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The Chronological Film Score Thread


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The OST is already in chronological order.


As for the placement of the FYC material:


On 16/12/2016 at 10:00 PM, Jay said:

Looks like a combo edit of OST + FYC would be


01 OST 01 He's Here For Us (3:20)
02 OST 02 A Long Ride Ahead (3:56)
03 OST 03 Wobani Imperial Labor Camp (0:54)
04 OST 04 Trust Goes Both Ways (2:45)
05 OST 05 When Has Become Now (1:59)
06 OST 06 Jedha Arrival (2:48)
07 FYC 05 Hearts Of Kyber (0:57)
08 OST 07 Jedha City Ambush (2:19)
09 FYC 07 Today of All Days (3:34)
10 OST 08 Star-Dust (3:47)
11 FYC 09 An Imperial Test Of Power (2:49)
12 FYC 10 Approach To Eadu (1:19)
13 FYC 11 No Trust Among Rebels (2:01)
14 FYC 12 Jyns's Path Is Clear (2:31)

15 OST 09 Confrontation on Eadu (8:05)
16 OST 10 Krennic's Aspirations (4:16)
17 OST 11 Rebellions Are Built on Hope (2:56)
18 OST 12 Rogue One (2:04)
19 OST 13 Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 (3:59)
20 FYC 18 Good Luck Little Sister (2:48)
21 FYC 19 Are We Blind? (1:33)

22  OST 14 Scrambling the Rebel Fleet (1:33)
23 OST 15 AT-ACT Assault (2:55)
24 FYC 23 Project Stardust (3:46)
25 FYC 24 Entering The Imperial Archives (1:24)
26 FYC 25 Get That Beach Under Control (1:13)

27 OST 16 The Master Switch (4:02)
28 FYC 27 We Have To Press The Attack (2:39)
29 OST 17 Your Father Would Be Proud (4:51)
30 OST 18 Hope (1:37)
31 OST 19 Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (5:51)
32 OST 20 The Imperial Suite (2:29)
33 OST 21 Guardians of the Whills Suite (2:52)

TOTAL TIME - 1:35:52



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7 minutes ago, TBO1711 said:

You forgot:

Rogue One Part 1

Rogue One Part 3

AT-ACT Assault Part 1

AT-ACT Assault Part 3


Nope. Those FYC cuses are just parts of the whole tracks "Rogue One" and "AT-ACT Assault" on the OST that are edited to remove the John Williams themes.

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2 hours ago, TBO1711 said:

oh ok thanks

Is that the same with Rogue One End Credits and Jeda City Ambush (01:11)


Yup. Both those are on the OST: Jedha City Ambush is edited down on the FYC, and the End Credits on the FYC is just the three suites cut down and edited together.

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10 minutes ago, Mr. Breathmask said:

Is there a chrono order for the Deluxe Edition of JNH's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?


There you go:


On 22/11/2016 at 10:07 PM, Jay said:

Here's the chronological order again so no one has to go searching


Film score:
1-01 Main Titles - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2:54)
1-02 There Are Witches Among Us / The Bank / The Niffler (6:53)
1-03 Tina Takes Newt In / MACUSA Headquarters (1:56)
2-02 Soup and Leaflets (2:19)
2-03 Billywig (1:31)
2-04 The Demiguise and the Lollipop (0:58)
1-04 Pie or Strudel / Escaping Queenie and Tina’s Place (3:05)
1-05 Credence Hands Out Leaflets (2:03)
1-06 Inside the Case (9:08)
1-07 The Erumpent (3:28)
1-08 In the Cells (2:10)
1-09 Tina and Newt Trial / Let’s Get the Good Stuff Out / You’re One of Us Now / Swooping Evil (7:59)
2-06 Blind Pig (1:29)
1-10 Gnarlak Negotiations (2:57)
2-05 I’m Not Your Ma (2:04)
1-11 The Demiguise and the Occamy (4:06)
1-12 A Close Friend (1:51)
1-13 The Obscurus / Rooftop Chase (3:48)
2-07 Newt Talks to Credence (2:13)
1-14 He’s Listening to You Tina (2:05)
1-15 Relieve Him of His Wand / Newt Releases the Thunderbird / Jacob’s Farewell (12:33)
1-16 Newt Says Goodbye to Tina / Jacob’s Bakery (3:26)
1-17 End Titles (2:21)
2-08 End Titles, Pt. 2 (1:22)


Concert arrangements:
2-01 A Man and His Beasts (8:31)
2-09 Kowalski Rag (5:12)



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On 22-12-2016 at 4:09 AM, TBO1711 said:

Can someone please put Scream 2 deluxe Edition soundtrack in chronological with the scores that were released on Marco Beltramis site?


See here.

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Stanley and iris


01 Stanley And Iris (3:24)
03 The Bicycle (3:07)

06 Stanley At Work (1:31)
07 Looking After Papa (3:10)

09 Night Visit (1:58)

05 Finding A Family (1:41)

08 Stanley's Invention (1:17)

04 Factory Work (1:23)
02 Reading Lessons (2:26)

11 Putting It All Together (1:46)

10 Letters (3:25)
12 End Credits (3:03)

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Hallo all here at JWFAN Forum!
This my first post here, although I've been following this forum for years. So first let me say "Thank you!" for all the valuable information collected here concerning JW and film music in general. Especially this "Chronologically Film Score Thread" has been a very helpfull source for me.
To give something back here are some of my own playlists I haven't found here yet. Should there be any errors, please let me know!   :)


You've Got Mail


> Songs 1. The Puppy Song - Harry Nilsson
Score 2. Kathleen Computer Sneak
> Songs 2. Dreams - The Cranberries
Score 3. What A Beautiful Day!
Score 1. Butterflies In The Subway
Score 4. Goodnight Dear Void
> Songs 7. Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day
> Songs 3. Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
Score 5. Books Are Cocktails
> Songs 4. Dummy Song - Louis Armstrong
> Songs 5. Remember - Harry Nilsson
Score 6. To The Mattresses
Score 7. Meet Me At Cafe Lalo - George Fenton / Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg
> Songs 6. Dream - Roy Orbison
Score 8. You Weren't There
Score 9. I Was In Vancouver
Score 10. Dear Friend
Score 11. To The Movies And Back
Score 12. Remember - Harry Nilsson
Score 13. Empty Store
> Songs 8. Lonely At The Top - Randy Newman
> Songs 9. Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder
Score 14. For Years To Come
Score 15. Are You Married?
Score 16. NY 152
Score 17. I'll Be Waiting
Score 18. If Only
Score 19. Over The Rainbow - Harry Nilsson / Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg
> Songs 12. Anyone At All - Carole King
> Songs 13. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter - Billy Williams
> Songs 10. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City - Sinead O'Connor


Missing music:
(1) Never Smile at a Crocodile - The Paulette Sisters
(2) I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City - Harry Nilsson





EAC 1. Wheatfield (Film Version)
> OST 3. Talula (BT's Tornado Mix) - Tori Amos
> OST 5. Darling Pretty - Mark Knopfler
> OST 13. Twisted - Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham
> OST 10. Melancholy Mechanics - Red Hot Chili Peppers
EAC 2. The Hunt Begins
> OST 2. Virtual Reality - Rusted Root
EAC 3. The Sky
> OST 12. No One Needs To Know - Shania Twain
EAC 4. Dorothy IV (Film Version)
> Score 17. William Tell Overture / Oklahoma Medley
> OST 6. Miss This - Soul Asylum
EAC 5. The First Twister
EAC 6. In the Ditch / Where's My Truck?
EAC 7. Waterspouts
EAC 8. Cow
> OST 11. Long Way Down (Remix) - Goo Goo Dolls
> OST 7. Broken - Belly
> OST 9. How - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
EAC 9. Walk in the Woods
> OST 1. Humans Being - Van Halen
EAC 10. Bob's Road
EAC 11. Hail No!
EAC 12. Futility (Film Version)
> OST 4. Moments Like This - Alison Krauss & Union Station
> OST 8. Love Affair - k.d. lang
EAC 13. Drive-in Twister
EAC 14. Wakita (Film Version)
EAC 15. Sculptures (Film Version)
EAC 16. House Visit
EAC 17. The Big Suck (Film Version)
EAC 22. End Title / Respect the Wind


