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The Chronological Film Score Thread


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Here's just for those two releases:

P1/S12 - Will He Shoemaker? (3:18)
P2 - A Run on the Market (:50)
S1 - Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) (1:49)
P3 - Sighs and Shine (:23)
P4 - Ofrenda Room, Vámonos (:56)
P5/S13 - Shrine and Dash (1:24)
S2 - Much Needed Advice (1:45)
P6 - Día de los Muertos has Begun (2:50)
P7/S14 - Miguel's Got an Axe to Find (1:17)
P8/S15 - The Strum of Destiny (1:20)
P9 - It's All Relative (2:40)
P10/S17 - Crossing the Marigold Bridge (1:50)
P11/S18 - Dept. of Family Reunions (2:46)
P12 - The Skeleton Key to Escape (3:10)
P13 - Dis-Guys Got Tunnel Vision (:57)
S20 - The Newbie Skeleton Walk (1:07)@
P14 - Backstage Sass (1:03)
P15 - Art for Art's Sake (:27)
P16 - Monkey Sí (:35)
S3 - Everyone Knows Juanita (1:15)
P17/S21 - Adiós Chicharrón (1:49)
P18/S22 - Plaza de la Cruz (:30)
P19 - The Bandas that Tie Us (1:35)
S4 - Un Poco Loco (1:52)
P20/S23 - Family Doubtings (2:29)
P21 - Taking Sides (:59)
P22/S25 - Fiesta Espectacular (:49)
P23/S26 - Fiesta con de la Cruz (1:23)
S5 - Jálale (Instrumental) (2:54)
S6 - The World Es Mi Familia (:50)
P24/S27 - I Have a Great-Great-Grandson (1:15)
P25 - The Family Showoff (:35)
P26 - The World is our Family (1:20)
P27/S28 - A Blessing and a Fessing (4:50)
P28/S29 - Somos Familia (2:25)
S7 - Remember Me (Lullaby) (1:09)
P29/S30 - Reunión Familiar de Rivera (3:08)
P30 - A Family Dysfunction (2:06)
P31 - Fanfarria de Frida (:36)
P32 - Be Frida Dance (:30)
P33 - Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (1:44)
S8 - La Llorona (2:45)
P34 - The Show Must Go On (2:36)
P35/S33 - For Whom the Bell Tolls (2:08)
P36 - A Run for the Ages (1:41)
S9 - Remember Me (Reunion) (1:13)
P37/S34 - One Year Later (2:32)
S10 - Proud Corazón (2:03)
S11 - Remember Me (Dúo) (2:44)
P38 - Cuckoo For Coco Credits (5:55)


Bonus Tracks:
S16 - It's All Relative (2:38) [Alternate Section]
S19 - The Skeleton Key to Escape (3:04) [Alternate Section]
S24 - Taking Sides (:59) [Alternate]
S31 - A Family Dysfunction (2:02) [Alternate Ending]
S32 - Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (1:47) [Alternate Opening]
S35 - Coco - Día de los Muertos Suite (5:47)


P is for the FYC promo, S is for the soundtrack/score.


There is still additional score heard on other releases.  That and more is shown here:


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In The Lego Movie: The Second Part where do these songs fit in:

1. Everything Is Awesome (with Eban Schletter) [Tween Dream Remix] (Garfunkel & Oates)
2. 5:15 (Stephanie Beatriz)
3. Welcome to the Systar System (Yossi Guetta, Esther Guetta & Fiora Cutler)
4. Not Evil (Tiffany Haddish)
5. Catchy Song (feat. T-Pain & That Girl Lay Lay) (Dillon Francis)
6. Gotham City Guys (Tiffany Haddish & Will Arnett)
7. Everything's Not Awesome (Stephanie Beatriz, Ben Schwartz, Alison Brie, Noel Fielding, Charlie Day, Nick Offerman, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt & Richard Ayoade)
8. Super Cool (feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island) (Beck)
9. Come Together Now (Matt and Kim)
10. Hello Me & You (Superorganism)


Here's the score tracklist:

