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The Chronological Film Score Thread

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Two things of note, a few cues were microedited in the film or had some sections replaced with either tracked or new material that I couldnt recognize (like Field Trip, and What more could I lose? has

To answer my own question, I wound up finding a playlist on Spotify that seems to have everything in order (as far as the Score / Soundtrack). Could be a good start point: La La Land OST=Sou

After doing a lot of research and re-ordering my playlist countless times, here's, according to me, the best way to listen to the entire Titanic score. The source music is included in the main score a

Hi,i am new here and i want you all to thank for the work you did for chronological film scores,it is very helpfull.

i am working on Mission Galactica The Cylon Attack ,but it,s not easy to find the tracks in film order.

this is what i have till now:

Main Title

launch:using from Battlestar Galactica

cease Fire

not death

commander cain

visuel echo

very soon:from war of the gods part 1


what happened

shuttle to pegasus

under attack part 1

under attack part 2:from the living legend

another battlestar:living legend

no fightings:vol.3 cd2-but it,s edited

i hope someone can help me out


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Julie & Julia

Alexandre Desplat

Wherever possible, I used the sheet music cue title, or the FYC Promo title. By the way, if anyone actually has the FYC promo, please PM me.

1M1 Opening Title
Julia's Theme

1M4 Julia at Home / Julie at Work
Website track

Great Big Good Fairy

The Original French Chef Theme
(I've actually put this as the first track, as it's not composed by Desplat and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the music, and is suitable as an opening I think.)

2M1 Blog Begins / Paris Market
Starting Out
(Part of "Paris Market" is the third (last) section of "Temp End Credits", but this has been shortened. Luckily the entire cue is on the OST.)
("Temp End Credits" is a track from the website, but it's also on the DVD end credits I think. My taped version cuts the credits short so I can't verify the entire end credits.)
("Paris Market" is actually 2M1b Rev. "Blog Begins" isn't in the sheet music, but I'm assuming it's 2M1a.)

2M2 Hat Making / Bridge
What Should I Do?

2M3 Butter Montage
Julie's Theme

2M4 REV. First Egg

3M4 Pearls for Julie
A String of Pearls

3M11 Les Trois Gourmandes
(Made up track title; slate number is correct)
First section of "Temp End Credits"

4M9 REV. Burnt Beef
Burning the Stew

5M1 Beef Stew Again
Second section of "Temp End Credits"

Leaving Paris

5M4 Not Coming to Dinner
My Husband Left Me (this might actually be a slightly more appropriate track title)

The Times Article / Phone Sex
The New York Times

Judith Jones Cooks / Postman
Boeuf Bourguignon

Last Supper

7M5 REV. Finale
Julia Hates Me
(v4 of "Finale" is unknown music.)

The ending is a bit complicated, I think the last two tracks on the OST and promo (respectively "Julia Hates Me" and "Last Supper") should be switched.
In the film, "Julia Hates Me" is used in the Julia Hates Me scene, but it is edited (notably in the beginning and the coda).
However, in the sheet music, "Julia Hates Me" roughly corresponds to "7M5 REV. Finale" (though the last 1/3 is slightly different; apparently it went through a number of revisions.)
By the way, 7M5 comes after 7M4 ("Blog Ends"), which is unused, but the "Blog Ends" scene is after "Last Supper".
Now, if you overlay "Julia Hates Me" over the finale (where in the film "Time after Time" is used), it pretty much works, and also actually feels like a finale cue.
Plus, the film ends with the entire coda of "Julia Hates Me". So I think it was originally written for that scene, then discarded in favour of "Time after Time".
Then tracked into the earlier scene, and ending up in the film order on the OST and promo.

Missing music as compared to the (incomplete) sheet music & FYC promo:

1M3 Julie's Theme = Julie Intro
2M5 REV. First Comment
2m6 First Day at School

Cooking School Montage
3M1 Stiff Cock
3m2 Blog Gifts
Mystery Guest
Empty Apartment
6M2 REV. Meeting Avis
6M3 Fun and Joy
7M4 Blog Ends

FYC Promo Tracklist:

1. Paris Drive PT. 1
2. Julie Intro
3. Blog Begins/French Market
4. Butter Montage
5. First Egg
6. Cooking School Montage
7. Pearls For Julie
8. Mystery Guest
9. Beef stew Again
10. Leaving Paris
11. Not Coming To Dinner
12. Empty Apartment
13. The times Article/ Phone Sex
14. Judith Jones Cooks - Postman
15. Julia Hates Me
16. Last supper

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From Russia with Love

John Barry

From Russia with Love (Album Version)
(You could also place this after Tania Meets Klebb, as it's very briefly in the film diegetically.
But I think it kind of disrupts the listening flow, and it's excellent as an opening instead.)

(Rip from DVD and edit out gunshot sound)


Opening Title (Film Version)
(Rip from DVD. For the benefit of your listening experience, you could also switch this with the album version,
if you like, since the latter has better sound.)


Tania Meets Klebb

James Bond with Bongos

Attack on Kerim's Office
(First minute of Death of Grant)

Leila Dances

Girl Trouble


Guitar Lament

Gypsy Camp

Bond Meets Tania

Meeting in St Sophia

The Golden Horn

007 Takes the Lektor

Death of Kerim

The Zagreb Express
(Silva Rerecording)

Death of Grant
(Second part of Death of Grant)

Man Overboard / SMERSH in Action
(Best retitle this to Man Overboard / Death of Kronsteen)

From Russia with Love (Film Version)
(Track from The Best of John Barry - Themeology)

Opening Titles (Album Version)

(This post at the FSM board was very useful.)

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Thanks to the wonderful contributions in this thread, we now have the chronological order for the Memoirs of a Geisha OST:


02A The Journey to the Hanamachi [0:00-1:58] (1:58)

01 Sayuri's Theme (1:31)

07B Finding Satu [1:43-3:04] (1:21)

03 Going to School (2:42)

04 Brush on Silk (02:31)

07C Finding Satu [3:04-end] (0:40)

09 The Rooftops of the Hanamachi (3:49)

05 Chiyo's Prayer (3:36)

07A Finding Satu [0:00-1:43] (1:43)

06 Becoming a Geisha (4:52)

13 A New Name... A New Life (3:33)

10B The Garden Meeting [1:39-end] (1:05)

11 Dr. Crab's Prize (2:18)

14 The Fire Scene and the Coming of War (06:48)

15 As the Water... (2:01)

10A The Garden Meeting [0:00-1:39] (1:39)

12 Destiny's Path (3:20)

17 A Dream Discarded (2:00)

16 Confluence (3:42)

THEME ARRANGEMENTS (place wherever you like):

02B The Journey to the Hanamachi [1:58-end] (2:08)

08 The Chairman's Waltz (2:39)

18 Sayuri's Theme and End Credits (5:06)

Here's how I personally would integrate the theme tracks in:

02 The Journey to the Hanamachi (4:06)

01 Sayuri's Theme (1:31)

07B Finding Satu [1:43-3:04] (1:21)

03 Going to School (2:42)

04 Brush on Silk (02:31)

07C Finding Satu [3:04-end] (0:40)

09 The Rooftops of the Hanamachi (3:49)

08 The Chairman's Waltz (2:39)

05 Chiyo's Prayer (3:36)

07A Finding Satu [0:00-1:43] (1:43)

06 Becoming a Geisha (4:52)

13 A New Name... A New Life (3:33)

10B The Garden Meeting [1:39-end] (1:05)

11 Dr. Crab's Prize (2:18)

14 The Fire Scene and the Coming of War (06:48)

15 As the Water... (2:01)

10A The Garden Meeting [0:00-1:39] (1:39)

12 Destiny's Path (3:20)

17 A Dream Discarded (2:00)

16 Confluence (3:42)

18 Sayuri's Theme and End Credits (5:06)

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John Barry

Gunbarrel / Bond Back in Action Again

Main Title - Goldfinger

Into Miami

Golden Girl

Alpine Drive / Auric's Factory

Death of Tilly

The Laser Beam

Pussy Galore's Flying Circus

Teasing the Korean

Gassing the Gangsters

Oddjob's Pressing Engagement

Dawn Raid on Fort Knox

The Arrival of the Bomb / Countdown

The Death of Goldfinger / End Titles

Goldfinger (Instrumental Version)
Apparently, the LP version of Goldfinger - Instrumental Version (only available on the US LP) should sound better - see:

Goldfinger (Demo)
Anthony Newley version on 30th Anniversary compilation

Goldfinger (Alternate Take)
Shirley Bassey's single version, can be found on her Goldsinger compilation.
Uses a different take from that on the album. (Bassey holds the note until the end in this version.)