Missing music:
(1) Motherless Child - Eric Clapton
(2) She Ain't Comin' Back - Joe Diffie
(3) Child in Time - Deep Purple
(4) See the Sky Again - Edwin McCain



Days of Thunder


LE 1. Days of Thunder (Main Title)
LE 2. Rowdy Drives / Who Is This Driver?
LE 3. Let Me Drive / Cole Drives Rowdy's Car
LE 4. Car Building
> OST 11. Gimme Some Lovin' - Terry Reid*)
> OST 3. Break Through The Barrier - Tina Turner
> OST 5. Trail Of Broken Hearts - Cher
> OST 4. Hearts In Trouble - Chicago
> OST 7. You Gotta Love Someone - Elton John
LE 5. Darlington - Cole Wins
LE 6. You're Home / Daytona Race / The Crash
LE 7. The Hospital
LE 8. Wheelchair Race
LE 9. Rental Car Race
> OST 9. Thunderbox - Apollo Smile
> OST 2. Deal For Life - John Waite
LE 10. Claire Arrives at Her Apartment
LE 11. Physical Kiss
> OST 8. Show Me Heaven - Maria McKee
LE 12. Cole Blows His Engine
> OST 6. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Guns N' Roses
LE 13. Wheeler / Cole Smashes
LE 14. Cole at the Laundry / Cole Agrees to Drive Rowdy's Car
LE 15. Cole and Harry Fight / Harry Talks to Car
LE 16. Cole in Truck / Pre-Race
LE 17. The Last Race
LE 18. "The Last Note of Freedom" - David Coverdale  
> OST 10. Long Live The Night - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts**)


*) the film plays the original version by The Spencer Davis Group
**) listed in the end credits but actually replaced by "Show Me Heaven"



Back to the Future Trilogy


Part I - LE 01. Logo
> Part I - OST 1. The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis and The News
> Part I - OST 2. Time Bomb Town - Lindsey Buckingham
Part I - LE 02. DeLorean Reveal
Part I - LE 03. Einstein Disintegrated
Part I - LE 04. '85 Twin Pines Mall
Part I - LE 05. Peabody Barn; Marty Ditches DeLorean
Part I - LE 06. '55 Town Square
Part I - LE 07. Lorraine's Bedroom
Part I - LE 08. Retrieve DeLorean
Part I - LE 09. 1.21 Jigowatts
Part I - LE 10. The Picture
Part I - LE 11. Picture Fades
> Part I - OST 7. The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) - Etta James
Part I - LE 12. Skateboard Chase
Part I - LE 13. Marty's Letter
> Part I - OST 8. Night Train - Marvin Berry and the Starlighters
Part I - LE 14. George To The Rescue - Pt. 1
Part I - LE 15. Marvin Be-Bop (Source Cue)
Part I - LE 16. George To The Rescue - Pt. 2
> Part I - OST 9. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) - Marvin Berry and the Starlighters
Part I - LE 17. Tension; The Kiss
> Part I - OST 10. Johnny B. Goode - Marty McFly with the Starlighters
Part I - LE 18. Goodnight Marty (Source Cue)
Part I - LE 19. It's Been Educational; Clocktower
Part I - LE 20. Helicopter
> Part I - OST 4. Heaven Is One Step Away - Eric Clapton
Part I - LE 21. '85 Lone Pine Mall
Part I - LE 22. 4 x 4
Part I - LE 23. Doc Returns
> Part I - OST 5. Back In Time - Huey Lewis and The News
Part I - LE 24. Back To The Future (End Credits)


Missing music:
(1) Mr. Sandman - The Four Aces
(2) The Ballad of Davy Crockett - Fess Parker
(3) Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace


Part II - LE 01. Back To Back / It's Your Kids
Part II - LE 02. Main Title (Extended Version)
Part II - LE 03. The Future
Part II - LE 04. Chicken / Hoverboard Chase
Part II - LE 05. A Flying DeLorean?
Part II - LE 06. I'm In The Future / Biff Steals DeLorean
Part II - LE 07. Chicken Needles / Jenn Sees Jenn
Part II - LE 08. Biff's World / ... (2) ... / 27th Floor
Part II - LE 09. My Father
Part II - LE 10. "Alternate 1985"
Part II - LE 11. Gray's Sports Almanac / If They Ever Did
Part II - LE 12. Something Inconspicuous
Part II - LE 13. You'll Never Lose / ... (4) ... / Old New DeLorean
Part II - LE 14. Pair O' Docs
> Part I - OST 8. Night Train - Marvin Berry and the Starlighters
Part II - LE 15. The Book
> Part I - OST 9. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) - Marvin Berry and the Starlighters
> Part I - OST 10. Johnny B. Goode - Marty McFly with the Starlighters
> Part I - LE 18. Goodnight Marty (Source Cue)
Part II - LE 16. Nobody / Tunnel Chase
Part II - LE 17. Burn The Book
Part II - LE 18. He's Gone
Part II - LE 19. Western Union
Part II - LE 20. I'm Back / End Logo
Part II - LE 21. The West
Part II - LE 22. End Title


Missing music:
(1) Beat It - Michael Jackson
(2) I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
(3) Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes
(4) Papa Loves Mambo - Perry Como


Part III - LE 1. Back To Back / Court House
Part III - LE 2. Main Title
Part III - LE 3. Into The Mine / Tombstone / It's Me
Part III - LE 4. Warmed Up
Part III - LE 5. Indians (Film Version)
Part III - LE 6. Safe And Sound
Part III - LE 7. Hill Valley
Part III - LE 8. The Hanging
Part III - LE 9. We're Out Of Gas
Part III - LE 10. There Is No Bridge / Doc To The Rescue
Part III - LE 11. At First Sight
> Part III - LE2 11. Clock Dedication / Battle Cry Of Freedom
> Part III - LE2 12. Doubleback (Extended Version)
> Part III - LE2 13. Turkey In The Straw
> Part III - LE2 14. My Darling Clementine
Part III - LE 12. Yellow
> Part III - OST 17. Doubleback
Part III - LE 13. The Kiss
Part III - LE 14. You Talkin' To Me?
Part III - LE 15. The Future Isn't Written
Part III - LE 16. Goodbye Clara
> Part III - LE2 15. Saloon Piano Medley
Part III - LE 17. What's Up Doc / Marty Gallops / To The Future
Part III - LE 18. Wake Up Juice
Part III - LE 19. Callin' You Out / Count Off
Part III - LE 20. The Showdown / The Kick
Part III - LE 21. A Science Experiment (The Train - Part I)
Part III - LE 22. It's Clara (The Train - Part II)
Part III - LE 23. Point Of No Return (The Train - Part III)
Part III - LE 24. It's Destroyed / Back To The Girlfriend / It Erased
> Part I - OST 1. The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis and The News
Part III - LE 25. Doc Returns
Part III - LE 26. End Credits


Missing music:
(1) Doubleback - ZZ Top

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On 1/5/2017 at 11:49 PM, zeekypttr5678 said:


To answer my own question, I wound up finding a playlist on Spotify that seems to have everything in order (as far as the Score / Soundtrack). Could be a good start point:

La La Land




OST 01 - Another Day of Sun

SCR 01 - Mia Gets Home

SCR 02 - Bathroom Mirror / You're Coming Right?

