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The Chronological Film Score Thread

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Don't the liner notes tell you?

Anyways, there's a chronological order right here:


Though I cannot vouch for its accuracy.

Here it is copy-pasted from that thread with the additional easter egg info:

Main Title

Barn Burn

Ben Takes the Stage / Dan's Burden

Stagecoach Crash (alternate)

Charlie Prince

Where's the Doughbro?

Wading into Bisbee

Saving McElroy


One for the Road / Storm Clouds

Ben There, Done That

Man of His Word

Ben Arrested

Flight of the Princess

William Escapes

Trial by Fire

Indian Grounds


Chinese Democracy

4m8/5m0 Prickly Pear [LLL Easter Egg]


Gang Arrives

Fistful of Dollars

Bad to the Bone / Fireside Chat

One Man Left

It's Time

Bible Study

Who Let the Cows Out?

The 3:10 to Yuma

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To answer my own question, I wound up finding a playlist on Spotify that seems to have everything in order (as far as the Score / Soundtrack). Could be a good start point: La La Land OST=Sou

Two things of note, a few cues were microedited in the film or had some sections replaced with either tracked or new material that I couldnt recognize (like Field Trip, and What more could I lose? has

Here's just for those two releases: P1/S12 - Will He Shoemaker? (3:18) P2 - A Run on the Market (:50) S1 - Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) (1:49) P3 - Sighs and Shine (:23) P4 - Ofrenda

Thanks for that.

"Thief" is now out on Blu-ray with an iso score, so I'll get that asap. I have the Virgin release, so I'll look-out for the Perseverance CD.

If I remember rightly, wasn't "Igneous" a re-working of "Through Metamorphic Rocks" from the "Force Majure" album?

You're welcome. Yes, "Igneous" is a re-working of the second portion from "Thru Metamorphic Rocks". I know which Blu-ray you're referring to, but it unfortunately only has a music-and-effects track, not an isolated score.

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Needed: Score album (OST) + Woodsboro Entertainment Bootleg (+ Soundtrack album)

Since it is not mentioned, is the soundtrack album's Track 5, "Don't Mess with the Original", redundant in this sequencing?

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The Reivers:

1. Main Title/First Instruction/The Winton Flyer

2. Family Funeral/Lucius' First Drive

3. The Road to Memphis

4. Memphis

5. Corrie's Entrance/The Picture

6. Reflections

7. Ned's Trade

8. The Sherriff Departs/The Bad News/Ned's Secret

9. The People Protest

10. Prayers at Bedtime

11. Lucius Runs to Corrie/Back Home

12. Finale

Thanks very much for this!

The list is not entirely correct though: if you're not averse to some editing, here's the correct order and the placement of the two 'new' cues from the Boston Pops suite:

(Titles between quotation marks are my own)

Main Title


The Winton Flyer


First Instruction


“Ned’s Wild Drive”

(the dialogue-free part starts at 3:05 in the suite.)

Family Funeral

Lucius’ First Drive

The Road to Memphis


Corrie’s Entrance

The Picture


The Bad News


(the ending cuts off quite abruptly – there’s been two or three seconds cut off)

Ned’s Trade

The Sheriff Departs

replace title by: “Horse Whispering”


Ned’s Secret


The People Protest

Prayers at Bedtime

Lucius Runs to Corrie


“The Horse Race”

(the dialogue-free part starts at 14:35 in the suite)

Back Home



The part between 0:47,5 and 3:58,5 is tracked from the first track of the album (which is itself an album edit of three cues). There’s about thirteen seconds missing in between, which you can find clean on the DVD.

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I'm really surprised this has not been done before now, but does anyone know how to edit Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves into film order with the existing (substandard) album presentation?

I don't remember where I found it, but here's the order I have it in:


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Alien 3 / Sphere anyone?

For Sphere, this is what I have assembled so far:

2-Main Titles

11-Andante/12a-Manifest Fire (0:00-0:04)

4-The Gift

8a-Terror Adagio (0:00-1:36; part of a longer cue)

6-Visit to a Wreckage (lots of microedits)

3-Event Entry 6-21-43

5-Sphere Discovery

7a-Water Snake (0:00-0:56)

10-Fear Retrieval

8b-Terror Adagio (1:37-end; second half of a longer cue)

12b-Manifest Fire (0:04-end)


7c-Water Snake (1:13-end)

7b-Water Snake (0:57-1:13; part of a longer cue)



1-Pandora's Fanfare

14-Their Beast Within

As you can see, that OST is seriously out of order, and a lot of the cues are different from their film versions. Hopefully an expanded or complete edition is in the works

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Here's the revised chronological list:

01. Fire And Water

02. Guardians of the Three [00:29 - 00:45]

03. Shores Of The Long Lake

04. Beyond Sorrow And Grief

05. Dragon Sickness

06. Guardians Of The Three [00:00-0:45] and [00:45 - End]

07. The Ruins Of Dale [01:36 - End]

08. The Ruins Of Dale [00:00 - 01:36]

09. The Gathering Of The Clouds

10. Mithril [02:00 - End]

11. Mithril [00:00 - 02:00]

12. Bred For War

13. A Thief In The Night

14. The Clouds Burst

15. Battle For The Mountain

16. The Darkest Hour [02:40 - End]

17. The Darkest Hour [00:00 - 02:40]

18. The Fallen [00:00 - 01:22]

19. Sons Of Durin

20. The Fallen [01:22 - End]

21. Ravenhill

22. To The Death

23. The Return Journey

24. There And Back Again

25. The Last Goodbye

26. Ironfoot

I take it Courage and Wisdom still goes between To the Death and The Return Journey?

And with the video restorations now done, is this list still accurate?

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That isn't an accurate representation of Shore's intentions; it's more a list of how the score was butchered in the final cut of the film. BloodBoal's score restore videos proved some of this wrong.