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Here's what I have for Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 (Unused)
War Machine
Another Lesson from The Mandarin
Attack on 10880 Malibu Point
The Mechanic
Dive Bombers
Battle Finale
Hot Pepper
Dr. Wu
New Beginnings
Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)

Not sure where everything else goes, nor how to splice up the longer cues.

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Here is the complete chronological tracklist for Goldfinger, using the 2003 CD, various singles from CD's, and the Music and Effects track of the film (includes tracked material):

1. Bond Back in Action Again (2:31)
2. Waiting For The Explosion (Music and Effects Track) (0:17)
3. Goldfinger (2:48)
4. Into Miami (0:57)
5. The Pool (Music and Effects Track) (0:14)
6. Enter Goldfinger (0:30) *
7. Bond Takes Over The Game (0:19) *
8. The Best Place in Town (0:30)
9. Golden Girl (2:10)
10. Oddjob (Music and Effects Track) (0:05)
11. Wrong Golf Ball (Music and Effects Track) (0:33)
12. Oddjob's Hat (Music and Effects Track) (0:05)
13. Oddjob Throws Hat (0:08)
14. Alpine Drive (1:55)
15. Auric's Factory (Extended) (3:13)
16. Death of Tilly (2:04)
17. A Car In The Mirror (Music and Effects Track) (0:41)
18. The Laser Beam (2:54)
19. Bathroom Spying (1:15)
20. Pussy Galore's Flying Circus (2:48)
21. Auric's Stud (Music and Effects Track) (1:30)
22. Teasing the Korean (2:16)
23. Gassing the Gangsters (1:04)
24. Oddjob's Pressing Engagement (2:25)
25. Car Crush (0:44)
26. He Wants You (0:18)
27. Going With Goldfinger (Music and Effects Track) (0:09)
28. Oddjob Is Back (Music and Effects Track) (1:09)
29. In The Barn (Music and Effects Track) (0:49)
30. Dawn Raid on Fort Knox (5:48)
31. The Arrival of the Bomb (1:22)
32. Countdown (2:08)
33. Flying to the White House (Music and Effects Track) (0:39)
34. The Death of Goldfinger (1:21)
35. John Barry & No Time to Be Rescued/End Title (1:23) *
36. Goldfinger (Instrumental Version) (2:10)
37. Goldfinger (Film Take) (2:46)
38. Goldfinger (Anthony Newley) (2:53)
39. Unused End Titles (1:16)


* indicates tracked music

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This is based on Neil's list (with one adjustment) and on the info in Burlingame's book.

The extras contain of a lot of Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang versions, but I have only two in my playlist (Bassey's as a lengthier end titles/conclusion and the stereo version), with the others relegated to a separate James Bond playlist with various alternate versions of the songs.

Reportedly, the Tom Jones single version of Thunderball would be a different performance, but having found a CD which - supposedly - contains the single version, it seems to be exactly the same as the soundtrack version. If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.

Gunbarrel / Chateau Flight
OST13 0:00-0:21 + OST02


The Spa

Traction Table
OST13 0:22-1:52

Switching the Body

Gassing the Plane
OST13 1:52-2:48
[the Chronological Scores blog has this timing incorrectly]

The Bomb
[According to Neil's post, the first part is for a later scene, but I think it's tracked there
(and it's only a segment of the first part that's there anyway, which supports the theory that it's tracked),
and I think the first part is actually unused here - it perfectly aligns with the film.
The editing point Neil gave doesn't make much sense, as it's in the middle of a repeated phrase.]

Car Chase
OST13 2:49-end

Bond Meets Domino
OST14 0:00-3:49


Cafe Martinique

Shark Tank
OST14 3:49-4:48

Bond below Disco Volante

Search for Vulcan

Lights Out for Paula
OST14 4:48-6:41

For King and Country
OST14 6:41-end

Street Chase

Death of Fiona

Finding the Plane / Underwater Ballet
OST16 0:00-1:51

Bond with SPECTRE Frogmen
OST16 1:51-5:25

Leiter to the Rescue
OST16 5:25-7:02

Bond Joins Underwater Battle
OST16 7:02-end

Underwater Mayhem
OST17 0:00-5:06

Death of Largo
OST17 5:06-8:07

End Titles 2:13
OST17 8:07-end

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Shirley Bassey
[This was recorded for possible use under the end titles.]

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Instrumental)
[The 'Stereo' track. This is the orchestral backing track for the original main title,
with an alto sax replacing the Dionne Warwick vocal.]

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Dionne Warwick
[This is the unused main title.]

[An alternate/album version for 'Street Chase'.]

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
[The 'Mono' version. This is "a middle-of-the-road, radio-friendly arrangement" (Burlingame).]

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

According to the chronological scores blog - see here - the soundtrack is in chronological order, but you could rip the first minute of the end credits score, name it "No Wind", and place it between "Blue Star" and "Aslan's Table". However the fade-out is difficult, and to slightly improve it I let it fade into "Aslan's Table".

What the blog doesn't mention though, is that the mixes of two other segments from the end credits are different from the OST. So:

- You can take the "Lucy and the Invisible Mansion" segment and replace the corresponding OST track segment: the DVD's mix has a more prominent choir (which is only very slightly audible in the OST mix).

- Same goes for the first minute of "Time to Go Home", but this time the choir is entirely missing on the OST!

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Ron Grainer, Albert Elms & Various

This sequencing guide has been some time in the making, and I hope it's useful for at least somebody else, and that I've saved someone some time - because I went through each of the episodes music was scored for to see where to place each cue.

Basically, this is a chronological sequencing for Network's The Prisoner score set, which presented all its cues in raw recording sessions format - hence rather unlistenable as it included orchestral sound effects, most cues out of order and sometimes different takes of the same cue. This guide does not incorporate the source music the series was famous for including (as can be found on Network's other The Prisoner box set), but presents the scores as the composer originally intended, (mostly) without any of the tracking that's very abundant in the series. The scores as ended up in the episodes, on the other hand, were chopped up, very often unused, and interspersed with source music. Obviously, not all the tracks from the score box set are included.

Sources were the episode guide that was (ironically) in the source music set, the copy of the black book that was in the score box set, and my own viewing of the episodes in question.

For optimal listening pleasure (in order to use the various versions of the theme, for instance), I made 5 different playlists or 'volumes', each around 35 minutes (except for Volume 4, which is a bit longer, and 5, which is shorter). I (mostly) kept the DVD order of the episodes, because I found it allowed for the best sequencing for listening pleasure (for various reasons). I also retitled a number of tracks myself, but the guide below reflects the track names as they appear on the Network set.