OST 02 - Someone in the Crowd

OST 03/SCR 04 - Mia & Sebastian's Theme

SCR 03 - Classic Rope-A-Dope

SCR 05 - Stroll Up The Hill

OST 04 - A Lovely Night

SCR 06 - There The Whole Time/Twirl

SCR 07 - Bogart & Bergman

SCR 08 - Mia Hates Jazz

SCR 09/OST 05 - Herman's Habit

SCR 10 -  Rialto At Ten

OST 06 - City of Stars

SCR 11 - Rialto

SCR 12 - Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Late For The Date)

SCR 13/OST 07 - Planetarium

SCR 14 - Holy Hell

SCR 15/OST 08 - Summer Montage / Madeline

SCR 16 - It Pays

SCR 17 - Chicken On A Stick

SCR 18 - City of Stars / May Finally Come True

OST 10 - Start a Fire

SCR 19 - Chinatown

SCR 20 - Surprise

SCR 21 - Boise

SCR 22 - Missed The Play

SCR 23 - It's Over / Engagement Party

SCR 24 - The House In Front of the Library

OST 12 - Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

SCR 25 - You Love Jazz Now

SCR 26 - Cincinnati

SCR 27/OST 13 - Epilogue

SCR 28/OST 14 - The End

SCR 29 - Credits
OST 15 - City of Stars (Humming)

SCR 30 - Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Celesta) 



OST 09 - City of Stars

     This is just an edit of SCR 18 that removes the instrumental break

OST 11 - Engagment Party

     According to the FYC "It's Over" and "Engagement Party" are two separate cues. So, this is the clean and separate "Engagement Party" cue


I'll try and update when I figure out the additional songs.


There are some cues from Whiplash that were used:

"No Two Words" was re-recorded

"When I Wake" is directly tracked


There were also some cues from "Guy and Madeline On A Park Bench" that were re-recorded for the film. Two of them are already on the Score: SCR 15 - Summer Montage / Madeline

SCR 26 - Cincinnati

But there's also "Boy in the Park" and "It Happened At Dawn"


And there's other licensed tracks throughout




Complete Chronological Score of La La Land has been released digitally on iTunes


1. Another Day Of Sun (With Radios) (La La Land Cast) 4:34
2. Mia Gets Home (Justin Hurwitz) 0:23
3. Bathroom Mirror / You're Coming Right? (Justin Hurwitz) 1:18
4. Someone In The Crowd (Emma Stone & Callie Hernandez & Sonoya Mizuno & Jessica Rothe) 4:19
5. Classic Rope-A-Dope (Justin Hurwitz) 0:45
6. Japanese Folk Song (Thelonious Monk) 1:39
7. Deck The Halls (Justin Hurwitz) 0:31
8. Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Justin Hurwitz) 1:37
9. Take On Me (D.A. Wallach) 2:59
10. I Ran (D.A. Wallach) 3:36
11. Stroll Up The Hill (Justin Hurwitz) 0:44
12. A Lovely Night (Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone) 3:59
13. There The Whole Time / Twirl (Justin Hurwitz) 0:44
14. Bogart & Bergman (Justin Hurwitz) 2:11
15. Mia Hates Jazz (Justin Hurwitz) 1:09
16. Herman's Habit (Justin Hurwitz) 1:50
17. Rialto At Ten (Justin Hurwitz) 1:38
18. City Of Stars (Ryan Gosling) 1:51
19. Rialto (Justin Hurwitz) 0:28
20. Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Late For The Date) (Justin Hurwitz) 1:29
21. Planetarium (Justin Hurwitz) 4:19
22. Holy Hell! (Justin Hurwitz) 0:41
23. Summer Montage / Madeline (Justin Hurwitz) 2:04
24. It Pays (Justin Hurwitz) 2:11
25. Chicken On A Stick (Justin Hurwitz) 1:38
26. Messengers Rehearsal (The messengers) 1:02
27. City Of Stars / May Finally Come True (Justin Hurwitz) 4:09
28. Start A Fire (John Legend) 3:10
29. Chinatown (Justin Hurwitz) 1:22
30. Surprise (Justin Hurwitz) 1:30
31. Boise (Justin Hurwitz) 1:13
32. Missed The Play (Justin Hurwitz) 0:37
33. It's Over / Engagement Party (Justin Hurwitz) 1:34
34. The House In Front Of The Library (Justin Hurwitz) 0:31
35. Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (Emma Stone) 4:12
36. You Love Jazz Now (Justin Hurwitz) 0:50
37. Cincinnati (Justin Hurwitz) 2:06
38. Epilogue (Justin Hurwitz) 7:40
39. The End (Justin Hurwitz) 0:44
40. Credits (Justin Hurwitz) 3:39
41. City Of Stars (Humming) (Justin Hurwitz) 2:39
42. Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Celesta) (Justin Hurwitz) 1:26
43. Silent Night (Eddie Wakes) 2:47
44. Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (Studio Version) (Emma Stone) 3:29
  Total Album Time: 93:17


EDIT: Of course it turns out it's not 100% complete, but includes quite a bit more source cues and different versions of a couple of tracks. Still missing one or two things though (Cues from "Guy and Madeline" & Re-Record of a cue from "Whiplash"

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4 hours ago, TBO1711 said:

can someone please put Beauty and the beast 2017 soundtrack and score in chronological order?

Thanks in return 



Have you ever tried attempting it yourself? It's not that difficult you know. 

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I did get into an argument with him once because I refused to buy the 20th anniversary set of Jurassic Park when it was download only. That got his panties hot and twisted. Only time I thought he was a real person. 

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Here's the chronological order of the tracks released from Star Wars Rebels:
KK=Kevin Kiner's website, JF=Jared Forman's website, DGR=David Glen Russell's SoundCloud, SW=StarWars.com, KB=Kiner Brothers website, RH=Reuven Herman's SoundCloud, JC = Julian Cisneros' website


Season 1 OST 1 Rebels Theme [Kevin Kiner]

Season 1


Machine in the Ghost (Short)
OST 4 TIE Fighter Pursuit [Kevin Kiner]
Art Attack (Short)
OST 8 Sabine [Original cue title: Recap 2] [Kevin Kiner]
KK SWR101b-1m2.3-FL [00:00-01:05, Original cue title: Sabine Runs]

KK SWR101b-1m2.3-FL [01:05-End, Original cue title: Twinklish Colors]
Entanglement (Short)
KK SWR101C-1m1-FL- [Original Cue Tile: Zeb is Indy Jones] [Kevin Kiner]
Property of Ezra Bridger (Short)
KK SWR101D-1m1-FL- [Original Cue Tile: Ezra Steals] [Kevin Kiner]
Spark of Rebellion
OST 6 Ezra Meets the Team [Original cue title: Ezra Looking for Trouble] [Kevin Kiner]
OST 2 Speederbike Chase [Kevin Kiner]
OST 9 Enter Kallus [Kevin Kiner]
KK Ezra's Discovery [Kevin Kiner]
OST 3 Ezra Sneaks Aboard [00:35-End] [Matthew St. Laurent]
OST 12 Storm the Ship [Kevin Kiner]
OST 10 It's a Trap! [Original cue title: You Can Do This] [Kevin Kiner]
KK Holocron [Matthew St. Laurent]
KK [SWR103-2m3b] 22 Pickup [Matthew St. Laurent]
OST 14 Reunited [Kevin Kiner]
OST 15 Passed the Test [Kevin Kiner]
OST 28 [SWR103-3m4] What's the Force? [David Glen Russell]
OST 13 The Inquisitor [Kevin Kiner]
Droids in Distress
OST 16 Familiar Pilot [Original cue title: Commuter Shuttle] [Matthew St. Laurent]
KK Zeb Orrelios [Original cue title: Thieves Like...You...] [Matthew St. Laurent]
Fighter Flight
OST 11 Commander Meiloorun [Kevin Kiner]
OST 17 [SWR105-3m2b] All for Fruit [00:00-00:54] [Jared Forman]
JF Sabine's Inspiration [Jared Forman]
OST 17 The Force [00:54-End] [Jared Forman]
Rise of the Old Masters
JF Focus [Jared Forman]
OST 18 [SWR106-3m4] Enter The Inquisitor [Original cue title: Ready to Die?] [David Glen Russell]
Breaking Ranks
KK The Well
Out of Darkness
DGR Ghost Chase [Original cue title: Not Ready] [David Glen Russell]
KK Abandoned Base [00:00-00:38]