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I just noticed the Waterworld chrono order linked to in the main post is slightly wrong. Here's a correct chrono order


01 Main Titles (4:43)
02 Escaping The Smokers (3:49)
03 The Atoll (1:42)
19 Gills (1:59)
04 Prodigal Child (1:54)
05 Smokers Sighted (2:10)
11 Helen Frees The Mariner (3:27)
09 Speargun (1:44)
12 Helen Sews (0:50)
07 The Skyboat (3:54)
18 Haircuts (1:32)
14 Half An Hour (4:36)
06 Swimming (4:15)
10 The Bubble (3:23)
15 We're Gonna Die (2:02)
08 National Geographics (1:46)
16 Arriving At The Deez (4:28)
17 Deacon's Speech (3:52)
20 Why Aren't You Rowing? (2:38)
13 Slide For Life (4:51)
21 Balloon Flight (0:48)
22 Dry Land (1:48)
23 Mariner's Goodbye (3:15)
24 Main Credits (2:18)
I've updated the main post to point here now instead of the other post.
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MILLENNIUM in chronological order -- Now with La-La Land's Volume 2!

- Needed: La-La Land Volume 1, La-La Land Volume 2, the Season 1 composer promo and "The Best of Millennium" iTunes release.

- Obviously, this is very much based on fommes' work in post 976. Much of the credit should still go to him, as other than a few minor revisions (e.g. in the episode Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions), the proper sequence of the Season 1 promo tracks comes from fommes. As the promo didn't have track titles, he took almost all the titles he used from DVD chapters and made up the rest.

- Moving right along -- We now have more than 4 discs worth of music! As such, I think it makes sense to split it up into 2 discs for Season 1, 2 discs for Season 2 and 1 disc for Season 3. I've also chosen to include one version of the main and end titles to open and close the "albums" for each season. The amount of material we have now for Season 3 still fits a single disc, but only if you use one of the shorter versions of the Main Title. For this reason, I opted to place "Main Title (Long Version)" and "End Title (Show)" with Season 1 on Discs 1 & 2 respectively. Similarly, I put "Main Title (Version 1)" and "End Title (Version 1)" with Season 2 on Discs 3 & 4, leaving "Main Title (Version 2)" and "End Title (Version 2)" with Season 3 on Disc 5. I decided to drop "Main Title (Vocal Version)" entirely. Obviously, this won't be a perfect solution for everybody, but I feel that this arrangement allows each season to have a nice album program, while also allowing you to burn the whole thing to CD-R should you so choose. Truth be told, I'm actually very proud of how this turned out. I think each disc opens and closes with very appropriate score cues.

- The La-La Land Records tracks have been compared against any other leaked material for duplicate content. Most LLL tracks have not been checked for chronology however, Like fommes, I have assumed that they are in sequence. Fommes' ordering has mostly been retained, including his revision for the episode "Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense.'"

- iTunes release titles have been added between brackets.

- If anyone has the composer promos for Seasons 2 or 3, please, please let me know!

- If anyone has the original iTunes release (actually bought from iTunes), please let me know that too!

- In case you want to burn this to CD-R: with the extra material added, it doesn't fit on 2 CDs anymore. You can't assign a CD per season, as there's 81 minutes of season 1 music. But I think I divided it well, and if you follow the guide below, you can take the comical vocal bonus track as an alternate main title and put it in front of one of the rare comedy episode scores of the show, and the longer theme version after the finale. It works much better that way.

CD 1

01 Millennium Theme (Long Version) (3:35)

LLL V1 D2 T1

02 Pilot: Big Yellow House (Bumper #1 / M2) (1:56)

LLL V1 D1 T2

03 Pilot: Rain (M10) (3:29)

LLL V1 D1 T3

04 Pilot: Exterminated (M13) (4:57)

LLL V1 D1 T4

05 Gehenna: Eedo Bolow / Home (2:53)

Promo T6 0:00-0:02 + 1:01-3:02 / 0:02-1:01

(I opted to leave the bumper off of the beginning entirely as a fade in doesn't sound too bad and you can hear the same two beats at the end of the previous track anyway.)

06 Gehenna: Dylan (4:35)

LLL V2 D1 T8

07 Gehenna: Bedtime Reading (0:59)

Promo T7 (0:00-0:59)

The rest of the promo track is the same as LLL V2 D1 T9, so you have the option to substitute the LLL track with the more complete promo version, fade the promo track out early (using something like mp3directcut you can avoid re-encoding lossy material) or crossfade the first minute of the promo track with the LLL. I chose the second option.

08 Gehenna, Part I (6:43)

LLL V2 D1 T9

09 Gehenna, Part II (3:04)

LLL V2 D1 T10

10 The Judge: Links (2:37)

LLL V2 D1 T11

11 The Judge: To the Hogs (6:26)

LLL V2 D1 T12

12 Blood Relatives: Mourners / Dragged In (3:23)

LLL V1 D1 T5

13 Blood Relatives: Childhood Friends (4:51)

Promo T10

14 Blood Relatives: Peggy Dechant (1:46)

Promo T11

15 The Well-Worn Lock: Lock, Part I (2:41)

LLL V1 D1 T6

16 The Well-Worn Lock: Lock Part II (0:52)

LLL V1 D1 T7

17 The Wild and the Innocent: Death Prayer (3:30)

D1 T8

18 Force Majeure: Hail Lauren (2:09)

LLL V2 D1 T14

19 Force Majeure: Alignment (3:19)

LLL V2 D1 T15

20 Force Majeure: Pugilistic Attitude (1:57)

LLL V2 D1 T16

21 Force Majeure: All His Children (6:32)

LLL V2 D1 T17

CD 2

01 Covenant: Spinning (3:34)

LLL V2 D1 T2

02 Covenant: Failing at Home (7:13)

LLL V2 D1 T3

03 Lamentation: The Surgeon (3:32)

LLL V2 D1 T4

04 Lamentation: Alpine Page (3:27)

LLL V2 D1 T5

05 Lamentation: Kidney Plate (5:19)

LLL V2 D1 T6

06 Lamentation: Dude Looks Like a Lady (1:33)

LLL V2 D1 T7

07 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions: In Cold Blood (1:46)

Promo T19

08 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions: Phaestos (0:42)

Promo T21 (START-0:42)

I actually chose to crossfade this into the next track.