Beforehand I always thought the scores for these episodes were pretty eclectic, but putting them in a decent order actually shows that they're actually pretty cohesive (even though a great many cues are very short), as each of them has its own theme(s) and/or motif(s).



Arrival (Robert Farnon)

First Titles Section

Second Titles Section

Third Titles Section

Commercial Break In and Out

Prisoner About to Enter No 2’s House for First Time

Sup/Imp Section

Helicopter Descends after No. 2 Tour with P. / Old People’s Home

Birth of Rover

All Drums at End (P. Out of House etc.)

Beach Fight - Rover Overcomes P.

Boys and Girls Come Out to Play (Take 8)

Pop Three

'What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor'

No. 2 Orders - Take Over of Helicopter

End Credits

Open Act

Secondary Theme – Slow Tempo

P. Out of House etc. (Alternate Take)

Pop One [i actually left Pop the Weasel tracks One and Two out myself]

Pop Two

Pop the Weasel – Most Orchestrated

Secondary Theme – Fast Tempo

End Act

Arrival (Wilfred Josephs)

Main Titles Part 1

Main Titles Part 2

From P Wake from Gassing to Taxi Girl

Welcome Home Card

P. Goes into No. 2's Office First Time

Birth of Rover

P. Smashes Toy after Tests in Labour Exchange

P. Out - Gardener - Rover - TV - Beach

Through Alarm Bell 'Cobb Dead'

P. Out Hospital - Cards - Taxi - No. 2's Office

Radezky March

'What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor'

P. Leaves Girl, Gets to Helicopter

Take Over of Helicopter

Prisoner Out of Helicopter - 'Residents Only'

End Credits



Titles from Arrival (Take 6)

Opening from ‘Arrival’

Eerie [This is CD3 track 24. Not sure, but that unreadable word in the notebook could be ‘Beg.’? Which makes it Eerie Beginning. It’s for the scene where Prisoner walks from the café to the phone and tries to make a call.]

A. B. and C.

No. 1 Menace

Warning to No. 14

P. Sees No. 14 on Screen

P. Enters Dream

Fight ‘A’

Mark on Wrist

Short Nursery Phrase (Slow Version) [This is the only cue in this episode that I’m not sure of where to place, but there are two statements in that one Short Nursery Phrase track – which don’t sound well together – so you can split them up and place them in the two places that are appropriate.]

Dance of P. & ‘B’

Fight ‘B’

Following No. 14

Discovery in Laboratory

Be Seeing You?

Short Nursery Phrase (Fast Version)

Can Can

Nightmare Noise


P. Convulses on Stretcher

Walk Down French Street

Off Mask / Defeat No. 2

Leads In & Out (Version 1) [you can edit the Leads In & Out track into three cues]

Free for All

Elms March [This is from The General sessions, but it seems that this and Free March were composed for this episode instead, given their extensive usage here (while in The General there’s only one march moment, and there’s one already there).]

Play into No. 6’s Residence

Pat Ignores Taxi, Sees Village Map

Sting As P. Sees Second Reporter / Rover Approaches / Call to Council

P.’s First Twizzle Round

Rostrum Revolves & Descends

P. in Red Chamber

P. Dash from Maid / Motorboat Fight (Take 3)

Rover Takes Pat

Night Club Music

Free March [from The General – see note above]

Pat the Victor

P. Shouts to Village / Beat Up (Take 3)

P. Stretcher Back Home

End Titles


The General

Standard Titles (Take 7)

Episode Opening

Intro to Village

P. Suspicious of No. 12

Chase Professor / Discover Radio

Professor Falls Down / Sting

P. in Buggy Taken Home

Speed Learn [edit of two statements of Speed Chimes A, two of Speed Chimes B, two of Speed Chimes A, because it gets repetitive otherwise. This is actually diegetic music, but it’s the motif of the episode and I thought it relevant enough not to delete it entirely]

P.’s Historic Recital (Alternative) [there’s not really another place for this alternate, because I’ve placed the other alternate somewhere else. But the two ‘Historic Recital’ cues taken together form a nice build-up. This is put first because the other one has a stronger climax. Also, while this is likely not the case, it could have been composed for the Speed Learn course itself, too, which is practically the same length]

P.’s Historic Recital

P. Discovers Radio Gone

Destroy General [for the alternate, see below]

Band Plays Waltz

P. Enters Interior of Professor’s House

The Two Busts

P. Strikes Professor

Track to P’s Bust



Sweet Village Music

Officials Assemble


P. Joins Queue

Hand Call / Clobber

Move in Closer

P. Clobbered

Intro to General – Fanfare

Traitor in Village

End Explosions

Leads In & Out (Version 2)

It’s Your Funeral

Funeral Fanfare

Hammer into Anvil

Opening on Hospital / Girl in Bed

P. Finds Girl Jump / Three Men Bring Pat In (Take 3)

Plan Hatching

Shopkeeper Reports to No. 2

Pat Follows No. 2’s Aide to Home

No. 2 and Aide Follow P. to Boat

Band’s Version of Bizet

P. Walks By Graves

Happy Birthday [This is a possible placement for the Happy Birthday cues here. However, these might possibly be also meant for the Many Happy Returns episode? Though perhaps there would be something in the cue title that pointed at that episode, like ‘Funeral Fanfare’, ‘Free March’, or ‘Arrival Eerie’, so it’s likely it’s for this (Hammer into Anvil) episode.]

Break Conspiracy - Playout [i’ve replaced this by Break Conspiracy Wild, because the opening is cleaner and the performance seems better]

Play In - Hammer

It’s a Bomb

Cuckoo Phrase

P. Sets Off Pigeon, Tracked and Killed (Take 2)

Breakdown of No. 2 / Playout

End Titles


Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

Opening Bonnie Phrase

Titles from “Arrival” (Take 4)

‘It Won’t Be Long Now’

Wake Up / Discovery

Janet Arrives / Mirror Smash

Janet Sees Her Father

Superior Official Inspects P.

No Use / P. Away from Office / Funeral Man

P. In Garden with Janet

P. Collects Photos

P. Fits Slides into Projector


P. and Professor in Barbershop

Potter towards Shop

[Optional: I’ve included a tracked cue here, which I don’t normally do – but I make an exception because there are alternate takes on this set that haven’t been used yet, and there are two cues in particular that are used many times throughout the series. You can include the alternate take of “P. Dash from Maid / Motorboat Fight” here – although the episode only features the second half, while the alternate take is limited to the first half – but I’ve edited that alternate take of the first half with the only usable second half take.]

‘Ah Colonel!’

Prof Dies

[Optional: again a tracked cue, but this time more relevant: I’ve put “Destroy General (Alternative without Guitar)” here. It’s used in the episode, and it differs significantly from the other take. Plus, it provides a slightly more suitable ending to this episode than “Prof Dies”]

Leads In & Out (Version 3)

Living in Harmony

P. Resigns, Is Punched Up

P. Brought into Harmony

Honky Tonk – medium

P. Socks the Kid

P. Rejects Judge’s Proposition

Kid Looks at P. in Cell – Playout

P. in Jail / Kid on Guard, Plays Cat-and-Mouse

Honky Tonk – Slow

P. Leaves Town, Is Lassoed and Brought Back

Kathy is Tried and Judged

Kid Shoots P.’s Cheek and Hand

Kid Watches Kathy’s Face

Kid Lets Kathy Out of Jail

The Big Unarmed Fight

Honky Tonk Extra Roll – Fast Version 1

After Kid Has Shot Willy, Pat Enters

Dead Man at Pat’s Desk

Honky Tonk Extra Roll – Fast Version 2 [in episode, Extra Roll Slow is used, but Fast Version 2 goes unused, so I placed it here – it would fit in the episode too, actually]

P. Collects an Extra Horse

Kid Strangles Kathy

P. Discovers Kathy Dead

P. Shoots Kid

Kid Falls to Ground

Five Seconds

P. Discovers He’s in the Village

Honky Tonk Extra Roll – Slow Version

Kid Strangles Kathy Then Dies

End Titles


Once Upon a Time

The Age of Elegance – Part 1

The Age of Elegance – Part 2

‘Degree Absolute!’