KK Abandoned Base [00:38-00:47]

KK Abandoned Base [00:47-End]
DGR [SWR108-3m2] Fyrnock Attack/Ghost to the Rescue [Original Cue Title: Wave 5] [David Glen Russell]
DGR Hera and Sabine [David Glen Russell]
Empire Day
OST 21 Glory of The Empire [David Glen Russell]
Gathering Forces
OST 22 Imperial Inquisition [Original cue title: Ezra and Kanan Spring Their Trap] [David Glen Russell]
DGR If Your Will Isn't Strong Enough... [Original cue title: I Didn't Prepare You] [David Glen Russell]
Path of the Jedi
DGR Kanan and Ezra Find the Hidden Temple [David Glen Russell]
OST 26 Yoda's Guidance [Original cue title: Because of Who I am] [Matthew St. Laurent]
Idiot's Array
OST 19 Lando and the Rebels [00:00-00:50, Original cue title: Kanan and Zeb Try to explain] [Matthew St. Laurent]
DGR The Puffer Pig! [David Glen Russell]
SW Lando and the Rebels [Original cue title: Chopper Was Playing Lando] [Matthew St. Laurent]
Vision of Hope
DGR Ezra Meets With Zare Leonis [David Glen Russell]
DGR [SWR113-3m3] Sewer Chase [David Glen Russell]

OST 24 Hera and Ezra Talk [Kevin Kiner]
Call to Action
DGR Kanan at the Gate [David Glen Russell]
Rebel Resolve
OST 7 Team Steals a Walker [Kevin Kiner]
Fire Across the Galaxy
OST 20 Sabine's Chase [Kevin Kiner]
OST 27 Inquisitor Duel [Kevin Kiner]
OST 23 Alliance [Kevin Kiner]

Season 2


Siege of Lothal
OST 11 Team Steals the Cargo [Matthew St. Laurent]
OST 13 Kanan and Hera [Kevin Kiner]
OST 4a Your Master Has Deceived You [00:00-00:39] [David Glen Russell]

OST 4b Your Master Has Deceived You [00:39-End, Original cue title: Imperial Title Tag] [David Glen Russell]
OST 12 Best Pilot in the Galaxy [David Glen Russell]
The Lost Commanders
OST 2 [SWR203-2m03/04] You're the Bait! [Original cue title: Worm Loves Lasats] [Kevin Kiner]
Relics of the Old Republic
DGR TIE Attack [Original cue title: TIE Fighters Attack] [David Glen Russell]
OST 1 A Jedi Leader [Kevin Kiner]
OST 3 Rex and Ahsoka Reunited [Kevin Kiner]
Always Two There Are
SW A New Inquisitor
KB Tech Witch [Sean Kiner]
Brothers of the Broken Horn
OST 10 Hondo and Ezra Escape [Original cue title: Escaping from Azmorigan] [Kevin Kiner]
Wings of the Master
KB Long Fall [Original cue title: Just Falling] [Sean Kiner]
OST 8 Hera Soars [David Glen Russell]
Blood Sisters
DGR Ketsu [Original cue title: Ketsu and Sabine Standoff] [Sean Kiner]
OST 14 Ketsu and Sabine's History [David Glen Russell]
Stealth Strike
KB Holocall with Kallus [Original cue title: Admiral Underestimates Ezra] [Sean Kiner]
DGR Quit It Already! [David Glen Russell]
KB Shoot Like a Stormtrooper [Sean Kiner]
DGR Kanan Saves Rex [David Glen Russell]
DGR Escaping the Gravity Well [Original cue title: Interdictor is Destroyed] [David Glen Russell]
SW New Found Respect [Original cue title: Kanan Salutes] [Kevin Kiner]
The Future of the Force
KB Snow-Covered City [Original cue title: Ithorian Planet] [Sean Kiner]
KB Sith Aftermath [Original cue title: Ahsoka Finds the Derelict Ship] [Sean Kiner]
KB Investigating the Projects [Original cue tile: Red Blades Want Children] [Sean Kiner]
DGR The Baby Wont Be Quiet [David Glen Russell]
DGR Speeder Chase [David Glen Russell]
OST 15 Ahsoka Duels the Inquisitors [00:00-01:06, Original cue title: Ahsoka's Showdown] [Sean Kiner]

OST 15 Ahsoka Duels the Inquisitors [01:06-End Original cue title: Ahsoka Escapes] [Kevin Kiner]
KB Ezra Pushed to the Brink [Sean Kiner]
KB Imperials Incoming [Original cue title: Rebel Fleet Launches] [Sean Kiner]
OST 5 Twin Moons [Sean Kiner]
A Princess on Lothal
OST 9 Ezra and Leia [Kevin Kiner]
KB Kanan and the Walker [Original cue title: Kanan Takes Out a Walker] [Sean Kiner]
The Protector of Concord Dawn
KB The Protectors [Sean Kiner]
KB Sabine Stand-off [Sean Kiner]
OST 7 Kidnapping Fenn Rau [David Glen Russell]
Legends of the Lasat
OST 16 Finding Lasan [Original cue title: Lasat Ritual] [Sean Kiner]
OST 17 Journey Into the Star Cluster [Kevin Kiner]
The Call
OST 24 The Great Purrgil [Kevin Kiner]
KB Follow the Wales [Sean Kiner]
KB TIE's Attack, Kanan Defends [Sean Kiner]
OST 19 Ezra and the Purrgil [Kevin Kiner]
OST 20 Purrgil in Hyperspace [Original cue title: Purrgil Can Travel in Hyperspace] [David Glen Russell]
SW Cham [Original cue title: Kanan Meets Hera's Father] [Kevin Kiner]
The Honorable Ones
SW Friendship Rock
Shroud of Darkness
DGR Wrath of the Inquisitors [David Glen Russell]
OST 18a Can't Protect Ezra Forever [00:00-00:53, Original cue title: Kanan Can't Protect Ezra] [Matthew St. Laurent]

OST 18b Can't Protect Ezra Forever [00:53-End, Original cue title: Kanan Knighted] [Matthew St. Laurent]
The Forgotten Droid
OST 22 Chopper's Inside Info [Original cue title: Chopper's Insider Info] [Matthew St. Laurent]
The Mystery of Chopper Base
OST 23 Zeb Rock [Kevin Kiner]
DGR Call of Darkness [Original cue title: Bonding with the Spider] [David Glen Russell]
Twilight of the Apprentice
OST 25 Maul [Sean Kiner]
OST 26 Ezra Trusts Maul [Kevin Kiner]
OST 27 Maul and Ezra [Original cue title: Inquisitor Ambush] [David Glen Russell]
OST 28a Blinded [00:00-00:50, Original cue title: Inquisitors Fall] [Sean Kiner]

OST 28b Blinded [00:50-End] [Sean Kiner]
JF The Holocron [Original cue title: Holocron Hovers] [Jared Forman]
OST 29 Kanan's Mask [Kevin Kiner]
JF Kanan Momentarily Victorious [Jared Forman]
OST 30 A Master and an Apprentice [Original cue title: Ahsoka Defeated] [Matthew St. Laurent]
OST 31 Anakin and Ahsoka [Kevin Kiner]
OST 32 Where the Sun Sails and the Moon Walks [Sean Kiner]
OST 33 It's Over Now [Kevin Kiner]