09 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions: The Babysitter (1:58)

Promo T20

10 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions: The Ghost of Bletch (2:55)

LLL V2 D1 T18

11 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions: The Razor's Edge (4:48)

LLL V2 D1 T19

12 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions: A Unique Perspective (1:51)

LLL V2 D1 T20

13 Marantha: Chernobyl (1M1) (3:58)

LLL V1 D1 T9

14 Marantha: Yaponchik (1M5) (0:58)

LLL V1 D1 T10

15 Marantha: Myth No More (3M3) / Antichrist (3M4) (5:06)

LLL V1 D1 T11

16 Marantha: Saviour (4M1) (7:46)

LLL V1 D1 T12

17 Paper Dove: Crushed Dove (1:56)

LLL V1 D1 T13

18 End Title (Show) (0:36)

LLL V2 D2 T19

CD 3

01 Main Title (Version 1) (0:56)

Promo T3

02 The Beginning and the End: Headlights (2:52)

LLL V1 D1 T14

03 The Beginning and the End: Check / Get It Back Again (1:38)

LLL V1 D1 T15

04 Monster: Henny Penny (1:51)

LLL V1 D1 T16

05 Monster: M-Files / Little Pigs (4:58)

LLL V1 D1 T17

06 The Curse of Frank Black: Jack O' Lantern (1:19)

LLL V1 D1 T18

07 The Curse of Frank Black: Battery (1:59)

LLL V1 D1 T19

08 The Curse of Frank Black: Acts (1:47)

LLL V1 D1 T20

09 The Curse of Frank Black: 790 Days (3:58)

LLL V1 D1 T21

10 The Hand of Saint Sebastian: Comatose / Origins / Woods (1:22)

LLL V1 D1 T22

11 Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense: Goopy (Alternate) (M11) (5:34)

LLL V1 D1 T24 (!)

12 Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense: The Writer (M15) (2:51)

LLL V1 D1 T23

13 Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense: Final Chapter (M22) (1:39)

LLL V1 D1 T25

14 Midnight of the Century: Delete (Bumper #1 / 1M2) (1:37)

LLL V1 D2 T2

15 Midnight of the Century: Branches (1M4) / Angels (3M1) (4:52)

LLL V1 D2 T3

16 Midnight of the Century: The Whole Story (4M2) (4:29)

iTunes T14: "4M2"

(Title taken from DVD chapter.)


01 Luminary: Stars (1:04)

LLL V2 D2 T1

02 Luminary: Journey North (2:08)

LLL V2 D2 T2

03 Luminary: Northern Lights (6:47)

LLL V2 D2 T3

04 Luminary: Rescue of Ventoux (5:34)

LLL V2 D2 T4

05 Owls: Damascus (4:35)

LLL V1 D2 T4

06 Owls: The Subject (3:39)

LLL V1 D2 T5

07 Owls: Aerotech (1:32)

LLL V1 D2 T6

08 Roosters: Trail (1:14)

LLL V1 D2 T7

09 Anamnesis: The Sermon (3:59)

LLL V2 D2 T8

10 Anamnesis: The Read (3:02)

LLL V2 D2 T9

11 Anamnesis: M. Magdalene (2:20)

LLL V2 D2 T10

12 Anamnesis: The Circle (2:48)

LLL V2 D2 T11

13 Anamnesis: Divine Daughter (9:41)

LLL V2 D2 T12

14 Somehow, Satan Got behind Me: Alarm (1:46)

LLL V1 D2 T8

15 Somehow, Satan Got behind Me: X-Fyles (2:03)

LLL V1 D2 T9

16 Somehow, Satan Got behind Me: Sympathy for the… (2:01)

LLL V1 D2 T10

17 The Fourth Horseman: The Bleed (3:32)

LLL V2 D1 T13

18 The Time Is Now: Hot Birds (1M1) (1:32)

LLL V1 D2 T11

19 The Time Is Now: The Peter Principle (2M2) (3:06)

LLL V1 D2 T12

20 The Time Is Now: Catherine (4M1) (2:29)

LLL V1 D2 T13

21 End Title (Version 1) (0:32)

LLL V1 D1 T26

CD 5

01 Main Title (Version 2) (0:54)

LLL V1 D1 T1

02 Closure: Silence Is Golden (3:08)

LLL V1 D2 T14

03 Closure: Candy (7:26)

LLL V1 D2 T15

04 Through a Glass Darkly: Van Man (3:11)

LLL V2 D2 T13

05 Through a Glass Darkly: The Trailer (2:54)

LLL V2 D2 T14

06 Through a Glass Darkly: East… West (3:15)

LLL V2 D2 T15

07 Through a Glass Darkly: St. Max, Parts 1-2 (7:33)

LLL V2 D2 T16

08 Omerta: Santos Elves (1M2) (3:50)

LLL V1 D2 T16

09 Omerta: Unwrapped Gift (1M3) (2:46)

LLL V1 D2 T17

10 Omerta: Love Jordan (2M2) / Hobbit House (2M4) (2:18)

LLL V1 D2 T18

11 Omerta: The Way It Was (4M4) (3:52)

LLL V1 D2 T19

12 The Sound of Snow: Guilt (1:49)

LLL V2 D2 T17

13 The Sound of Snow: Can't Let Go (6:41)

LLL V2 D2 T18

14 Seven and One: The Secret (4:06)

LLL V2 D2 T5

15 Seven and One: False Alarm (2:21)

LLL V2 D2 T6

16 Seven and One: The Light in the Water (8:17)

LLL V2 D2 T7

17 Goodbye to All That: Shrapnel (3:52)

LLL V1 D2 T20

18 Goodbye to All That: Channel 14 (4:14)

LLL V1 D2 T21

19 Goodbye to All That: Locked Out (1:20)

LLL V1 D2 T22

20 Goodbye to All That: Drilling (4M2) (4:51)

LLL V1 D2 T23

(Contains iTunes "4M2a" track.)