Sleep Music

Go for Walkies

Light Stings [i left this out; this is pretty much noise.]


Head’s Study (Organ)


Light On & Off – ‘Beginning to Like’

Pat Enters Secret Service

Court of Justice / Gavel

‘Kill Me!’

German P.O.W. March

Serious Organ

Light Organ

Clock – Only 2 Minutes

Aftermath Deserted Nursery

Fall Out

Dry Bones (Track 66)

Dry Bones (Track 67)

Dry Bones (Track 68)

Dry Bones (Track 65) [Only tracks 67 and 65, in that order, are used in the episode, but I thought this sequence – 66, 67, 68, 65 – makes the most sense musically]

End Titles

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The Ghost Writer

The bootleg appears to be - almost! - in correct but reverse order.
There is almost nothing that's not on the OST in some form,
with B19 and B04 the only really previously unreleased material,
but there are a lot of clean openings/endings and clean mixes to be found on the boot.

I believe I got the sequencing (as intended/composed) pretty much right,
but a few things remain educated guesswork, and I would need the sheet music to verify.

See notes below.

Titles taken from official cue titles (see below).


Rhinehart Publishing

OST06 first part + clean ending from B24

Journey to the Island

Ghost Reads Manuscript (Lang's Memoirs)

B21 (for better quality, you could also take the middle part of OST06 and use clean intro & outro from B21)

Meeting Lang / Taxi [i made the title "Meeting Lang" up; "Taxi" is the official cue title. See note below.]


Security Test

McAra's Hidden Documents

B15 (I wouldn't go through the hassle of using the beginning of OST13 here, as it's only usable until 0:35 (see note below).)

Bicycle Ride

1st part OST12 + clean ending from B13

Ghost and Ruth Talk

Ghost Steals Manuscript
clean opening from B11 + third part OST12

To Emmett's House
OST13, but use B10 for clean opening and additional (micro-edited out of OST) segment in the middle


Car Chase to Port (In the Woods)
OST10 (Delete the looped segment 0:58-1:04)

Car Chase Part 2 (Chase on the Ferry)

Phone Call to Rycart
[This is "The Old Man" from the OST. See note below.]

B06 (for better quality, you could mix in the third part of "Suspicion" on the OST)

Drive to Airport
B05 (for better quality, you could mix "Lang and the CIA" in from 1:34)



End Credits

Comparison of the bootleg vs the OST:

B26 = The Ghost Writer Reprise
B25 = Rhinehart Publishing
B24 = Suspicion: first part (with clean ending)
B23 = Travel to the Island
B22 = Lang's Memoirs
B21 = Suspicion: second part (with clean opening & ending)
B20 = the second part of "Prints", but with an ending that's not on the OST, but is the same as B19
B19 Not on the OST, but this is the same as the ending of B20 (not entirely sure if it's the same recording)
B18 = Investigation
B17 = Hidden Documents
B16 = Bicycle Ride
B15 = Pr Paul Emmett: 0:00-0:52 - However: the OST track already mixes in B10 from 0:35 onwards
B14 = The Old Man
B13 = The Predecessor: first part (with clean ending)
B12 = Lang and the CIA: 0:00-1:33 - However: quite strangely, the OST track already overlaps from 0:47 with B05!
B11 = The Predecessor: third part (with clean intro)
B10 = Pr Paul Emmett: 0:35-end, OST track clean from 0:52 (bootleg also has a brief unreleased segment in the middle!)
B09 = The Predecessor: second part (with clean intro and ending)
B08 = In the Woods - However: the OST track has a brief looped segment, 0:58-1:04
B07 = Chase on the Ferry
B06 from 0:17-end = Suspicion: third part (except for final note: the OST track has a timpani hit)
B05 = Lang and the CIA: 0:47-end - However: the OST track overlaps with B12 until 1:33!
B04 Not on OST
B03 = Prints
B02 = the first part of "Prints", but edited down. See notes below.
B01 = The Truth about Ruth


- For my own playlist, I made a change to the sequencing:
"Phone Call to Rycart" is "The Old Man" on the OST, and I put that track between "Bicycle Ride" and "Flirt", since that is where
"The Old Man" scene is in the film.
The reason why: this particular track is very, very similar to "Drive to Airport", and they would be much too close together for a good
listening experience. Moreover, it is entirely possible that this was actually composed for the "Old Man" scene (you can make it match up with the picture),
then got deleted and shifted to "Phone Call to Rycart".
That "Phone Call to Rycart" is actually in the cue list and "The Old Man" isn't, doesn't mean much,
as the cue list also appears to contain a few tracked pieces (see note below.)

- In the above editing guide, I made the assumption that "Prints" on the OST was actually written for the scene where
they meet Lang and the ghost is driven to the hotel.
In contrast with all the other album cues, "Prints" is actually on the bootleg entirely, presumably because the two bootleg tracks
that are derived from it (B02 and B20) present only a shortened version.
What I assume, is that for this album track, the case is reverse from the other album tracks,
namely that the OST piece is the original, and that "Prints" was originally composed for the airport meeting scene:
The music would then start when they're about to get into the cars, and runs until the arrival at the Inn.
Perhaps the first part got cut, and Desplat edited it into two pieces:
1. the first part was edited down and used for the very brief "Prints" scene at the ending.
2. the second part was kept for the taxi scene, but with a new ending borrowed from B19.
However, it remained in fact unused in the film and tracked with another cue ("Calvados", B04).

What supports this theory is that both B02 and B20 sound edited and split up, and that they are in fact the same recording as the album track.

Moreover, I went with that theory for my sequencing guide above, because:
1. in this way you preserve the entire Prints track, rather than an edited down version
2. you avoid the repetition of the ending of B20 and B19 (which follows B20 directly)

If you don't want to do it like that, you can alternatively put this in your sequencing:

(Replaced in the film by B04.)

and between 'Calvados' and 'Beginnings':

OST11, mix at around 0:51 into B02

- The bootleg appears to be almost in (reverse) order, but not entirely: e.g. "Map" precedes "Bicycle Ride", and it doesn't clear up "Prints".

- The cue list is rather strange too, as it appears to contain tracked material too, e.g. "Opening" and "End Credits". It's also possible, but not likely,
that scenes like "Morning After" or "Motel Part 2" originally had other music, and were then tracked with other cues in the film:
"Morning After": seems to be tracked material, from "Flirt"
"Motel Part 2": is either the source cue, or more likely the cue following that, which is the tracked-in cue "Ghost and Ruth Talk"
(or, again not likely, another performance of virtually the same material).
However, the cue list doesn't contain all the music in the film; there's other tracking which isn't noted here, for instance:
"Map" instead of the beginning of the unused track "Security Test".