1.    Your Sister / Catchy Song
2.    Main Title (The Lego® Movie 2: The Second Part)
3.    Apocalypseburg / Green Hornet
4.    Apocalypseburg
5.    House Tour
6.    A Shooting Star
7.    Run
8.    Door Slowly Closing
9.    General Mayhem
10.    Triple Decker Couch
11.    No Real Heroes Left
12.    I'll Show Them
13.    The Systar System
14.    Introducting Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi
15.    Did You Say Wedding?
16.    Emmet Saved by Rex / Circular Stairway
17.    Rexcelsior Tour / Crank the Warp Drive
18.    Heading to Planet Sparkles
19.    Emmet and Rex
20.    Alien Jungle
21.    Heck Town
22.    Duplo Brickyard
23.    The Man of Bats Welcome
24.    Fresh Nightmare
25.    Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi & Batman Falling In Love
26.    Lucy Fights Mayhem
27.    Introducing The Wedding Party
28.    Emmet The Hero
29.    The Fight Continues
30.    What Did I Just Do?
31.    There I Was
32.    You're Weak / Brother Gives Heart
33.    Rex Vanishes

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On 11/30/2018 at 2:42 PM, FunnyML said:



I once made a more detailed list with orginal cue titles in case you wanna take a look: LINK

Do you have timestamps on where C, B, and A are?

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The Accidental Tourist:


1. Main Title (02:33) 
2. Macon Alone (04:42) 
3. Trip To London (01:55)

10a. Rose and Julian (0:00-0:40)

5c. Fixing The Plumbing on a Rainy Afternoon (2:09-end) 

10b. Rose and Julian (0:39-end)

5b. Fixing The Plumbing on a Rainy Afternoon (0:46-2:12) 

4. The Healing Process (05:10) 
5a. Fixing The Plumbing on a Rainy Afternoon (0:00-0:49) 
7. Wedding Scene (02:51) [technically an alternate "Main Title"]
8. Back With Sara (04:04) 
9. Bedroom Conversation (04:33)
11. A New Beginning (03:27) 
12. End Credits (A Second Chance) (03:13) [same as track 6]

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Does anyone have a chronological order of War for the Planet of the apes including the original album, the for your consideration, and the recording sessions? 

If so it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Anybody come up a chrono order for Avengers: Endgame?

This is what I have so far:



01 - 01 Totally Fine 0:41-end (not entirely sure about 3:00-end)
02 - 02 Arrival
03 - 03 No Trust
04 - 04 Where Are They?
05 - 01 Totally Fine 0:00-0:41
06 - 05 Becoming Whole Again
07 - 06 I figured It Out
08 - 07 Perfectly Not Confusing
09 - 08 You Shouldn't Be Here
10 - 10 Snap Out of It 1:18-End (Rename to "Test")
11 - 09 The How Works
12 - 12 One Shot


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Here's the chronological order of the tracks released from Doom Patrol:
KK=Kevin Kiner's website, KB=Kiner Brothers website, SM=Scott Marcussen's website



KB Doom Patrol Main Title Mockup [Sean Kiner]

KB Doom Patrol Main Title [Sean Kiner]



KB Paraguay 1948
KB Test Flight
KB Cliff Car Accident
KB Robotman and Jane
KB To Stay Or Go
KB Leaving the Mansion

Donkey Patrol

KB Cloverton Chaos
KK Only Cliff Stays
KB Robotman Yells At Donkey
KB Cyborg Will Stay

Puppet Patrol
KB Last Memory of John

Cult Patrol
KB Cold Shouldered Rita

Doom Patrol Patrol
KB Police Pinatas

SM Visions of the Past [Scott Marcussen]

Hair Patrol
KB Niles The Hunter

Frances Patrol
KB Here's To Bump
KK Carry To Porch

KB Doom Patrol End Credits [Sean Kiner]


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Heres the chronological order for Aladdin soundtrack:



The Big Ship

Arabian Nights (Will Smith)

Agrabah Marketplace

One Jump Ahead (Mena Massoud)

Aladdin's Hideout

One Jump Ahead (Reprise) (Mena Massoud)

Jasmine Meets Prince Anders

Speechless (Part 1) (Naomi Scott)

Breaking In

Returning the Bracelet

Simple Oil Lamp

The Cave of Wonders

Friend Like Me (Will Smith)