21 End Title (Version 2) (0:44)

LLL V1 D2 T24

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A Million Ways To Die In The West - Joel McNeely (2014)


01. A Million Ways Logos

02. Main Title

03. Big Giant Pussies

04. I Got Shot Today

05. Goodbye Albert

06. Missing Louise - Oh Suzanna ([00:55 - End] Unused)

07. Reprise (Unused)

08. Majesty Of The West

09. Show Us The Gold

10. Stick And Hoop

11. The Moustachery

12. Saloon Brawl

13. She's Too Good For Me

14. Early Morning

15. People Die At The Fair (Original)

16. Reprise (Unused)

17. On The Move

18. Albert Learns To Shoot

19. The Stagecoach Robbery

20. At The Dance

21. If You've Only Got A Moustache

22. More Barn Dance

23. Lewis Breaks Out

24. On The Fence

25. Anna And Albert

26. Hello Sweetheart

27. She's All Yours

28. Looking For Anna

29. Someone's Gonna Get Fucked Up

30. Ride To Albert's

31. You Gotta Get Outta Here

32. Albert Makes A Run For It

33. Someone's Watching

34. At The Door

35. Burned At The Stake ([01:45 - End] Unused)

36. Wormholes

37. Albert's Acid Trip (Reprise)

38. Velocipede (Unused)

39. Albert's Acid Trip Pt.1

40. If You've Only Got A Moustache (Reprise)

41. Albert's Acid Trip Pt.2

42. Did You Kick The Condor In The Balls?

43. Clinch Is Dead

44. Sorry I Killed Your Husband

45. A Million Ways To Die

46. End Title Suite Extended



47. People Die At The Fair (Alternate) (Unused)

48. A Million Ways End Credit Suite (Unused)



A few notes:


- All the tracks come from the FYC Promo, except from The Stagecoach Robbery and End Title Suite Extended which come from the Deluxe Edition.


- A Million Ways Logos, Main Title and Big Giant Pussies are meant to segue into one another.


- Lewis Breaks Out can be put either right before At The Dance (that's where it is in the Theatrical Cut) or right after More Barn Dance (where it shows up in the Unrated Cut). Basically, in the Theatrical Cut, it goes like this: Albert Learns To Shoot -> Lewis Breaks Out -> At The Dance -> If You've Only Got A Moustache -> More Barn Dance -> On The Fence (the Stagecoach Robbery scene doesn't appear in this cut), while in the Unrated Cut, it goes like this: Albert Learns To Shoot -> The Stagecoach Robbery -> At The Dance -> If You've Only Got A Moustache -> More Barn Dance -> Lewis Breaks Out -> On The Fence. I think that the Unrated Cut presents the original order of the scenes: my guess is that when the Stagecoach Robbery scene was cut, McFarlane still wanted a more serious scene before the barn sequence, and so he moved Lewis' escape earlier than where it was supposed to appear.

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Thanks for this!

37. Albert's Acid Trip (Reprise)

Is that following the original order do you think? Weird that the reprise comes before the other Acid Trip tracks?

What's the track "Racing the Train"? And is "Clinch Hunts Albert" the same as "Albert Makes a Run for It"?

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Oops, sorry: I used the OST titles instead of the FYC ones for these two tracks. I updated the list.


Clinch Hunts Albert = You Gotta Get Outta Here

Racing The Train = Albert Makes A Run For It


As for the Albert's Acid Trip (Reprise) track, yes, it definitely is meant to appear before Albert's Acid Trip Pt.1 and Pt.2 (even if it doesn't make sense based on the title, that's where it appears in the film).


More info on this list here by the way:



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Terminator Genisys Chronological order. Thanks goes to Hybrid Soldier on H-Z.com for posting this:

Better Days
Work Camp (Speech)
(Griffith Park)
Alley Confrontation
Sarah Kicks Ass
Still After Us
It's Really Me
I Am More
If You Love Me You Die
Bus Ride
Judgement Day (Helicopter Chase)
Come With Me
What If I Can't?

Fate & Hope
Sarah & Kyle
John Connor

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MILLENNIUM in chronological order -- Now with La-La Land's Volume 2!

- Needed: La-La Land Volume 1, La-La Land Volume 2, the Season 1 composer promo and "The Best of Millennium" iTunes release.

- Obviously, this is very much based on fommes' work in post 976. Much of the credit should still go to him, as other than a few minor revisions (e.g. in the episode Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions), the proper sequence of the Season 1 promo tracks comes from fommes.

Many thanks for this amh1219! I hope you don't mind, but I actually redid this myself again as well, and edited my original post to include the Volume 2 tracks.

By the way, I also spotted two errors in your Season 1 list: you left out a promo track that remains officially unreleased and I suspect you reordered the Powers, Principalities,... track for listening or editing purposes?

You can also add the Back to Frank Black trailer as a bonus track if you want, which I put before the Season 3 main title, where I think it works well.