Cue List

Reinhardt Publishing
Journey to the Island
Ghost Reads Manuscript
Security Test
McAra's Hidden Documents
Bicycle Ride
Ghost and Ruth Talk
Morning After
Ghost Steals Manuscript
To Emmett's House
Car Chase to Port
Car Chase Part 2
Phone Call to Rycart
Motel Pt 2
Drive to Airport
End Credits

Source: I found these cue titles on the BMI site.

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Anyone figure out Man of Steel?

I just saw this post in the massive MOS thread on FSM:

The general consensus seems to be somewhere along the lines of:
CD1: 01. Look to the Stars [02:58]
CD1: 04. DNA [03:34]
CD1: 05. Goodbye My Son [02:01]
CD1: 12. Ignition [01:19]
CD1: 11. Launch [02:36]
CD1: 13. I Will Find Him [02:57]
CD1: 07. Krypton's Last [01:58]
CD1: 02. Oil Rig [01:45]
CD2: 02. Are You Listening, Clark? [02:49]
CD1: 03. Sent Here for a Reason [03:46]
CD1: 15. I Have So Many Questions [03:47]
CD1: 16. Flight [04:18]
CD1: 09. Tornado [02:53]
CD2: 04. You Led Us Here [02:59]
CD2: 07. Arcade [07:25]
CD2: 03. General Zod [07:21]
CD1: 08. Terraforming [09:49]
CD1: 10. You Die or I Do [03:13]
CD1: 06. If You Love These People [03:22]
CD1: 17. What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World? [05:27]
Then possibly unused...
CD1: 14. This is Clark Kent [03:47]
CD2: 01. Man of Steel (Hans' Original Sketchbook) [28:16]
CD2: 05. This is Madness! [03:48]
CD2: 06. Earth [06:11
I'm not sure this is spot on personally.....I think the track "General Zod" appear in a couple of places...hacked up a little...but the jury is still out on this order so please don't regard this as gospel - more of a work in progress.
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It is amusing that people request film orders for Zimmer scores - more often than not, his albums are arranged as theme suites with cue suites, making it rather impossible to construct a film-order album.

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All tracks from the LLL Records release unless otherwise noted.

This guide is based on Jeff Bond's LLL liner notes and esp. Mink's post on the FSM forum.

Roy Rogers Meets Beethoven's Ninth
(hidden track, comes after "Christmas in Hollis")

Main Title

John and Holly
("Message for Holly" on the LLL)

Terrorist Entrance

The Phone Goes Dead / Party Crashers

John's Escape / You Want Money

Takagi Dies
("The Nakatomi Plaza" on the LLL)

Wiring the Roof

Fire Alarm

Tony Approaches

Tony and John Fight


He Won't Be Joining Us

And If He Alters It

Going After John

Have a Few Laughs / Al Powell Approaches

Under the Table

Welcome to the Party

TV Station

Holly Meets Hans

Assault on the Tower

John and Al / John Is Found Out
("John Is Found Out" on the LLL)

Attention Police (Alternate)
(the LLL track; the alternate cue is the first two minutes, which have a synth/bell overlay)

Bill Clay

Back in Business
(This is a short stinger from the bootleg, in stereo, but could perhaps best be left out
for the sake of listening experience. It's on the LLL, in mono, at the end of "Shooting the Glass".
Beware: the LLL "Shooting the Glass" is for the rest entirely tracked material.)

I Had an Accident

The Vault

Message for Holly
("Message for Holly (Film Version)" on the LLL)

Gun in Cheek

The Battle / Freeing the Hostages

Fire Hose

Helicopter Explosion / Showdown

[You could leave out the rest because it's tracked. "Happy Trails" is tracked from "Under the Table".
I did include John's Scott's "We've Got Each Other" to have a sort of resolution to the score.]

Let It Snow

Beethoven's 9th (End Credits Excerpt)


John and Al (Alternate)
(Alternate take on the bootleg, but it's very close to the LLL track "John Is Found Out", 1st half)

Attention Police (Film Version)
(the Varèse track, or if you just want the first two minutes, "Gruber's Demands" from the bootleg)

The Vault (Alternate)
("Ode to Joy (Alternate)" on the LLL. Film uses both versions.)

The Chains (Alternate)
(Found on the bootleg, but BEWARE: it's the track "The Chains", not the one in the bonus section.
The film version omits the chain effects, and can be found in "The Battle / Freeing the Hostages")

Let It Snow (Source)

Winter Wonderland (Source)

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Anybody figured out Pacific Rim? After seeing the movie this weekend, it's clear the OST is essentially in a completely random order, if the music corresponds to the titles used anyway.

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Jason LeBlanc's Breakdown sheet

Main JWFan thread

Old JWFan thread

CD programming

You can use Jason's breakdown to make your own edit. Below is my personal tracklist, which might be useful for two purposes: 1) what alternates or 'alternate mixes' are worth putting in your playlist and 2) to see what tracks you could combine.

Pre-Crime Commercial (Source Music) [This is not in chronological order, but it really disrupts the listening experience if it's put in order - so I put it here as an intro of sorts]

The Crime

Creating the Red Balls

Stopping the Crime

Image of Sean (Revised Version)

Presenting the Precogs / Agatha Springs Forward

Containment Center / Annie Lively

Witwer Snooping

Schubert Collage

Elevator Confrontation / Anderton on the Run

Don't Run, John / Anderton's Escape / Conveyor Belt [latter two are separated in the film, but I just took the album track]

The Greenhouse Scene

Dr Eddie's Operating Room / Dr Eddie and Miss Van Eyck

The Swimming Pool Scene

Robotic Spiders / In the Tub [i took the album track]

Saving the Eyeball

How Much Time Have We Got?

Agatha Sees All

The Man in the Window

Crow's Hotel Room

Last Scene with Crow [could be combined with previous track]

Remembering Sean


Anderton in Halo

I Never Said She Drowned

Confronting Lamar / Finale [i used the album track]

A New Beginning (Alternate) [i like this version better]

End Credits

Image of Sean (Original Version)

Agatha Springs Forward (Orchestral Version)

Anderton's Escape (Orchestral Version)

Agatha Sees All (Album Mix)

A New Beginning (Film Version)

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Needed: the soundtrack and the FYC promo.

Watch out with the OST's track titles: often the track title on the soundtrack is in fact for a different cue in the sheet music.

Mr Gateau (Film Version)

1M1 Redo “Mr Gateau”


Mr Button

1M2 Rev. 2 “Mr Button”


Never Know What's Coming

2M1-2-3 Rev.

FYC 9 + OST 9 0:00-0:46

(OST 9 consists of 2M3 for the first 45 seconds, then 2M2. The FYC only contains 2M2 so has a clean opening. Sheet music for OST 9: p. 22-end + p. 8-20)

Mr Oti

2M4 Rev. “Mr Oti”


Benjamin Meets Daisy

2M6 Rev. “Benjamin Meets Daisy”


Children’s Games

(not in sheet music)

OST 11

Benjamin Leaves Home

4M1-4M2 Rev. “Benjamin Leaves Home”


Evenings with Mrs Abbott

4M4 v.2 “Evenings Benjamin & Mrs Abbott”

OST 5 2:07-3:25

Murmansk Stroll

5M1 v5 Redo-REV.-(harp insert) “Mourmansk Stroll”


Love Affair, Until One Night

5M2 v.3 “Love Affair, Until One Night”

OST 10

Submarine Attack

5M4 v.3 “Submarine Attack” p. 1-13

OST 12

The Hummingbird

5M4 v.3 “Submarine Attack” p. 20-end

OST 13

Coming Home

6M2 v.3 “Coming Home”

FYC 14 or OST 22 (the OST is clipped at 1:06)