The Basics 

Escape from the Cave

Prince Ali's Outfit

Prince Ali (Will Smith)

Harvest Dance

A Whole New World (Mena Massoud & Naomi Scott)

Until Tomorrow

Aladdin's Second Wish

Never Called a Master Friend

One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2) (Mena Massoud)

Jafar Becomes Sultan

Speechless (Part 2) (Naomi Scott)

Hakim's Loyalty Tested

Most Powerful Sorcerer

Carpet Chase

Jafar Summons the Storm

Jafar's Final Wish

Genie Set Free

The Wedding

Friend Like Me (Finale)


Feel free to correct if you think a track is in the wrong order

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For the most part, the soundtrack for Godzilla: King of the Monsters is in order, but here it is in actual chronological order:


Memories of San Francisco
The Larva
Welcome to Monarch
Outpost 32
Ice Breaker
Rise of Ghidorah
Old Rivals
The First Gods
A Mass Awakening
The One Who is Many
Queen of the Monsters
For Andrew
Stealing the Orca
The Hollow Earth
The Key to Coexistence
Goodbye Old Friend
Fog Over Fenway (0:25.5-end)
Battle in Boston
King of the Monsters

Godzilla (feat. Serj Tankian)
Ghidorah Theme
Mothra's Song

Godzilla Main Theme

We'll Take It (Fog Over Fenway 0:00-0:25.5)

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On 1/24/2016 at 9:08 PM, TBO1711 said:

What is the Chronological order for the soundtrack The Hateful Eight?

This. I'm looking for the score-only C&C order for an OST and FYC combo playlist.

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Spider-man: Far From Home


01 2. It’s Perfect (0:30)
02 3. World’s Worst Water Feature (7:30)
03 4. Multiple Realities (3:32)
04 5. Brad to the Drone (3:32)
05 6. Change of Plans (2:28)
06 7. Night Monkey Knows How to Do It (0:19)
07 8. Mr. One Hundred and One (3:20)
08 9. Prague Rocked (3:43)
09 10. Who’s Behind Those Foster Grants (2:57)
10 11. Power to the People (3:33)
11 12. Personal Hijinks (3:53)
12 13. Praguenosis: BAD (1:08)
13 14. A Lot of ‘Splaining to Do (2:14)
14 15. The Magical Mysterio Tour (3:21)
15 16. Taking the Gullible Express/ Spidey Sensitive (5:07)
16 17. Gloom and Doom (4:16)
17 18. High and Flighty (2:20)
18 19. An Internal Battle (1:50)
19 20. Happy Landings (2:58)
20 21. Tower of Cower (5:12)
21 22. Bridging the Trap (1:58)
22 23. Bridge and Love’s Burning (2:50)
23 24. Swinging Set (1:47)
24 25. And Now This… (0:58)

25 1. Far From Home Suite Home (8:27)

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2 minutes ago, Tactful Ferret said:

Hi there all...

New comer to the forum.

Did anyone happen to do the correct/chronological order for Captain Marvel...?

The OST is pretty much already chronological, I believe the suite is the only thing that might be out of sequence.

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Yellow Submarine


01 O7 Pepperland (2:20) - George Martin
02 O11 March of the Meanies (2:19) - George Martin
03 S1 Yellow Submarine (2:39) - Lennon–McCartney
04 S3 Eleanor Rigby (2:07) - Lennon–McCartney
05 S4 Love You To (3:00) - George Harrison
06 S5 All Together Now (2:10) - Lennon–McCartney
07 O8 Sea of Time (3:00) - George Martin
08 S13 When I’m Sixty-Four (2:37) - Lennon–McCartney
09 S11 Only a Northern Song (2:24) - George Harrison
10 O10 Sea of Monsters (3:36) - George Martin
11 S14 Nowhere Man (2:44) - Lennon–McCartney
12 S6 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (3:28) - Lennon–McCartney
13 O9 Sea of Holes (2:16) - George Martin
14 O13 Yellow Submarine in Pepperland (2:14) - George Martin
15 S7 Think for Yourself (2:19) - George Harrison
16 O12 Pepperland Laid Waste (2:12) - George Martin
17 S8 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (2:02) - Lennon–McCartney
18 S9 With a Little Help from My Friends (2:44) - Lennon–McCartney
19 S10 Baby, You’re a Rich Man (3:01) - Lennon–McCartney
20 S12 All You Need Is Love (3:51) - Lennon–McCartney
21 S2 Hey Bulldog (3:11) - Lennon–McCartney
22 S15 It’s All Too Much (6:25) - George Harrison
23 S5 All Together Now (2:10) - Lennon–McCartney