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"SilentWitness" posted the chronological order for Gremlins 2 in this FSM thread:

01. Merrily We Roll Along / Prologue / Just You Wait 5:09
02. Clamp Logos, Part 1 0:03
03. Future Thoughts 0:34
04. Gizmo’s Capture / A Disaster 2:12
05. Cute… 2:04 (the album version works here as well, because Gizmo sings in the scene, too)
06. Fatal Prognosis 0:19
07. Gizmo Escapes 3:53
08. Instructions 1:50
09. Leaky Faucet 3:49
10. The Impostor 1:14
11. The Visitors 3:34
12. No Rats 2:28
13. The Long Fall / Hot Wire / The Time Zone 2:36
14. Pot Luck 3:08
15. Fast Rise 0:33
16. Pacing 0:44
17. A Better Mouse Trap 1:47
18. Gremlins at Work 1:12
19. Movie Police 0:48
20. The Brain Hormones / Gremlins Wings 3:45
21. Gremlin Mayhem 3:59
22. Clamp Logos, Part 2 0:18
23. Teenage Mutant Gremlins 3:31
24. On The Track / Workout 0:33
25. Nearer My God to Thee 1:23
26. Something New / The Bag 0:30
27. Climate Control 1:35
28. No Cavities 0:34
29. Keep It Quiet 3:18
30. New York, New York / Rhapsody in Blue, Part 1 1:24
31. Congo Corta / Gremlinition 0:41
32. Rhapsody in Blue, Part 2 0:41
33. Broadway to Bowery / New York, New York / A Big Chance 1:48
34. Gremlin Pudding 2:22
35. New Trends 3:51
36. Bridal Chorus 1:11
37. Gremlin Credits 5:01
38. Postlude 0:25

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The Firefly album has some nice music, but a it's thrown together in a very arbitrary way. Making a chronological version requires splitting most of the tracks, although thankfully, most cues actually feature fairly clean endings and beginnings within each track (making the assembly seem even weirder).

While compiling this order, I started out with this page, which was mostly accurate, except for a few changes I found along the way.

As it stands right now, five parts of the soundtrack album are still unaccounted for. I haven't been able to place them in the series (you might remember a thread about this, which nobody replied to).

The five unaccounted tracks have been listed at the end. If anyone knows where they're from, I'll gladly update this guide.

So here's the chronological order (re-uses not listed):


1. Firefly - Main Title (0:00 - End)

14b. Inara's Suite [part 2] (1:04 - 1:52)

21c. Reavers (1:48 - End)

22. Reavers Chase Serenity (0:00 - End)

17a. Tears (0:00 - 1:20)

The Train Job

2. Big Bar Fight (0:00 - End) (1)

21b. Isn't Home? (1:12 - 1:48)

14a. Inara's Suite [part 1] (0:00 - 1:04)


11d. Spaceball (1:54 - End)

15b. Empty Derelict (0:39 - End)

19b. Derelict (0:39 - End) (2)

13d. Boom (1:55 - End)


8b. Back Home (1:21 - End)

18b. New Dress (0:36 - 1:08)


24. Inside the Tam House (0:00 - End)

18a. Cows (0:00 - 0:36) (3)

23. River's Dance (0:00 - End)

10. River Understands Simon (0:00 - End) (4)

18c. My Crew (1:08 - End)

Our Mrs. Reynolds

7b. Saffron (1:03 - End)


13c. Jayne's Statue (1:00 - 1:55)

16a. Book's Hair (0:00 - 0:42) (5)

Out of Gas

15a. Out of Gas (0:00 - 0:59)

25a. Dying Ship (0:00 - 0:28)

20b. Captain & Ship (1:56 - End)

21a. Saved (0:00 - 1:12) (6)


12a. River's Afraid (0:00 - 0:53)

War Stories

12c. Torture (1:51 - End)

14c. Inara's Suite [part 3] (1:52 - End)

13b. In My Bunk [part 2] (0:24 - 1:00) (7)

12b. Niska (0:53 - 1:51) (8)

8a. Mal Fights Niska (0:00 - 1:21)


11b. Caper [part 1] (0:10 - 1:17)

25b. Naked Mal (0:28 - End)

The Message

4b. Book (0:36 - End)

6. The Funeral (0:00 - End) (9)

Heart of Gold

3a. Heart of Gold Montage [part 1] (0:00 - 0:55) (10)

16b. Ready for Battle [part 1] (0:42 - 1:06) (11)

3b. Heart of Gold Montage [part 2] (0:55 - End)

16c. Ready for Battle [part 2] (1:06 - End) (12)

20a. Burgess Kills (0:00 - 1:56)

Objects in Space

7a. River's Perception (0:00 - 1:03)

5. Early Takes Serenity (0:00 - End) (13)

9. River Tricks Early (0:00 - End) (14)

17b. River's Eyes (1:20 - End) (15)


4a. Whitefall (0:00 - 0:36) (16)

11a. Leaving (0:00 - 0:10)

11c. Caper [part 2] (1:17 - 1:54)

13a. In My Bunk [part 1] (0:00 - 0:24)

19a. Boarding the Serenity (0:00 - 0:39)

(1) Consists of two cues that play consecutively in the episode. Second cue starts at 1:06. 1:25 - End is also used in Serenity and would be played chronologically before the Main Titles.

(2) Longer cue in episode. Mostly repeated material from the first part of the track.

(3) Used twice in the same episode. Would repeat here.

(4) Consists of two cues that play almost consecutivelyin the episode. The first cue is for Simon noticing River is gone and is track 10 from 0:00 - 0:30. This is followed by some silence and then an unreleased cue for River showing Simon the berries. After the berries, River tells Simon she knows what he had to sacrifice to save her. This is accompanied by the music found in track 10 from 0:30 - End.

(5) Used twice in the same episode (repeat) and reused in War Stories, where it would go between Torture and Inara's Suite [part 3].

(6) Origin of last chord unknown.

(7) Repeated at the very end of the same episode. Also reused in Trash, where it goes between Caper [part 1] and Naked Mal.

(8) Start of cue unreleased.

(9) 0:56 - 1:35 also plays when Zoe first plays the message. This goes before Book.

(10) Cue continues in episode. Partially unreleased.

(11) Small passage from a much longer cue, underscoring Mal and Nandi bonding.

(12) Opening unreleased.

(13) Two consecutive cues. Split at 1:29. First part of second cue dialed out in episode.

(14) Three seperate cues that have unreleased music playing in between them in the episode. You can leave this track intact, or split it at 1:12 and 2:24 if you want.

(15) Partially dialed out in episode.