Sad Benjamin / Drive to Lake Pontchartrain

6M4 “Sad Benjamin / Drive to Lake”

OST 14

Daisy’s Ballet Career

7M1 v.3 “Daisy’s Ballet Career”

OST 15

Daisy’s Accident

7M2 v.14 Rev. “Daisy’s Accident”

OST 16

Stay Out of My Life

7M4 v.2 “Stay Out of My Life”

OST 17

The Affair Sets Sail

8M1 v.4 “The Affair Sets Sail”


Nothing Lasts

8M2 v.3 “Nothing Lasts”

OST 19 0:00-1:06 or FYC 20 (FYC contains clean ending)

Anything Is Possible

8M5 “Anything Is Possible”

OST 5 3:25-end

Postcards for Caroline

9M4 Rev. “Postcards for Caroline”


Benjamin Is Back / An Awkward Reunion

9M5 “Benjamin Is Back”

9M6 “An Awkward Reunion”

OST 20

Lost Love, Last Letter

9M7 v.2 New “Lost Love, Last Letter”

OST 18

Benjamin Gets Younger

10M2 “Benjamin Gets Younger” p. 5-end

OST 19 1:06-end

Final Regression

10M3 Final Regression

OST 21

Benjamin and Daisy

(piano version of theme – not in sheet music; not in film either?)


Mr Gateau (Alternate)

OST 2 (presumably the original version)

Murmansk Stroll (Alternate)

OST 5 0:00-2:07

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With many thanks to Incanus for his sequencing posted in the Rosewood thread.


The Town of Sumner

The Arrival of Mann

Mann Goes Shopping / Mann Meets Scrappie

Prayers at Dinner / The Wrights / War Drums (with Source Overlay)

Take the track on CD 1, and use the middle of CD 2 T6 for “War Drums”; fade out

Scrappie and Mann Bond / The Beating

False Accusation

The Lie / Arresting Aaron

Roughing Up Aaron / Aaron in Jail

Sam's Murder

Discovering Sam's Body / Mann's First Exit

Exchanging Gifts / Cracker Mob

Sarah Is Shot / Attack on the House

beginning of CD 2 T7 + CD 1 T13 1:00-end

Kids to the Woods / The House Burns

The Fire / Fanny's Guilt

Look Down, Lord

The Klan Gathers / Wright's Decision / The Crackers Gather

Mann Rescues the Kids

Hide the Man, John / Wright's Dilemma / We Meet at Eight

Mann Leads the Group

Crossing the Road

The Capture of Mann / Mann's Great Escape

Burning Town

opening of CD 2 T10. Ending overlap: but you can use the last drum of the instrumental version on CD 1 when you fade out the vocal.

Light My Way

The Freedom Train

Sylvester Joins the Group

CD 1 T22 0:31-end

After the Fire

End Titles

Bonus Tracks:

There are three possible bonus tracks, but the ‘instrumental versions’ are pretty much superseded by the vocal versions. There’s a few seconds more of ‘doom-laden atmosphere’ in Sarah Is Shot, but that’s it. And you can choose which “War Drums” to put in the main programme.

Prayers at Dinner / The Wrights / War Drums (Instrumental)

CD 1

Sarah Is Shot / Attack on the House (Instrumental Version)

Burning Town (Instrumental Version)

CD 1 T22 0:00-0:31

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Based on Neil's editing guide, but with Lukas's cue titles instead.
Sometimes the album titles are retained because there were too many cues for a decent title.

Gunbarrel / Capsule in Space
James Bond in Japan 0:00-0:23 + Capsule in Space

James Bond - Murdered 0:58
second piece of James Bond in Japan

You Only Live Twice - Title Song

Burial at Sea / The Submarine 2:01
third piece of James Bond in Japan

James Bond in Japan 7:20
the rest of James Bond in Japan, which consists of the cues:
Going Ashore / Meet Mr Henderson / Impersonating the Assassin / Osaka's Office

Chasing Aki 1:14
Aki, Tiger and Osato 0:00-1:14

Tanaka's World

Japanese Bath / Reunion with Aki / Meet Mr Osato 4:29
Aki, Tiger and Osato 1:14-end

A Drop in the Ocean 2:58

Fight at Kobe Dock / Helga 4:01

Little Nellie 3:45
consists of the cues:
Assembly / Take Off and Flight / Heading for Home

Soviet Capsule 2:05

The Monster Descends / SPECTRE
SPECTRE and Village 0:00-1:03 + James Bond - Astronaut? 0:00-1:41

Helga's Death 1:01
the second piece of SPECTRE and Village

The Death of Aki 4:19

Ninja Assassin 0:31
third piece of SPECTRE and Village

The Wedding 2:45

Tiger Visits 1:14
last piece of SPECTRE and Village

Mountains and Sunsets 3:09

James Bond - Ninja 5:23
first part of James Bond - Ninja, which consists of the cues:
Bond Sneaks Inside / American Capsule / Resume Sneaking and Astronaut Breakout

James Bond - Astronaut? 1:48
James Bond - Astronaut? 1:41-end

Countdown for Blofeld 2:37

Ninja Army / Explosive Cigarette 1:28
second part of James Bond - Ninja

Bond Averts World War Three 2:17

Coda 0:17
the last piece of James Bond - Ninja
(supposedly, this is the original music for the brief segment where Blofeld returns and blows up the base)

You Only Live Twice - End Title (Revised)
(this is the film version, which re-uses Sinatra's main title performance)


You Only Live Twice (Alternate)
(this is the Julie Rogers song on the 30th Anniversary album, which was Barry's first attempt at a title song)

You Only Live Twice (Single Version)
(can be found on the CD "Nancy in London": Sinatra's producer created a different version for the single)

Twice is the Only Way to Live
(this is the original, instrumental finale that Barry wrote)

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Opening Title


Fog to Logue’s


[or 1st part OST 3. FYC contains clean ending]

Logue’s House


Listening to Record


King George Dies (Alternate)


[The FYC is identical from 0:00-1:21, but the second part is probably an alternate performance, without the solo violin and slightly shortened]

Childhood (Film Version)


Marshmallows (Film Version)

OST 3 1:55-end

[or FYC 9 for the slightly cleaner opening]

Sessions Are Over

FYC 10

George VI


King No Speaks (Film Version)

OST 5 2:03-end

[or FYC 12 for cleaner opening]

Bertie Cries

FYC 13

Don’t Be Afraid (Film Version)

FYC 14

Bertie’s Suspicion

OST 9 0:00-1:09

[or FYC 15 for cleaner ending]

The Rehearsal

OST 10

Premises of War

OST 11

Lionel and Bertie


Bonus Tracks

King George Dies (Film Version)


Childhood (Alternate)

OST 5 0:00-2:02

[it’s only an alternate from 1:08 onwards. The first minute is the same as the FYC: I think the first part’s the same performance, as it aligns up well, but I’m not entirely sure.]

Marshmallows (Alternate)

OST 7 0:50-end

[OST track 7 is a bit odd: the first half is exactly the same as the first half of OST track 2, while the second part matches up with the second half of OST 3 (with a slightly different mix or performance), except for the ending, which is different.

You can’t get a clean beginning, so another option is to keep the entire track 7 and place it at the beginning of the bonus tracks, with the first half functioning as a reprise of the opening title.]

King No Speaks (Alternate)

OST 8 1:27-end

[This is the unused 2nd part of OST 8 (“Queen Elizabeth”). My best guess is that it’s an alternate for “King No Speaks”: the second section’s one of the few scenes with Elizabeth in it, esp. with this kind of sadder music, and you can make the whole thing match up perfectly with the film.]