O = Yellow Submarine OST (1969)
S = Yellow Submarine Songtrack (1999)


I put together the above chronological programme at my kids’ demand. They hate listening to it out of order, and they want Martin’s orchestral pieces every bit as much as the Lennon–McCartney songs. However, they always want to skip the George Harrison songs!


I took all songs from the Songtrack, and all orchestral arrangements from the OST, but of course the OST also contained a small selection of songs.


That the orchestral tracks are arrangements which George Martin re-recorded for the album. The 1999 DVD release features the isolated audio track of the film score. Martin also arranged a medley called “The Pepperland Suite,” which he recorded in 1998 for his album In My Life.

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53 minutes ago, TBO1711 said:

Can someone please put the rest of the Doctor Who soundtracks in Chronological order?

You might want to actually look at the first post before requesting something...



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Yeah but Series 6, 7 and 8 haven’t been put in chronological order also the specials for season 5 6 and 7 haven’t been put in order?

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@Fal J. M. Skywalker

Avengers: Endgame


Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy

01 Totally Fine (0:41-end)
02 Arrival
03 No Trust
04 Where Are They?
01 Totally Fine (0:00-0:41) (Rename "I Went for the Head")
05 Becoming Whole Again
06 I Figured It Out
07 Perfectly Not Confusing (0:00-1:50)

07 Perfectly Not Confusing (1:50-2:30) (Rename "New Shield")

The Kinks - Supersonic Rocketship

07 Perfectly Not Confusing (2:30-end) ("Thor's Despair")

Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom

08 You Shouldn't Be Here

10 Snap Out of It (1:18-end) ("Clint's Test")
09 The How Works
12 One Shot
10 Snap Out of It (0:00-1:18)
13 Watch Each Other's Six
11 So Many Stairs
14 I Can't Risk This (2:33-3:25) (Rename "In the Elevator")
14 I Can't Risk This (1:10-2:33) (Rename "A Distraction")
16 The Tool of a Thief (0:00-0:30) (Rename "Loki Escapes")
14 I Can't Risk This (3:25-end) (Rename "You've Gotta be Shitting Me")
14 I Can't Risk This (0:00-1:10)
15 He Gave It Away
17 The Measure of a Hero (0:00-1:49)
16 The Tool of a Thief (0:30-1:31) (Rename "I'm Still Worthy")

Redbone - Come and Get Your Love

16 The Tool of a Thief (1:31-end)
18 Destiny Fulfilled (0:00-2:38)
17 The Measure of a Hero (1:49-end) (Rename "Do You Trust Me?")

Steppenwolf - Hey Lawdy Mama
19 In Plain Sight
21 Whatever It Takes
20 How Do I Look?

18 Destiny Fulfilled (2:38-end) (Rename "The Red Skull")
22 Not Good
23 Gotta Get Out (0:00-0:57) (Rename "The Soul Stone")
24 I Was Made for This
23 Gotta Get Out (0:57-end)
25 Tres Amigos
26 Tunnel Scape (0:00-2:04)
27 Worth It
28 Portals
26 Tunnel Scape (2:04-2:45) (Rename "Reunion")
26 Tunnel Scape (2:45-end) (Rename "Plan B")
29 Get This Thing Started (0:00-4:10)
29 Get This Thing Started (4:10-end) (Rename "A-Force")
30 The One
31 You Did Good
32 The Real Hero
33 Five Seconds
34 Go Ahead

Harry James - It's Been a Long, Long Time
35 Main on End

Make Way for Tomorrow Today (from "Captain America: The First Avenger")

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Hello guys, I'm looking for a tracklist that would combine both albums (songs and score) for Kamen's Last action hero. I can't find one anywhere, so if anyone here has an idea, thanks a lot ;)

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18 hours ago, TBO1711 said:

Can someone please put series 7 and 8 of Doctor Who in chronological order?