(16) Track 4a (Whitefall) does not underscore the arrival at Whitefall in the pilot episode (another piece plays that sounds a lot like Cows, except it isn't). I haven't been able to find Whitefall anywhere in the DVD chapter listed on the page linked above and don't know where it belongs. It's of the same length as the piece that plays over the arrival at Whitefall and to my knowledge, Serenity is the only episode where we actually visit Whitefall. Since most of the other tracks are accurately labeled, could this be an alternate?

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Might as well throw in my hat for something nobody asked for!

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

(If its in Italics, that means it was not on the Album, and in most cases was only heard for a few seconds)

01. Compared To What – Roberta Flack
02. Out Of The Garage
26. The Switch
03. His Name Is Napoleon Solo
04. Escape From East Berlin
28a. Fists (0:35-End) (The Drums were removed here)
06a. Mission: Rome (0:00-1:20)
25a. Red Mist (0:00-0:55)
06b. Mission: Rome (1:21-End)
Bunter Drachen - Suzanne Doucet
Wenn Ich Ein Junge Wär - Rita Pavone
25b. Red Mist (0:55-End)
09. Cry To Me – Solomon Burke
24a. The Unfinished Kiss (0:00-0:20)
08. Bugs, Beats and Bowties
10. Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days – Louis Prima
07. The Vinciguerra Affair
11. Signori Toileto Italiano
12. Breaking In (Searching The Factory)
Viaggio Nella Prateria – Stelvio Cipriani
13. Breaking Out (The Cowboy Escapes)
Banana Freak Out - George Guzman
Man From UNCLE Theme (Instrumental) - Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra
14. Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera – Peppino Gagliardi
05. Jimmy, Renda se – Tom Zé and Valdez
24a. The Unfinished Kiss (0:00-0:15)
15. Into The Lair (Betrayal Part I)
16. Laced Drinks (Betrayal Part II)
Torture in D Minor – Sergio Pizzorno (Sadly this track appears to be impossible to find online)
17. Il Mio Regno – Luigi Tenco
18. Circular Story
19. The Drums Of War
20. Take You Down/28. Fists (The Tracks seem to overlap)
24a. The Unfinished Kiss (0:00-0:10)
27. Warhead
21. We Have Location
24b. The Unfinished Kiss (0:00-0:45)
22. A Last Drink
23. Take Care Of Business – Nina Simone
24c. The Unfinished Kiss (0:30-End)
Also, aside from a few short instrumentals and track edits. There really isnt all that much missing
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Thanks very much for that UNCLE tracklist!

By the way, we did ask for it - here.

I noticed a couple of slate numbers in the booklet and on twitter:

[1m06] His Name Is Napoleon Solo

[3m20] Bugs, Beats and Bowties

[3m22A] The Party

[4m25] Breaking In

[5m33A] Into the Lair

I also think these are cue titles (from vague pics on twitter):

Into Rome
Imagine the Consequences

Not sure about the last one. I think "Into Rome" will probably fit one of those Mission: Rome tracks? Which one you think?

Also, do you think "The Red Mist" and "Mission: Rome" each consist of two cues put together for the album? Or are they just split up after the film was edited, or tracked or so?

If they're tracks with separate cues, which ones would be titled "The Red Mist" and "Mission: Rome"?

Also, was "Fists" originally composed for placement after "Escape from East Berlin" or after "Take You Down", you think? Where does the track title suit best?

Lastly, it seems that all the score cues on the CD are in order, except for:

08. Bugs, Beats and Bowties
07. The Vinciguerra Affair
Is it possible that these got switched through film editing and these scenes were originally in a reverse order? I can't remember the film that well anymore :)
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Mission Rome is definitely two tracks placed together, so 'Into Rome' could be the 2nd half. Mission Rome fits the first half better.

Red Mist could fit both halves honestly. But here too it does feel like it was just putting two similar cues together to make a bonustrack.

Neither part overlaps, and neither scene runs long enough to make me think music was dialed out.

There are a lot of tracks that could just be smaller cues stitched together, as the movies pauses the music sometimes.

(and at other times inserts a thumping russian war cry of sorts whenever Illya gets mad)

I am not sure about 'Imagine the Consequences' either

Its possible Fists is just a collection of short music bits to create another bonustrack

But if it were placed anywhere, It fits better after "Take you Down". The earlier instance lacks the percussion after that initial explosion of guitars, so that feels more like a case of tracking.

As it is "Take you down" is a cut down version of the entire carchase (with a lot of silences removed), whereas in the movie "Fists" plays during the chase, and cap off the fight afterwards.

(I also cant tell if the album version has bits edited out, or if the movie version just has some instruments toned down)

On the other hand, the title 'Fists' makes more sense for the initial brawl between Illya and Solo, so who knows.

I doubt the scenes were switched around. The Vinciguerra Affair is part of the whole Auto Racing event sequence

And dont get me started on how some of the sourced songs were placed on the album

(I imagine they just wanted to space out the source music and Pembertrons music)

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Yes strangely enough composers do not always feel that their music is best served on the album listening experience in chronological order. Such daft people!

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I saw this posted as the chronological order for SPECTRE. It looks accurate, but I can't confirm.

1. Los Muertos Vivos Estan
2. Day of the Dead
3. Writing's on the Wall
4. Vauxhall Bridge
5. The Eternal City
6. Donna Lucia
7. A Place Without Mercy
8. Backfire
9. Crows Klinik
10. The Pale King
11. Madeleine
12. Kite In A Hurricane
13. Snow Plane
14. L'Americain
15. Secret Room
16. Hinx

17.Writing's On The Wall (Instrumental)
18. Silver Wraith
19. A Reunion
20. Tempus Fugit
21. Safe House
22. Blindfold
23. Careless
24. Detonation
25. Westminster Bridge
26. Out Of Bullets
27. SPECTRE (End Title)

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Based upon my viewing of the film yesterday I have come up with this chronology of the Soundtrack release.