Don’t Be Afraid (Alternate)

OST 9 1:09-1:48 + DVD end credits section

[The album track’s only an alternate until 1:48 – rest is the same as film version. Now, the End Credits, in the middle, contain an excerpt from “Don’t Be Afraid” that has an alternate mix: it starts out the same, then cuts out a part, then is the same again for the last 17 seconds – but doesn’t have the strings for that last section. So rather than having 3 “Don’t Be Afraid” tracks, for the ‘alternate’ in my playlist, I took the OST’s beginning, and then cut to the end credits. If you like the OST version better and want a complete track with that beginning, you could do the same with the FYC track of course, and then put the OST version in the main programme.]

Soundtrack vs promo:

OST 1 = FYC 18

OST 2 = FYC 1+2+3

OST 3 Pt 1 = FYC 4

OST 3 Pt 2 = FYC 9

OST 4 Pt 1 = FYC 7 Pt 1

OST 5 0:00-1:08 = FYC 8 Pt 1

OST 5 2:02-end = FYC 12

OST 6 = FYC 11

OST 7 0:00-0:50 = OST 1 0:00-0:50

OST 8 Pt 1 = FYC 13

OST 9 Pt 1 (0:00-1:09) = FYC 15

OST 9 Pt 3 (1:48-end) = FYC 14 Pt 2

OST 10 = FYC 16

OST 11 = FYC 17

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With thanks to various FSM board posts.
Don't forget to lower the pitch of the few sped-up tracks on the expanded French CD.
"Theme from Papillon (Short Version)" is merely a repeat of material in "Survival" (mixed slightly differently of course as it's the film mix).

Theme from Papillon
The Camp
Catching Butterflies (-4%)
The Dream (-4%)

New Friend
Antonio's Death
Gift from the Sea (OST 8 + OST 9 0:56-end (-4%))
Border Crossing (OST 9: Arrest 0:00-0:56 (-4%))
Cruel Sea
Toi qui regardes la mer

Notice the spelling error on the CD for the last track. There's also a song adaptation in English, "Free as the Wind", performed by Jerry Vale, and also by Engelbert Humperdinck.

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Sleepy Hollow


Main Titles (Part 1 & 2)

[Anniversary Box]

The Story...

Masbath's Terrible Death

Young Masbath / Autopsy / Phony Chase

Sweet Dreams (Alternate #1)
[Young Ichabod on the OST]

A Gift

Philipse's Death

More Dreams

Into the Woods / The Witch

Mysterious Figure

The Tree of Death

Bad Dream / Tender Moment

Evil Eye

The Church Battle / Love Lost

The Windmill / The Chase

The Final Confrontation / A New Day!

End Credits


Main Titles - Part 1 (Alternate)


Sweet Dreams (Alternate #2)
[uSB: More Dreams Alternative Version]

Sweet Dreams (Film Version)
[sweet Dreams on the OST]


- Young Ichabod is an alternate for Sweet Dreams.

- More Dreams (Alternative) is very likely an alternate for Sweet Dreams as well, rather than for More Dreams.
The description Elfman gives of the cue, that it's only very slightly different in orchestration, matches up better with Young Ichabod than with More Dreams.

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Gunbarrel / Manhunt

OST 13

Diamonds Are Forever – Main Title (Film Version)


Mr Wint and Mr Kidd

OST 14 0:00-2:30

Wint and Kidd to Mrs Whistler’s / Bond to Holland

OST 21 0:00-0:30 + OST 14 2:30-end

Diamonds Are Forever (Source Instrumental)


Tiffany Case


Peter Franks

OST 21 9:05-end + OST 15

Airport (Source) / On the Road

OST 16

Slumber, Inc.

OST 17

Hotel Muzak

OST 21 0:30-1:07

The Whyte House

OST 18

Plenty, then Tiffany

OST 19

Circus, Circus


Dixieland (Source) / Zambora (Source)

OST 21 1:07-5:02

Following the Diamonds

OST 20

Moon Buggy Ride (Original Version)

OST 3 0:00-0:58 + OST 21 5:02-7:00 + OST 3 2:55-end

Death at the Whyte House


Bond Smells a Rat


Bond Meets Bambi and Thumper (Film Version)


Q’s Trick

OST 11

007 and Counting

OST 10

To Hell with Blofeld

OST 12

Diamonds Are Forever – Bond and Tiffany


Diamonds Are Forever – End Titles

[An opportunity to include the regular version, without the introductory tag – for instance from the original OST, or from one of the Best of Bond compilation CDs]


Moon Buggy Ride (Film Version)


Bond Meets Bambi and Thumper (Original Version)

OST 21 7:00-9:05

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Needed: the La-La Land Records release, the Elfman/Burton box, the bootleg, and your own DVD-rip of the isolated score.

Previous main post links to Turbo's assembly: here and here.

Introduction / Main Titles


(If you want to, you could add the last note, a longer organ note, from the bootleg for the Main Titles)



First Sighting


White House Walk


Barb Shares / Ode to Billy Glenn


White House Discussion / The Landing

BL + EB (needs a small portion of the LLL track to edit out the clipped part)

First Fire Fight


Return Message


Barbara & Art


Ungodly Experiments (Film Version)


Martian Response


State Address

BL/LLL (the LLL tracks is edited; fill in the gaps with the bootleg)



Loving Heads


Martian Madame / Martian Lounge (Film Version) / Presidential Bedroom Assassination

LLL + LLL + BL track 19 2nd half



Boy Scout Jamboree / White House Mayhem


(the film version of Boy Scout Jamboree is tracked material)

Art’s Demise / Chase / Punch Out / Viva Las Vegas


The Big Launch


Destructo X


(the film version is tracked material)


BL opening + LLL (edit in micro-edited part of Bootleg)

(There's no real clean opening to this track, as it segues from the song to the score.)

War Room

LLL/BL + BL ending

(There’s a short micro-edit in the middle of the LLL track, but it’s not worth re-integrating in my opinion.)

Final Address


Battle Transition


(The film version is tracked material)

Airfield Dilemma

DVD-rip + LLL (BL cuts off opening, so you need to do your own DVD-rip)

New World


Ritchie’s Speech


End Credits





Main Title (Orchestral Demo)


Ungodly Experiments (Alternate)


Martian Lounge (Alternate)


The End?


(I don't know what this cue is about, but it makes for a nice coda.)

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fommes, thanks for this! You've reminded me that I haven't listened to Mars Attacks in ages, and need to rectify that post haste! This is one of my favorite Elfman scores, that I listened to a lot in the 90s, both the original score CD and the rip I made myself of the DVD's isolated score track. The La-La Land CD was cool because it contained a bunch of stuff that wasn't used in the film so was unheard, but a bit of a bummer because it wasn't complete. I never got around to assembling a true perfect complete edit and now I am thankful I can do so with your guide!

I didn't realize the Elfman Box disc had clipping - is it just that one cue, just that one disc, or is it throughout the box set?

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I don't know, I've only now begun going through the Elfman scores. I vaguely remember a clipping issue, but it sure wasn't frequent (might even be restricted to this one track, hopefully...). In any way, for this score I used the LLL wherever I could: the Elfman box has more dynamic compression, and occasionally has tracks (fades) bleeding into each other. With the LLL it's clear: either the track is separate with silence, or it fades into the next.

The clipping in "The Landing" is annoying but it's a pretty easy fix, luckily.

Indeed, too bad the LLL CD wasn't complete. I'd happily have traded the two songs for the rest, which, although available on the DVD, still suffers from volume fluctuation (and in one case misses a clean opening).

