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The Chronological Film Score Thread


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Here's Beauty and the Beast. I haven't seen the film in a while; anyone want to confirm this order?

Prologue * (see The Music Behind the Magic for instrumental version)


To the Fair *

Wolf Attack * (see The Music Behind the Magic)

Belle Reprise


Gaston (Reprise)

Be Our Guest

West Wing *

Something There

Human Again (see Special Edition)

Beauty and the Beast

The Beast Lets Belle Go *

The Mob Song

Battle on the Tower *

Transformation *

Beauty and the Beast (pop version)

* score

And Aladdin and the King of Thieves:

I'm Looking Out for Me

Forget About Love

You're Only Second Rate

There's a Party Here in Agrabah, Part I

There's a Party Here in Agrabah, Part II

Wedding / Attack of the Forty Thieves *

The Oracle *

Out of Thin Air

Parting the Seas * (13b - 1:02-end)

Dark Mountain / The Challenge *

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Genie and Jasmine * (14a - 0:00-1:01)

Magic Carpet * (13a - 0:00-1:02)

Father and Son

Alley Talk / Guards Chase Aladdin

Are You In or Out?

The Hand of Midas *

Aladdin and Cassim Escape *

Cassim Leaves * (14b - 1:01-end)

Arabian Nights Reprise

End Credits *

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I guess this sort of relates to this thread.... for those really fimilar with the X-Men score by Micheal Kamen, I noticed something about the Original Soundtrack.

For the cue "Mutant School" track 3, from 1:25 to the end there seems to be some unused music there or perhaps an alternate? Does anyone have any clue what this piece of music belongs to or where it goes?

For track 8 "The X-Jet" from 2:08 to the end I'm not sure if that's an unused cue or an alternate for a different cue or just what...

Also too track 10 "The Statue Of Liberty", where would that go in the film? Could this be an alternate to "Fight On The Head" where Logan fights Sabertooth or just an unused cue?

I do know the following though..

Track 1 "Death Camp": this cue has an unused beginning piece.

Track 2 "Ambush": from 0:00-0:54 is a slight alternate of "Car Crash" from the complete score with some unused bits. From 0:54 to the end of the cue is an alternate cue for the real "Ambush" piece but if you really listen to this cue at the 54 second mark the mixing of the two pieces is pretty bad...

Track 4 "Magneto's Lair": from 0:00 to about 1:41ish is an edited and slightly different mix of "Senator Kelly's New Power" or whatever the cue is called from the complete score. From 1:41 to the end of the cue is the cue "Kelly's Transformation".

Track 5 "Cerebro": This is a different mix than what's on the complete score. The one on the complete score is the film version mix.

Track 6 "Train": This is actually the complete version mix of "Train Station Fight" from the complete score. It even has an unused beginning. The one on the complete score is mixed differently and doesn't have the unused beginning.

Track 7 "Magneto Standoff": This is obviously edited from the complete cue and from 0:00-0:29 you'll hear a bit of unused music including a slight different mix from 0:00 to 0:03.8 than what's on the complete score. I restored this piece back into the cue on the complete score and it sounds better in my opinion.

Track 9 "Museum Fight": This is obviously an edited portion of the cue and a different take than what's on the complete score. The one on the complete score is the true complete film version.

Track 11 "Final Showdown": This has an unused beginning and from 2:08 to the end is a completely different mix than what's on the complete score. The one on the complete score is mixed exactly like in the film where the synth pratically dominates the orchestra. However this cue on the OST the orchestra is more prominate and you can barely hear the synth at all.

Track 12 "Jean and Logan": From 0:00 to 2:01 is "Logan Holds Rogue" from 2:01 to 2:39 is part of "Logan Holds Rogue" but a slightly different mix. This second part of the cue that I've highlighted on the complete score has the eerie cords for Mystique overlapped.

Also for track 12 from 2:39 (first cord mixed) to 2:53 is "Saying Goodbye" from the complete score where Logan leaves the mansion. Then it goes into the cue "Checkmate" until about 5:37. I am not sure though if this is a mix or if this was how this portion of the cue was supposed to go before going into the initial "End Credits" like on the complete score.

From the 5:38 to the end mark of track 12 I'm not sure if that's part of "Checkmate" or another unused cue or alternate cue or just what...

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I haven't seen the movies in awhile, so I was wondering if anyone could help me sequence the tracks on the two James Horner Star Trek soundtracks, II: The Wrath of Kahn and III: The Search for Spock, please? Thanks!