I have included the main title song by Sam Smith as well.This does not appear on the official soundtrack.

01 Los Muertos Vivos Estan (featuring Tambuco) 2:47
18 Day Of The Dead (featuring Tambuco) 1:25
Writing's On The Wall - Main Title performed by Sam Smith 4:39
02 Vauxhall Bridge 2:19
03 The Eternal City 4:34
04 Donna Lucia 2:32
05 A Place Without Mercy 1:04
06 Backfire 4:54
08 The Pale King 2:55
10 Kite In A Hurricane 2:08
07 Crows Klinik 1:41
11 Snow Plane 5:24
12 L'Americain 1:42
13 Secret Room 5:22
09 Madeleine 2:58
14 Hinx 1:20
15 Writing's On The Wall (Instrumental) 2:10
16 Silver Wraith 2:15
17 A Reunion 5:35
19 Tempus Fugit 1:21
20 Safe House 3:55
21 Blindfold 1:27
22 Careless 4:38
23 Detonation 3:52
24 Westminster Bridge 4:13
25 Out Of Bullets 1:51
26 Spectre (End Title) 5:37
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Any comments or corrections are welcome. With many thanks to Chris Tilton's posts at FSM and Fringepedia.

And of course many thanks for getting out so much music on CD and a few extra tidbits on MP3.


Fringe Main Title Theme


Logan’s Run

The Bishop of Essex County

Steig on the Run

Transfusion Triumph

The Ghost Network

I See Frozen People

Power Hungry

Waking Strife

The Cure

Why Can’t I Be Goo?

In Which We Meet Mr Jones

The Shocking Dead

The Equation

The Dreamscape


The Chess Club

The Light Fantastic


Gurney for Your Thoughts


Masters of the Multiverse

Bad Dreams

Now That’s Just Nicked Up

The Road Not Taken

Simultaneous Combustion

Sanford and Shunned

A Destroyed Life

There’s More than One of Everything

Keeping Up with the Jones

There’s More than One of Everything

Connecting the Fringe-Cidents

Reiden Out the Storm

All along the Bell Towers

End Title Theme (Pilot Version)



Fringe 85

A New Day in the Old Town

Crash Course Conversion

A New Day in the Old Town


Red Russian Down

Dream Logic

Good Ol’ Charlie


The Coma-Naut

Of Human Action

Hypnotic Suggestions


Observers Everywhere Everytime

Love and Death on Observer Island

What Lies Below

What a Gas


Forest of Dreams

Where Dunham Fears to Tread

The Building Theft


The Window of Opportunity

Reiden Out to Madness

Doppelgänger Up on Reality

Brown Betty

Brown Betty Suite

Over There – Part 1

Breach to the Choir

Olivia’s Cross to Share

Over There

The Son Also Rises

Over There – Part 2

Devastation Nation

Saved by the Belly

Haste Makes Wasteland

Quibbles and Fits

Doubled Over

Love in the Time of Crossing Over

Bells and Missiles

Give My Regards to Fraudway

End Title Theme



The Escape from Liberty Island

The Plateau

Slow Motion Sickness

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Newton’s Last Mission

6955 kHz

May the Best World Win

The Abducted

Sneaking Sense of Liberty


Hot Brief Injection

Capturing the Dunhams

Take It to the Tank

The Original Dunham


I Thought She Was You

My So-Called Strife [Extended MP3]

The Firefly

The Firefly

Best Chase Scenario


Subject 13

The Persistence of Walternate’s Vision [Extended MP3]

Imagination Building


Azrael the World Turns


The House of Birth

6:02 AM EST

Oppenheimer Maneuvers


Singe and Surge

The Last Sam Weiss

Apocalypse in Judgment

As the Crowbar Flies

Wake Up and Smell the Catastrophe

The Way the World Crumbles

The Day We Died

Future Shocking [MP3 0:00-0:30]

Fringe Team Arrives in Brooklyn [Future Shocking MP3 0:30-0:50] [actual cue title unknown]

Walter Skelter

Senator Broyles [Future Shocking MP3 1:25-1:49] [actual cue title unknown]

Licorice [Mourning After MP3 0:00-1:06] [actual cue title unknown]

Drawing [Mourning After MP3 1:06-2:01] [actual cue title unknown]

Radioactive Breadcrumbs [Future Shocking MP3 0:50-1:25] [actual cue title unknown]

A Universe for a Universe [OST 0:00-0:15 + Future Shocking MP3 1:49-2:02 + OST 0:15-end]

Funeral Pyre Straits

The Mourning After

We Are a Strange Loop

The Vanishing Bishop

Album Arrangements

Fringe Division


The Observers



Neither Here nor There

The Skill of the Chase

The Man in the Mirror (Unused)

A Protest in September

Subject 9

Born Again Fishin’


Where the Son Doesn’t Shine

Back to Where You’ve Never Been

Over-Breaching [MP3] [probably not original cue title]

Half of a Getaway [MP3] [probably not original cue title]

Enemy of My Enemy

Don’t Follow the Money

Alternate Family Reunion [MP3] [probably not original cue title]

Shut Your Worm Hole

Enemy of My Enemy

A Better Human Being

The House of Forgotten Dreams

The End of All Things

A Short Story about Love

Together Again for the Very First Time

The Consultant

Funeral While It Lasted

To Betray or Not to Betray

Letters of Transit

The Future Is How

Letters of Transit

The Satanic Observers

The Sacrificial Stance

What’s the Etta with You?