Season 3


Steps Into Shadow
SW Thrawn's Arrival [Original cue title: Grand Admiral Thrawn] [Kevin Kiner]
DGR Dismantler Droids [David Glen Russell]
SW Kanan's Revelations
The Holocrons of Fate
SW Combining the Holocrons [Sean Kiner]
The Antilles Extraction
SW Wedge Can Fly Anything
Hera's Heroes
KB Thrawn's Web [Original cue title: Thrawn's Deductions] [Sean Kiner]
The Last Battle
SW Won the Clone War
Imperial Super Commandos
SW Rau Abandons Sabine
Iron Squadron
SW Chopper and R3 Disarm the Mine
The Wynkathu Job

JC Attaching the Transfer Lines [Julian Cisneros]
SW Zeb and Ezra Work Together [David Glen Russell]
An Inside Man
KB Thrawn's True Face [Sean Kiner]
Visions and Voices
SW Maul's Shrine to Satine [Original cue title: Satine's Shrine] [Sean Kiner]

DGR [SWR310-2m7] Witches Attack [David Glen Russell]
DGR [SWR310-3m1] Sabine and Kanan Possessed [David Glen Russell]
DGR [SWR310-3m3] Fighting Possessed Kanan [David Glen Russell]
Ghosts of Geonosis
SW Saw Gerrera

DGR [SWR312-2m3] Had to Be a Bug! [David Glen Russell]
SW Fighting the Infiltrator
Trials of the Darksaber

KB Sabine Suite [00:00-00:44] [Sean Kiner]
DGR Tales of the Darksaber [Original cue title: Legend of the Darksaber] [David Glen Russell]
KB Sabine Suite [00:44-02:25] [Sean Kiner]
SW Sabine's Catharsis [Sean Kiner]
Legacy of Mandalore
SW Duel for the Darksaber [Sean Kiner]
DGR Sabine Remains [David Glen Russell]
Through Imperial Eyes
SW Kallus Stays Behind
Secret Cargo
RH [SWR318-2m3.4] The Archion Nebula [Original cue title: Dogfighting Skerris/Going in Close to the Star] [Reuven Herman]
DGR Mon Mothma's Speech [David Glen Russell]
Double Agent Droid
SW AP-5's Spacewalk
Twin Suns
SW It Ends Where It Began
DGR Ezra Returns [Original cue title: Maul's Ship Docks] [David Glen Russell]

DGR Binary Sunrise [David Glen Russell]
Zero Hour
SW Kanan and Ezra [Original cue title: Rebel Fleet Assembles]
KB Thrawn's Orbital Bombardment [Original cue title: Orbital Bombardment] [Sean Kiner]

JF Final Hope [Original cue title: Landing on the Interdictor] [Jared Forman]
KB Breaking Through the Blockade [Sean Kiner]

Season 4


Heroes of Mandalore

SW Passing the Sword [David Glen Russell]

In the Name of the Rebellion

DGR Planting the Detonators [David Glen Russell]

SW Saw's Friend Arrives [00:00-00:57] [David Glen Russell]

SW Saw's Friend Arrives [00:57-End, Original cue title: Saw is Turning it Into a Bomb] [David Glen Russell]

The Occupation

SW Descent on to Lothal [Sean Kiner]

Flight of the Defender

SW The White Loth-Wolf [Kevin Kiner]


SW Kanan's Past [Kevin Kiner]

Crawler Commandeers

SW Brawling the Bruiser [Original cue title: Brawling with the Bruiser] [Kevin Kiner]

Rebel Assault

SW Kanan Revisited by the Wolves [David Glen Russell]

Jedi Night

KB Kanan Prepping for Rescue [Sean Kiner]

DGR Taking Flight [David Glen Russell]

DGR I Hate Your Hair [Original cue title: Kanan Rescues Hera] [David Glen Russell]

SW Kanan and the Fire [Kevin Kiner]


KB Nobody More Than Kanan [Original cue title: Hera at the Wall] [Kevin and Sean Kiner]

Wolves and a Door

SW Sabine Arrested [David Glen Russell]

A World Between Worlds

KB Temple Collapses [Dean Kiner]

KB Kanan's End Credits [00:00-01:12, Original cue title: Goodbye Kanan] [Sean Kiner]

KB Kanan's End Credits [01:12-End] [Sean Kiner]

A Fool's Hope

DGR Cargo Ship Arrives [David Glen Russell]

DGR Target the Crawler [David Glen Russell]

DGR Crawler Down [David Glen Russell]

KB Pryce Victorious [Sean Kiner]

DGR Hera's Arrival [David Glen Russell]

DGR Ghost Pursued [David Glen Russell]

Family Reunion - And Farewell

KB Ezra Reflects [Original cue title: Ezra Reflecting] [Sean Kiner]

KB I Can Always Count on You [Sean Kiner]

KB Rukh Contacts Thrawn [Sean Kiner]

KB Ezra and Thrawn's Standoff [Sean Kiner]

KB Sabine Sees Ezra [Original cue title: Ezra Disappears] [Sean Kiner]

DGR Shootout in the Shield Generator [David Glen Russell]

KB Melch Rushes In [Sean Kiner]

KB From the Rubble [Sean Kiner]

KB Gregor [Sean Kiner]

SW Epilogue


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Here's the chronological order of the tracks released from Star Wars The Clone Wars:
FYC1=Rising Malevolence FYC, KK=Kevin Kiner's website, FYC2=Weapons Factory FYC, DGR=David Glen Russell's SoundCloud, RH=Reuven Herman's SoundCloud, SW=StarWars.com, KB=Kiner Brothers website, RH=Reuven Herman's SoundCloud




OST 1 Star Wars Main Title & A Galaxy Divided
OST 17 The Jedi Council
OST 2 Admiral Yularen
OST 3 Battle of Christophsis
OST 4 Meet Ahsoka
OST 13 The Shield
OST 12 General Loathsom/Battle Strategy
OST 6 Sneaking Under the Shield
OST 15 Jedi Don't Run!
OST 16 Obi-Wan's Negotiations
OST 10 Destroying the Shield
OST 18 General Loathsom/Ahsoka
OST 19 Jabba's Chamber Dance
OST 9 Landing on Teth
OST 7 Jabba's Palace
OST 14 Battle of Teth
OST 21 Scaling the Cliff
OST 11 B'omarr Monastery
OST 30 Dooku Speaks with Jabba
OST 24 Escape from the Monastery
KK Rancor Fight [Deleted scene]
OST 26 Courtyard Fight
OST 5 Obi-Wan to the Rescue
OST 28 Rough Landing
OST 27 Dunes of Tatooine
OST 22 Ziro's Nightclub Band
OST 23 Seedy City Swing
OST 25 Infiltrating Ziro's Lair
OST 29 Padmé Imprisoned
OST 8 Anakin vs. Dooku
OST 20 Ziro Surrounded
OST 31 Fight to the End
OST 32 End Credits

Season 1


Rising Malevolence
OST 2 Plo Koon [Kevin Kiner]
FYC1 7 [CW107-1m3] Grievous Destroys the Ship
OST 10 Plo Koon Alone [Original cue title: Alone in the Pod] [Kevin Kiner]
FYC1 4 [CW107-2m1] Anakin Redeployed
FYC1 5 [CW107-2m3] Plo Koon Fights Back
FYC1 1 [CW107-3m1] Plo Koon Defeats the Droids
FYC1 2 Plo Koon Rescued
FYC1 3 Ion Cannon
FYC1 8 Ion Cannon Chase
FYC1 9 Hope Prevails
OST 16 The Clones [00:00-01:08] [Kevin Kiner]

