isn't Written

11 Goodbye Clara

12 Wake Up Juice

13 The Showdown

14 The Train Part I - A Science Experiment?

15 The Train Part II - It's Clara

16 The Train Part III - Point of No Return

17 Doc Returns

18 End Title


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Indeed, there's a healthy bunch of unreleased material on it.

Concerning the first film, it's mainly the Clock Tower Part I that's really bad on the rerecording, and we don't need that since we've got the official recording in good quality for that track. For the rest I've used the rerecording because of the sound quality and listenability. The boot is too horrible to listen to at places (eg cymbal clashes), despite the superior performance - even for Clock Tower Part II.

Also note that wherever Debney's recording extends the material, I usually used it only for the extended bits, and made edits incorporating the OST material. (eg Lone Pine Mall; BFII Main Title)

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Oddly enough, the album is in chronological order.

Come to think of it, I can't recall another "regular" label, first album release like that.

Fellowship was a chronological release, wasn't it? I mean, there were some cuts within cues possibly ("Treason of Isengard" springing to mind), but I think every segment was in order.

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