All the soundtracks from The Specials on are already in chronological order.

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On 9/6/2019 at 1:27 PM, TBO1711 said:

Can someone please put series 7 and 8 of Doctor Who in chronological order?

I don't mean to be rude, but why don't you have a go at doing it yourself? Just pop on the series and go through it scene by scene, episode by episode? 

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Here's my shot at Joker (2019)


1. 2 Defeated Clown

2. 1 Hoyt’s Office

3. 3 Following Sophie

4. Smile – Jimmy Durante

5. 12 Subway

6. 13 Bathroom Dance

7. 8 A Bad Comedian

8. 10 Looking for Answers? (maybe when he confronts Thomas Wayne)

9. 6 Meeting Bruce Wayne

10. 11 Penny Taken to the Hospital

11. 4 Penny in the Hospital

12. 5 Young Penny

13. 9 Arthur Comes to Sophie

14. 7 Hiding in the Fridge

15. 14 Learning How to Act Normal

16. Rock &Roll Part 2 – Gary Glitter

17. 16 Escape from the Train

18. 15 Confession

19. White Room - Cream

20. 17 Call Me Joker

21. Send in the Clowns – Frank Sinatra

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Does anyone know the chronological order of Volume 1 and 2 of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance by Pemberton?


It's such a great score and I would love to listen to it chronologically, so any help with that is more than welcome.

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On 12/22/2019 at 2:36 PM, Corellian2019 said:

Has anyone figured out the chronological order for Ad Astra, incorporating both the sessions and the OST?

No update on this?

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Nathan Johnson - Knives Out (2019)
OST+LP Bonus

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⁷Does anyone know the chronological order of Charlie's Angels by Brian Tyler?


1. Charlie’s Angels Theme (2:19)
2. Angel’s Wings (2:09)
3. Identity Crisis 3:19 4
4. Charlie’s In 7 (2:18)
5. The Presence of Angels (1:40)
6. Calisto Demonstration (1:24)
7. Closet of My Dreams (1:09)
8. Fatima (1:54)
9. Neon Sky – Madsonik (3:40)
10. Bowl Cut (2:33)
11. I’m Charlie (1:02)
12. No Sale Here (1:47)
13. The Townsend Agency (2:19)
14. Hamburg Chase (6:04)
15. Satin Groove (1:26)
16. The Great Con (5:24)
17. Bosley (3:19)
18. Rock Quarry (6:57)
19. Just the Decoy (1:37)
20. Off to the Races (3:07)
21. Backstories (1:11)
22. Hacking and Fighting (3:26)
23. The Angels Arrive (2:57)
24. Breaking and Entering (4:04)
25. Euphoria – Madsonik (3:39)
26. Charlie’s Angels (3:10)

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Far From Home is already in order except the first track is the end credits. 


And you must be joking asking about Skywalker 

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The thread for the Rise of Skywalker OST has the chronological order in the main post


The thread for the Rise of Skywalker FYC has the chronological order for the OST/FYC combined in the main post


The thread for the Rise of Skywalker Complete Score has information about all the cues, released and unreleased, and what order they go in.


The newer thread for the Rise of Skywalker cue titles leak has more information about all the cues that hasn't been integrated into the complete score thread yet (I'm waiting for the film to come out on home video before re-analyzing the entire thing from scratch)

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Does anyone know the chronological order for Brian Tyler's

The Expendables 1,2 and 3

Final Destination 4 and 5

Furious 7

The Fate of the Furious OST and FYC

Any help here with these would be greatly appreciated 

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On 3/2/2020 at 7:11 PM, Bob304 said:

Does any one know what is the chronological of the Deadpool Soundtracks are? and also Dark Phoenix sound track? pls

So Dark Phoenix is this: 

1. Gap (8:07)

2. Dark (4:27)

3. Frameshift (8:15)

4. Amity (5:52)

5. Intimate (10:14)

6. Deletion (4:51)

7. Negative (3:58)

8. Reckless (9:35)

9. Insertion (7:56)

10. Coda (4:40)


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