Downfall of a Droid

KK [CW102-1m3b] Going Into Battle With Grevious [Original cue title: Going to Battle]
Bombad Jedi
KK [CW105-1m3] Approaching Rodia [Kevin Kiner]
Cloak of Darkness
OST 7 Jedi Master Luminara [Original cue title: Luminara] [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW110-3m4] Luminara Ending [Kevin Kiner]
Lair of Grievous
OST 15 Kit Fisto Duels Grievous [Kevin Kiner]
Dooku Captured
KK [CW116-3m2] Indian Pop Source
Jedi Crash
KK [CW122-2m1b] Crash and Aftermath
OST 6 Jedi Master Aayla Secura [Kevin Kiner]
The Hidden Enemy
KK [CW201-3m4] Slick Fight and Clone Theme [Original cue title: Slick Captured] [Takeshi Furukawa]
Mystery of a Thousand Moon
OST 9 [CW202-3m5] Padmé and Ahsoka [Kevin Kiner]
Innocents of Ryloth
OST [CW117-3m4] Victory on Ryloth [Original cue title: Bad Guy Loose] [Takeshi Furukawa]
Hostage Crisis
KK [CW204-1m2] Cad Bane Lands
OST 18 [CW204-1m3] Anakin and Padmé [Kevin Kiner]

Season 2


Holocron Heist
KK [CW123-1m3] Battle of Felucia
Senate Spy
OST 4 Padmé
Weapons Factory
FYC2 [CW208-1m2] Luminara & Barris [Takeshi Furukawa]
FYC2 [CW208-1m3] Padawan Introduction [Matthew St. Laurent]
FYC2 [CW208-1m4] Entering the Weapons Factory
FYC2 [CW208-1m5] The First Battle [Kevin Kiner]
FYC2 [CW208-2m2] Tracking the Padawan
FYC2 [CW208-2m4 fix] New Weapons [Takeshi Furukawa]
FYC2 [CW208-3m1] Losing the Battle [Kevin Kiner]
FYC2 [CW208-3m2] Ahoska's in Danger
FYC2 [CW208-3m3] Ahsoka's Ingenuity [Kevin Kiner]
FYC2 [CW208-3m4] Elevating the Rocks [Kevin Kiner]
The Mandalore Plot
OST 22 The Mandalorians of Death Watch [00:53-End] [Kevin Kiner]
Voyage of Temptation
OST 13 Obi-Wan and Satine [Takeshi Furukawa]
The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
DGR Escaping the Zillo Beast [Original cue title: Zillo Rampage] [David Glen Russell]
Lethal Trackdown
DGR Ahsoka Chases Aurra [Original cue title: Cycle Chase] [David Glen Russell]

Season 3


Clone Cadets
DGR Once More Unto the Breach [Original cue title: Retaking the Test] [David Glen Russell]
Arc Troopers
DGR Underwater Adventure [Original cue title: Underwater Enemy] [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW302-3m2] A True Trooper [David Glen Russell]
Supply Lines
DGR Supply Lines [David Glen Russell]
DGR Arriving at Toydaria [David Glen Russell]
Pursuit of Peace
KK [CW307-3m2] Bail Attacked [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW307-3m3] Your People Are Waiting [Takeshi Furukawa]
KK [CW307-3m4] Padmé's Speech [Takeshi Furukawa]
OST 14 Ventress the Nightsister [Original cue title: Story of Ventress] [Kevin Kiner]
DGR Becoming Like Shadows [David Glen Russell]
DGR The Second Test [David Glen Russell]
Witches of the Mist
DGR Dooku Trains Savage [David Glen Russell]
DGR Anakin Dreams of Smi [Original cue title: Anakin's Mother] [David Glen Russell]
SW Overlords [Original cue title: Let Them Go] [Takeshi Furukawa]
Altar of Mortis
KK [CW311-3m1] Everyone Fighting [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW311-3m3] Hamlet-Like Tragedy [Kevin Kiner]
Ghosts of Mortis
OST 19 Anakin Sees His Future [Original cue title: Evil Visions] [Matthew St. Laurent]
KK [CW313-3m3] Father's Sacrifice [Takeshi Furukawa]
Citadel Rescue
KK [CW317-2m4] Passing the Secret [Kevin Kiner]
Padawan Lost
KK [CW316-1m2] Calm Before the Storm [Matthew St. Laurent]
KK [CW316-1m4] Ahsoka Captured [Matthew St. Laurent]
KK [CW316-2m1] Drop Off [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW316-2m3] First Hunt [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW316-2m5] Ahsoka Fight [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW316-3m1] Plans [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW316-3m2] Second Attack [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW316-3m2b] More Attack [Kevin Kiner]
Wookiee Hunt
KK [CW318-1m2] Ahsoka Chased [Kevin Kiner]
DGR Attacking the Drop Ship [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW318-2m2] Scavenging [Kevin Kiner]

Season 4


Water War
KK [CW322-2m3] Crazy Battle [Kevin Kiner]
DGR Hydroid Medusae [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW322-3m2] A Born Leader [Takeshi Furukawa]
Darkness of Umbara
DGR Massive Attack [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW407-1m2] Sniper Attack [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW407-3m3] Escape
The Box
OST 16 The Clones [00:53-End] [Kevin Kiner]
RH Deadly Game [Reuven Herman]
DGR Talzin and Daka [Original cue title: Hidden Cave] [David Glen Russell]

DGR Talzin Warns Dooku [Original cue title: Mother Warns Dooku] [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW412-2m3] Train Fight Part II [Kevin Kiner]
SW In the Shadows
SW Reborn [Original cue title: Darth Maul Reborn] [Kevin Kiner]

Season 5


Tipping Points
KK [CW418-2m3] Hondo's Services [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW418-3m3] Withdraw the Army [Takeshi Furukawa]
Bound for Rescue
SW Circus Show
A Necessary Bond
DGR Quick Evac/Evac Fails [David Glen Russell]

DGR Rescuing Hondo [David Glen Russell]
Secret Weapons
DGR Col. Meebur Gascon [Original cue title: Attention] [David Glen Russell]
DGR Pursuing the Sith/Recruiting Henchmen [00:00-01:33, Original cue title: Pursuing the Sith] [David Glen Russell]

DGR Pursuing the Sith/Recruiting Henchmen [01:33-End, Original cue title: Recruiting Pirates] [David Glen Russell]
DGR Fallen Riches [David Glen Russell]
OST 12 Maul, Savage and Vizsla [Takeshi Furukawa]
Shades of Reason
OST 22 The Mandalorians of Death Watch [00:00-00:53] [Kevin Kiner]
DGR Maul and Savage Break Out [00:00-01:34, Original cue title: Tour of the Facility] [David Glen Russell]

DGR Maul and Savage Break Out [01:34-End, Original cue title: Maul Speaks with Almec] [David Glen Russell]
DGR Maul Confronts Vizsla [David Glen Russell]
The Lawless
OST 20 Darth Maul Breaks Obi-wan [Original cue title: Share My Pain] [Kevin Kiner]
DGR You Have Become a Rival [David Glen Russell]
OST [CW503-3m4] Maul and Savage Duel Palpatine [Original cue title: Sith Fight] [David Glen Russell]
KK [CW508-1M2.3] Buzz Droids [Kevin Kiner]
The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
OST 23 [CW509-1m2a] Jedi Eulogy [Takeshi Furukawa]
OST 24 [CW509-3m1] Rogue Jedi [Original cue title: Running for a Ship] [Takeshi Furukawa]
OST 8 [CW509-3m2] Anakin Wants Her Alive [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW509-3m3] Fugitive in the Sewers [David Glen Russell]
OST 25 [CW509-3m4] Ahsoka's Fall [Original cue title: Wish Me Luck] [Kevin Kiner]
To Catch a Jedi
KK [CW510-1m3] Coruscant Runner
KK [CW510-1m5] Runaway Elevator [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW510-2m3] Send Out the Probes [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW510-2m5] The New Ventress
KK [CW510-3m2] Mystery Attacker
KK [CW510-3m3] Lightsaber Duel on Level 1315
KK [CW510-3m4] Ahsoka is Captured
The Wrong Jedi
KK [CW511-1m3] Jedi Council Hearing [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW511-2m2] Entering the Chamber [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW511-3m1] Questioning Barris [Kevin Kiner]
OST 27 [CW511-3m2] Duel in the Jedi Temple [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW511-3m3] The Truth Emerges [Kevin Kiner]
KK [CW511-3m4] Ahsoka's Decision [Kevin Kiner]
OST 26 [CW511-3m5v1] Ahsoka Leaves [Original cue title: Anakin Talks to Ahsoka] [Kevin Kiner]