Worlds Apart

The Singularity Is upon Us

From One Universe to Another

Brave New World – Part 1

Shining a Satellite on the Problem

Don’t Cross the Beams

Telekinetic Energy

Kicking Some Astrid

Brave New World – Part 2

Brave New World

The Time Traveler’s Strife

Support of Call

Biblical Distortions

Regeneration X

The Nine Lives of Olivia Dunham

Album Arrangement



Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

Walking through the Valley [searching for Olivia Dunham]

In Absentia

Pity the Cruel

The Recordist

The Bullet that Saved the World

Orificial Intelligence

Dust in the Windmark

Mo’Etta Blues

An Origin Story

The Cube Tube

An Origin Story

Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

The Garden of Live Ettas


A Dish Best Served Cold

The Human Kind

Black Blotter

The Burning Book

Anomaly XB-6783746

Donald in the Game

The Boy Must Live

Father and Father You Go

Terror Incognito


September’s Heart in a Device [MP3]

Olivia’s Crossover to Bear

The Mobius Maker

Passing Stranger [MP3]

An Enemy of Fate

Era Envy

When Push Comes to Dove

The Long Breach – Part 2 [MP3]

Paradox, So Close

Of Cows and Men

Biological War Farewell

The Resetting Son

End Credits Finale

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Danny Elfman


1M1 Titles / 1M2A/2B/2D According to Plan Part 1-3

EB 1 + 2

You need to edit in a section of the instrumental version into EB 2, because the song is shortened. Presumably that’s 1M2C?


Victor’s Piano Solo

EB 3


1M4-7 Victor/Victoria

EB 25


2M1 Into the Forest

EB 4

You need the isolated score for a very brief segment that’s been cut out around 3:02.


2M3 Source Band

In the sheet music this is the “Band Version” of the “Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1” tracks.

In the film, “New Arrival” is tracked in.


2M4 Remains of the Day

EB 5


2M5 Back Upstairs

EB 29

This and the next cue are inversed on the album and overlapped. You have two options, also reverse the order, or fade in EB 29 and mix it with “Remains of the Day” (like it is in the film, in fact).


2M6 Til Dawn

EB 28

If you went with the latter option for the previous track, you need to use the clean ending from the DVD/BR to end this cue.


2M7-9 Escape

EB 26


3M1-4 Victor’s Deception / 3M5 Tears to Shed

EB 6 + 7 + 8 + 9

(If you like to edit in the instrumental version, you need the isolated score for the ending of “Victor’s Deception”, which on the vocal track is the opening few seconds.)


3M6 Victoria’s Escape

EB 10


3M7 A Plan Is Forming / 3M8 A Plan Revealed

EB 32 + 33

[The opening of EB32 is not clean: the strings are the ending from the cue “Mayhew Croaks”. Use clean opening from the DVD/BR.]


4M1 Mayhew Croaks

EB 31

For a clean ending, use the DVD/BR.


The Piano Duet

EB 11


4M3 New Arrival

EB 12


4M4 Piano Source

EB 23

Sheet music verifies that “Piano Source” is on the CD as “Ball & Socket Lounge Music #2”


4M5/6 Victoria’s Wedding / 4M7 Wedding Song Intro / 4M8 The Wedding

EB 13 + EB 30 + EB 14


4M9/10 The Party Arrives

EB 15

The album version micro-edits out a couple of seconds at the ending.


Be Gone Ye Demons

EB 27


Wedding March (Source)


This is the wedding march organ source music.


5M3 Victor’s Wedding / 5M4 Barkis’ Bummer

EB 16 + 17

You also need the isolated score to fill in a large section on Barkis’ Bummer.

Correct spelling typo in official cue title (= Barkus).


5M5 Finale

EB 18


5M6 End Credits Pt 1 / End Credits Pt 2

EB 19 + 20




I made a separate playlist with the songs replaced by their Orchestra-Only versions, so those EB tracks are not included here with the other bonus tracks anymore. By the way, you also need the BR/DVD for the Orchestra-Only version of the coda of End Credits Pt 2.


Titles (Film Take)


The film has a slightly different take for the opening of the “Titles”, I think. It also edits out a very short segment.

(I included this in my Orchestra-Only playlist.)


Introduction (Demo) / According to Plan (Demo)


Corpse Bride Piano (Worktape)


Little Melody (Worktape)


Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1 (Combo Version)


Remains of the Day (Demo)


Unused Bride Theme (Worktape)


Tears to Shed (Demo)


Unused Cue (Demo)


Erased (Unused Song Demo)


Erased (Unused Song Demo) (Alternate Vocal)


Victoria’s Wedding (Film Version)

Use DVD/BD for insert.


The Wedding Song (Demo)


The Party Arrives (Film Version)

The film version features the Tara’s Theme insert, which you need the DVD/BR for.


5M5 Alt Finale

The film version has a different ending, slightly shorter and with an ‘Edward Scissorhands’-like flourish. This is the “Alt Finale” in the sheet music.


End Credits – Part 1 (Film Edit)
The DVD features a nice-flowing, shorter edit of the album track.


Remains of the Day (Combo Lounge Version)


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Chronological order for Danny Elfman's Midnight Run:


3. Stairway Chase

2. Main Titles

4. J.W. Gets A Plan

1. Walsh Gets The Duke

7. F.B.I.

6. Dorfler's Theme

15. Amarillo Dawn

8. Package Deal

9. Mobocopter

13. The River

16. Potato Walk

14. The Wild Ride

11. Drive to Red's

10. Freight Train Hop

19. Dorfler's Problem

12. In The Next Life

5. Gears Spin I

17. Desert Run

18. Diner Blues

20. Gears Spin II

21. The Confrontation

22. The Longest Walk

23. Walsh Frees The Duke

24. End Credits: "Try To Believe"


Some versions on the album are different than their film counterparts ("Mobocopter", for instance), and there is still a good amount of music unreleased, but this is as close as I've gotten so far. Any chronological errors, please feel free to rectify them. My favorite Elfman score.




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The Hunt (2015) - Steven Price



Episode 1: 01,02,03,05,04,06

Episode 2: 07,08,10,09,12,11

Episode 3: 13,14,15,16,17



Episode 4: 19,20,21,22,18,23

Episode 5: 24,25,26,27,28

Episode 6: 29,30,31,33,32,34

Episode 7: -


35 not used

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