And you're welcome :)

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The Fugitive

There are several problems with the LLL, esp. in the bonus section, that this editing breakdown addresses. The result is more satisfying - just too bad you need to do an awkward fade-out for one of the highlights, "The Helicopter Chase". Cue list is taken from the "Film Cue Database".

Much of this information can be found in this FSM thread.

1m1 Main Title

LLL1 1

1m2 The Trial

LLL1 2

2m1A Bus (Part 1) / 2m1B Bus (Part 2)

LLL1 3

2m2 The Hand / 3m1 The Hunt / 3m2 The Tow Truck

LLL1 4

3m3 The Hospital

LLL1 5

4m1 The Helicopter Chase

LLL1 6 0:00-3:18

4m2 The Sewer

LLL1 7

4m3 Kimble in the River

LLL1 8

5m1 Kimble Dreams / 5m2 Alt. Kimble Dyes His Hair

LLL1 9

5m3 Copeland Bust

LLL1 10

5m4 Kimble Calls His Lawyer / 5m5 No Press

LLL1 11

6m1 Kimble Returns to Hospital

LLL1 12

6m2 The Montage / 6m3 Cops Bust the Boys / 7m1 Computer Search

LLL1 13

(The Montage has an alternate opening – first ten seconds – as compared to the unreleased film version)

7m2 Kimble Saves the Boy

LLL1 14

7m4 Gerard Computes

LLL1 15

8m1 The Courthouse / 8m2 Stairway Chase

LLL1 16

8m3 Cheap Hotel / 9m1 Sykes’ Apt.

LLL1 17

(add silence to end)

9m2 Kimble Calls Gerard

LLL2 1

10m1 Memorial Hospital / 10m2 It’s Not Over Yet

LLL2 2

10m3 See a Friend / 10m4 Sykes Marks Kimble

LLL2 3

11m1 This Is My Stop / 11m2 El-Train Fight

LLL2 4

11m3 The Hotel

LLL2 5

11m4 Roof Fight (Part 1) / 11m5 Roof Fight (Part 2) / 11m5A

LLL2 6

12m1 The Elevator / 12m2 The Laundry Room

LLL2 7

It’s Over / End Titles (Original Version)

OST 11 + LLL2 19

(For my edit, I went with the original end credits, rather than the revised version which the film producers requested, as they wanted a reprise of the action music. The original version is not piano solo as the liner notes say, but it is indeed clearly an earlier version of The Fugitive Theme.)

(Don’t forget to swap the channels of “It’s Over” from the OST, and fade out at the end of LLL2 19.)

Bonus Tracks

‘The Fugitive’ Theme

LLL2 9

Helicopter Chase / The Sewer (Demo)

LLL2 18

Kimble Dyes His Hair (No Sax)

LLL2 13

No Press (No Sax)

LLL2 12

Cops Bust the Boys (Alternate)

LLL2 14

Computer Search (No Sax)

LLL2 15

Roof Fight Part 1 (Alternate Mix)

LLL2 16

(the difference is there, but it’s difficult to hear)

Roof Fight Part 2 (Alternate Mix)

LLL2 17

(Frankly I can’t hear, or see, the difference between this and the cue in the main programme.)

12m3 It’s Over / 12m4A / 12m4C End Titles Part 3

LLL2 8

(My guess, from this cue list, is that 12m4B was meant to be tracked from “Helicopter Chase” in this revised version of the end credits, which features a couple of reprises. (Or first from “Stairway Chase” and then to “Helicopter Chase”, like it is in the film.) If you want, you can edit the relevant part in at 3:59.)

Breakdown of album suites

From the original album, you’ll need OST tracks 6, 9, 10 and 11 if you want to reconstruct that album using the LLL. Don’t forget to switch the left and right channels.

No Press = No Press / The Tow Truck / The Hospital

Kimble Dyes His Hair = Kimble Dyes His Hair / The Montage

Helicopter Chase = Helicopter Chase / The Hand

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The Man with the Golden Gun

Gunbarrel / Scaramanga’s Fun House

DVD-rip + OST

Main Title – The Man with the Golden Gun

Getting the Bullet

Hip’s Trip

Chew Me in Grisly Land

Kung Fu Fight

Goodnight Goodnight

Let’s Go Get ‘Em

In Search of Scaramanga’s Island

Return to Scaramanga’s Fun House

Slow Boat from China / Nick Nack

[silva Screen rerecording 0:00-2:06]

End Title – The Man with the Golden Gun

The Man with the Golden Gun (Jazz Instrumental)

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The Fugitive

There are several problems with the LLL, esp. in the bonus section, that this editing breakdown addresses. The result is more satisfying - just too bad you need to do an awkward fade-out for one of the highlights, "The Helicopter Chase". Cue list is taken from the "Film Cue Database".

Much of this information can be found in this FSM thread.

Yeah, even though I was extremely glad to finally have the unreleased music in sterling sound quality, the set is a bit of a mess. One would need the LLL set, the 2-CD bootleg, the OOP OST, and Blu-ray rips to make a complete edit.

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What would you need from the bootleg? I guess I missed that.

Or is the "Helicopter Chase" cue clean on your bootleg version? Mine uses the album suite edit.

I chose not to bother with the film version intro to "The Montage" (so as not to have any SFX on my set), which I think is the only cue you need the DVD/BR for? (Unless you want the film end credits - but I would suggest you just edit it yourself using the CDs.)

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Sorry for the late response. These are the versions unique to the bootleg:

2m1A Bus (Part 1)- clean ending

2m1B Bus (Part 2)- clean opening

2m2 The Hand- clean ending

5m1 Kimble Dreams- clean ending

8m1 The Courthouse- clean ending

10m4 Sykes Marks Kimble- clean opening (only leaked in mp3)

11m1 This Is My Stop- clean ending

11m4 Roof Fight (Part 1)- clean ending

11m5 Roof Fight (Part 2)- clean ending

The DVD/BD rips would be necessary for:

3m1 The Hunt- clean opening

4m1 Helicopter Chase- clean ending

5m4 Kimble Calls His Lawyer- clean ending

8m3 Cheap Hotel- clean ending

10m3 See a Friend- clean ending

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Main Title - Moonraker

Arrival at Chateau Drax


You Presume a Great Deal, Mr Bond / 18 Carat
OST "Miss Goodhead Meets Bond"
(the first half is reprised for the Bond and Holly kiss scene,
but in another performance, I believe. That cue is called:
"It Could Have Its Compensations".)

Corinne Put Down
OST "Corrine Put Down"

Rat Lab
OST "Bond Smells a Rat"

Bond Arrives in Rio

Cable Car

Boat Chase

Bond Lured to Pyramid

Snake Fight

Flight into Space

Space Laser Battle
OST "Space Lazer Battle"

End Title - Moonraker

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Thanks. I've put the song at number two, No Good about Goodbye.

That is not a rejected Bond song, and I think this is covered in Jon Burlingame's book. It was never in the running for the film.

Also wanted to add that there's no way to get the complete Bond theme in the credits without the gun sound effect.

It is entirely possible and does not need anything from Casino Royale to do it (like the Bond Records bootleg did).

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That is not a rejected Bond song, and I think this is covered in Jon Burlingame's book. It was never in the running for the film.

No, but ideally it is the song that was going to be written for the film. It uses the main theme of the film and I like it much, much better than "Another Way to Die".

It is entirely possible and does not need anything from Casino Royale to do it (like the Bond Records bootleg did).

A PM would be most welcome in that case :)

Did you use the Blu-ray then?

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