Season 6


DGR Yoda Explores Dagobah [David Glen Russell]
OST 28 Yoda's Journey Ends [Kevin Kiner]

Season 7


The Bad Batch

OST7 1-4 02 Misplaced Hope [Sean Kiner]

OST7 The Bad Batch Theme [Sean Kiner]

OST7 1-4 03 Droids Approaching [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 1-4 04 Clones Retreat [Sean Kiner]

A Distant Echo

OST7 1-4 05 Anakin and Padmé [00:00-00:22] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 1-4 05 Anakin and Padmé [00:22-End] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 1-4 06 Chase in the Sky [David Glen Russell]

OST7 1-4 07 Poltechs [00:00-01:53] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 1-4 07 Poltechs [01:53-End] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 1-4 08 Search Party [Original cue title: Searching For Echo] [Dean Kiner]

On the Wings of Keeradaks

OST7 1-4 09a Escape Route [00:00-01:12] [Original cue title: Safe Way Out of Here] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 1-4 09b Escape Route [01:12-End] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 1-4 10a Walkers Battle [00:00-01:06] [Original cue title: Walkers Arrive] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 1-4 1b Walkers Battle [01:06-End] [Original cue title: Walkers Destroyed] [Kevin Kiner]

Unfinished Business

OST7 1-4 11 Mission Begins [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 1-4 12a Ticking Time Bomb [00:00-01:32] [Original cue title: Disarm the Bomb] [Dean Kiner]

OST7 1-4 12b Ticking Time Bomb [01:32-End] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 1-4 13b Bad Batch Heroics [00:40-End] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 1-4 13a Bad Batch Heroics [00:00-00:40] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 1-4 14 Finest Troopers [Sean Kiner]

Gone With a Trace

OST7 5-8 01a Trace & Rafa [00:00-00:13] [Original cue title: Trace Appears] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 5-8 01b Trace & Rafa [00:13-01:44] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 5-8 02a Getaway Dreams [00:00-01:14] [Original cue title: Ahsoka is Lost] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 5-8 02b Getaway Dreams [01:14-End] [Original cue title: Trace's Getaway Dream] [Nolan Markey]

OST7 5-8 01c Trace & Rafa [01:44-End] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 5-8 06a Droid Madness [00:00-00:54] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 5-8 03b Ahsoka to the Rescue [00:47-End] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 5-8 03a Ahsoka to the Rescue [00:00-00:47] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 5-8 04 Cafe Coruscant [Original cue title: Cafe Source Music] [Dean Kiner]

Deal No Deal

OST7 5-8 05 Launching the Silverangel [Original cue title: Launching the Silver Angel] [Nolan Markey]

RH Silverangel Departing [Reuven Herman]

OST7 5-8 07a Spices [00:00-02:09] [Original cue title: Conflict with the Spices] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 5-8 07b Spices [02:09-End] [Original cue title: Ahsoka's Plan] [David Glen Russell]

Dangerous Dept

OST7 5-8 10 Prison Cell Talk [Sean Kiner]

OST7 5-8 08a Evading the Guards [00:00-01:08] [Original cue title: Trace Attacks] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 5-8 09 Desperate Breakout [Original cue title: Evading the Pykes] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 5-8 08b Evading the Guards [01:08-End] [Original cue title: Ahsoka Captures the Tower] [David Glen Russell]

Together Again

OST7 5-8 06b Droid Madness [00:54-End] [Original cue title: Trust Each Other] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 5-8 11a Explosives [00:00-01:07] [Peter Lam]

OST7 5-8 12 Pikes and the Dark Side [Original cue title: Maul and the Pykes] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 5-8 11b Explosives [01:07-End] [Origninal cue title: Ahsoka Captured] [Dean Kiner]

OST7 5-8 13a Chase in the Valley [00:00-01:15] [Nolan Markey]

OST7 5-8 13b Chase in the Valley [01:15-End] [Oiriginal cue title: Mandalorians Tailing] [Nolan Markey]

OST7 5-8 14a Ahsoka and the Martez Sisters [00:00-01:26] [Original cue title: Ahsoka, Rafa and Trace] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 5-8 14b Ahsoka and the Martez Sisters [01:26-End] [Original cue title: Ahsoka Joins the Mandalorians] [David Glen Russell]

Old Friends Not Forgotten

OST7 9-12 01a [TW109-M1] Ahsoka Is Back [00:00-00:16] [Original cue title: Ahsoka Opener] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 09 Battle of Yerbana [David Glen Russell]

KB [TW109-M7] Anakin and Obiwan Speak [Original cue title: Anakin and Obi-Wan Speak to Fulcrum] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 9-12 01b [TW109-M8] Ahsoka Is Back [00:16-End] [Original cue title: Things Are Tense in the Group] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 03 Ahsoka and the 501st [Original cue title: Anakin Talks to Ahsoka] [Sean Kiner]

OST7 9-12 16b [TW109-M11] Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Argue [00:36-End] [Kevin Kiner]

DGR Ahsoka Sees Anakin Leave [David Glen Russell]

OST7 9-12 04a Race You to the Surface [00:00-00:51] [Original cue title: Battle in the Clouds] [Dean Kiner]

OST7 9-12 04b Race You to the Surface [00:51-End] [Dean Kiner]

The Phantom Apprentice

OST7 9-12 05 Ahsoka Cornered [Original cue title: Maul Corners Ahsoka] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 06a Chasing Saxon [00:00-00:27] [Original cue title: Chasing Saxon Part 1] [Nolan Markey]

OST7 9-12 06b Chasing Saxon [00:27-End] [Original cue title: Chasing Saxon Part 2]  [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 07 The Throne [Original cue title: Maul on the Throne] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 02a Ahsoka vs. Maul [00:00-01:13] [Original cue title: Ahsoka and Maul Fight] [Dean Kiner]

OST7 9-12 02b Ahsoka vs. Maul [01:13-End] [Original cue title: Fight in the Rafters] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 9-12 16a Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Argue [00:00-00:36] [Original cue title: End Credits] [Kevin Kiner]


OST7 9-12 10 [TW111-M1] Aftermath in Mandalore [Original cue title: Opening] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 11 We Don't Understand [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 12a It's All of Us [00:00-01:29] [Original cue title: Force is With Me] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 9-12 12b It's All of Us [01:29-End] [David Glen Russell]

Victory and Death

OST7 9-12 13 [TW112-M1] Victory and Death [Original cue title: Final Opening] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 14 [TW112-M05] Crash Course Moon [Sean Kiner]

OST7 9-12 08a Break for the Shuttle [00:00-01:19] [Dean Kiner]

OST7 9-12 08b Break for the Shuttle [01:19-End] [Original cue title: Grab the Shuttle] [Nolan Markey]

OST7 9-12 15 [TW112-M10] Y-Wing [Peter Lam]

OST7 9-12 17a [TW112-M11v2] Dodging Debris [00:00-01:04] [Original cue title: Bridge Explodes] [David Glen Russell]

OST7 9-12 17b [TW112-M12v2] Dodging Debris [01:04-End] [Kevin Kiner]

OST7 9-12 18 Burying the Dead [Dean Kiner]

KB [TW112-M14] Vader Finds Lightsaber [Sean Kiner]

KB [TW112-M15V2] End Credits

KB [TW112-M15V4] End Credits


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On 25-3-2017 at 11:19 PM, Fal said:

Howabout Seven Years In Tibet? 


This is roughly how you can put the OST in chronological order. Apologies in advance for any errors and/or mistakes.


1m3 Leaving Ingrid  (OST TRACK 9 2:18- 4:38)

1m3 (Insert) Leaving Ingrid (OST TRACK 3)
1m3A The Rescue of Peter (OST TRACK 4 0:00-1:16)
1m5 Young Dali Lama  (OST TRACK 7 0:00-1:36)

­1m7 Meeting the Sherpa (OST TRACK 9 0:51-2:18)

3m1 Transported to Prison (OST TRACK 5 0:00-0:52)
3m4 The Barbed Wire Scene (OST TRACK 12 0:56-2:37)
3m7-The Second Escape (OST TRACK 5 1:23-end)
3m11 Stealing Food (OST TRACK 6 1:46-2:37)
5m2 Sixty-Eight Kilometers (OST TRACK 9 4:38-end)
5m5 Heinrich's Slow Growth (OST TRACK 11 0:40-end)
5m5A Escaping the Bandits  (OST TRACK 4 1:16-2:05)
5m6 Horsemeat and Rescue (OST TRACK 5 0:52-1:23)
7m1AX The Capitol City (OST TRACK 9 0:00-0:51)

7m3 Western Clothes (OST TRACK 10 0:00-0:47)
9m1 Thinking by the Water (OST TRACK 12 2:37-end)
9m3 Meeting the Dali (OST TRACK 10 0:47-end)
11m4 Prophetic Dream (OST TRACK 7 1:36-end)
11m9A The Generals Enter (OST TRACK 6 2:37-3:05)
11m10 Praying Through A Telescope (OST TRACK 12 0:00-0:56)
13m1 Preparing the Defense (OST TRACK 6 0:00-1:46)
13m2 The Tibetan Defeat (OST TRACK 4 2:05-end)
13m3 The Chinese Takeover (OST TRACK 6 3:05-end)
13m11 The Dali Lama’s Investiture (OST TRACK 11 0:00-0:40)
15m2 Regaining A Son (new) (OST TRACK 13)
15m3 End Credit  (OST track 1 or 14)


The Child of Tibet = OST track 8 “Premonitions”. Probably written specifically for the album.


Track 2 contains the first minute or so of “1m5 Young Dali Lama” then crossfades into some percussion & chanting. I have no idea if this is actually used anywhere in the film.



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8 hours ago, TheJoker2217 said:

Can someone please put Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 in chronological order including Awesome Mix Volume 2?

Thanks in return




01. "Brandy You're a Fine Girl," Looking Glass
02. Showtime, A-holes
03. "Mr. Blue Sky," Electric Light Orchestra
04. vs. The Abilisk
05. "Lake Shore Drive," Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
06. Space Chase
07. Starhawk
08. "The Chain," Fleetwood Mac
09. "Southern Nights," Glen Campbell
10. "My Sweet Lord," George Harrison
11. Family History
12. The Mantis Touch
13. Groot Expectations
14. "Come a Little Bit Closer," Jay and the Americans
15. Mammalian Bodies
16. "Bring it On Home to Me," Sam Cooke
17. "Brandy You're a Fine Girl," Looking Glass
18. I Know Who You Are
19. Two-Time-Galaxy Savers
20. "Wham Bang Shang-A-Lang," Silver
21. Guardians of the Frickin' Galaxy
22. Ego
23. Kraglin and Drax
24. The Expansion
25. "The Chain," Fleetwood Mac
26. Mary Poppins and the Rat
27. Gods
28. Dad
29. A Total Hasselhoff
30. Sisters
31. "Father and Son," Yusuf / Cat Stevens
32. "Surrender," Cheap Trick
33. "Flashlight," Parliament
34. "Guardians Inferno," The Sneepers featuring David Hasselhoff

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Brian Tyler - The Mummy (2017)


Theme suites:


01. The Mummy 
05. Egypt's Next Great Queen 
02. The Secret of the Mummy 
03. Nick's Theme 
04. Prodigium 
08. A Sense of Adventure 
07. The Call of the Ancients


Film score:


30. Iniquity 
28. Dawn of Evil 
09. Haram (2:52-end, rest is an another theme suite) 
27. Liberators of Precious Antiquities 
14. Enchantments 
11. The Lost Tomb of Ahmanet 
17. She Is Risen 
22. Power and Temptation 
13. The Sand of Wrath 
23. Inquest 
21. Beyond Evil 
25. Set 
31. The Calling 
15. Concourse of the Undead 
16. World of Monsters 
26. Pathogen of Evil 
10. A Warning of Monsters 
12. Providence 
19. Sanction of the Gods 
18. Chaos, Mayhem, Destruction 
06. Sandstorm 
20. Unstoppable 
32. Possession of the Knight's Tomb 
33. Destiny 
34. Sentience 
35. Between Life and Death 
36. The Mummy End Title Suite




29. Sepulcher - Unused, could be the alt version for one of 3rd act cues. Don't know for sure. Best place for it is after "Dawn of Evil".

24. Forward Momentum - Alt version of 'Concourse of the Undead' (starting from 1:21). Best place to place it as the plane action scene, but before "Inquest".

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LEGO Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures (2016-2017) - Michael Kramer, Jesi Nelson, David Stal, and Jared Banta
MK=Michael Kramer's SoundCloud, JN=Jesi Nelson's SoundCloud, MF=Matthew Feder's SoundCloud, DS=David Stal's website

MK Main Title


Season 1


A Hero Discovered
MK The Wheel
MK The Crystal Calls
The Mines of Graballa
MK Escape From Grabala

Zander's Joyride

DS Daredevil Asteroid Guy
The Lost Treasure of Cloud City
MK Saving Cloud City
Peril on Kashyyyk
MK Blockade Running On Kashyyyk
Crossing Paths
JN Luke Uses The Force/Leia Kicks Butt
Race on Tatooine

DS Two Late Entries
MK Crossing The Finishline
JN Negotiations

The Kyber Saber Crystal Chase

DS Stay Focused
The Maker of Zoh
JN Can You Focus?
JN Narre And Jek Battle
Showdown on Hoth
MK Keeping Them Safe
Duel of Destiny
JN Learning From The Masters


Season 2


A New Home

JN Rowan's Secret Adventure [Original cue title: Beep Boop We're Gonna Die]

Trouble on Tibalt

JN 2,722 to 1

Free Fall

JN We Have to Hit Him With Something Bigger




What Goes Up

MF Out of Control [Matthew Feder]


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Does anyone have a chronological order or cue list for Intrada's Dick Tracy? And/or a list of the cues that are on the album but not among the "unedited and additional original score cues"?

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I'm putting some scores on an iPod that I'm giving Lia.  One is Brave and she has the OST with the songs from her little mp3 player and obviously the song "Noble Fair Maiden" is in the right spot from the FYC but what about the other songs?  Where would they go?

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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial using the new LLL CD


1-01 Main Title 1:14
1-02 Far From Home / E.T. Alone 6:57
2-11 The Encounter 1:49
1-03 Bait for E.T. 1:45
1-04 Meeting E.T. 2:08
1-05 E.T.’s New Home 1:28
1-06 The Beginning of a Friendship 2:53
1-07 Toys 3:13
1-08 I’m Keeping Him 2:20
1-09 E.T.’s Powers 2:44
1-10 The Closet 0:53
1-11 E.T. and Elliott Get Drunk 2:57
1-12 Frogs 2:12
2-14 The Kiss 0:49
2-15 Levitation 0:41
1-13 At Home 5:38
1-14 The Magic of Halloween 2:55
1-15 Sending the Signal 3:58
1-16 Searching for E.T. 4:18
1-17 Invading Elliott’s House 2:24
1-18 Stay With Me 2:24
1-19 Losing E.T. 2:04
1-20 E.T. Is Alive 4:22
1-21 The Rescue and Bike Chase 8:07
1-22 The Departure 7:07
1-23 End Credits 3:55
TOTAL TIME - 81:16

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