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I believe TWoK should be like this:

1. Main Title

5. Khan's Pets

6. Enterprise Clears Moorings

3. Spock

2. Surprise Attack

4. Kirk's Explosive Reply

7. Battle in the Mutara Nebula

8. Genesis Countdown

9. Epilogue/End Title

btw, the first post of the thread has been edited to include a list of all scores already posted in this thread. I'll continue to update it as we go on.

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How about Back to the Future 2?

(And I may not have to mention that for this movie "chronological" would still mean the order the music appears in the movie: 1985, 2015, 1985, 1955.)

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I think BttF 2 already is in sequence.

Although the main title has the prologue music come after the actual main title cue, so that would require a slight bit of editing.

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Can someone repost the orders for X2 and X-men 3: Last Stand? The link for X2 is no longer available. Thanks.

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The Stepford Wives

I've put the promo in the correct film order and added track titles (some taken from various fan art work, some by myself). The art work is always arranged in the promo order though - which is completely mixed up and makes for a truly bad listening experience in my opinion - and mostly assigns the wrong track titles to the wrong cue. So here's the definitive list.

01 Main Titles 02:38
02 Joanna Is Fired 01.58
03 Drive to Connecticut 00.42
04 Welcome to Stepford 01.06
05 Men's Association 01.01
06 Joanna and Walter 02.34
07 Unusual Behaviour 01.20
08 Mischievous Buddies 01.14
09 Snooping Around 01.48
10 Joanna Wants to Leave 01.18

11 Joanna Investigates 01.36
12 Looking for the Kids 01.17
13 Transformation 02.11
14 The Stepford Waltz 01.42 [This is the 'Waltz' mp3 from David Arnold's website. Needs to be faded out properly.]
15 Claire's Story 04.12
16 End Titles 05:33 [There's a 30-second unreleased snippet on the DVD you need to edit back into the promo/bootleg track around 3:30]


The Opening Titles in the film contains a different mix: the choir is mixed lower (and in the opening phrases is deleted entirely). If you want that as an alternate, you'll need to use the promo/bootleg version ending to get ride of the applause.

The German pressed bootleg has higher quality than the 320 kbps mp3 promo that is on the internet, so presumably it is derived from the original CD-R promo. (It is still lossy though.) However, in comparison with the promo, the bootleg cuts music in three tracks: it omits the second part of Snooping Around ("Bobbie & Joanna Are Spying"), and omits the first part of Transformation ("Mike's Victory/Joanna Transformed"). Claire's Story ("Claire Reveals Her Story") is also shortened.

There's a rerecording by the RPO that is a choirless version of the Opening Titles.

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Only say the film once, but isn't X-Men 3 in cronological order?
I think it is.

Indeed it is in chronological order.

For X-2's score if you're talking about the OST this is the order it should go in...

1. Suite From X-2

2. Cerebro

3. Sneaky Mystique

4. Mansion Attack

5. Magneto Escapes (Track 9, first part of cue from 0:00 to about 1:24ish, fade out required)

6. Finding Faith

7. Playing With Fire

8. Storm's Perfect Storm

9. I'm In

10. It's Time

11. Death Strikes Deathstryke

12. Reconfiguration (Track 9 from about 1:24ish to end, fade in required at beginning)

13. If You Really Knew

14. Getting Out Alive

15. Rogue Earns Her Wings

16. Goodbye

17. We're Here To Stay

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Anybody have a chronological order for the expanded Spider-Man?

I know this is pretty late on this... but would you mind posting how your "expanded" Spider-Man score is listed?

This is the listings for the complete score...

01. Main Title

02. On The Bus

03. Spider Bite

04. Deadlines

05. Transformations

06. A New Man

07. Something's Different

08. First Web

09. New Powers

10. Web Slinger

11. Backyard Connection

12. Costume Montage / Web Pratice

13. Harsh Words

14. Peter Wins

15. Revenge

16. Enter The Goblin

17. Alone

18. City Montage

19. City Stinger

20. Moondance

21. Photographing Spider-Man

22. City Stinger 2

23. Norman Gets The Boot

24. Spider Sensation

25. Parade Attack

26. Specter Of The Goblin

27. Rooftop Chat

28. Hint / Trouble / Kiss

29. The Fire

30. Drop Of Blood

31. The Clues

32. Norman's Troubles

33. Revelation

34. Hard Nipples

35. Father and Son

36. On The Bridge

37. To The Rescue

38. The Final Confrontation

39. Farewell

40. End Credits

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Thanks guys for the scores for the X-movies. Since Star Trek has been brought up, how about the order for Star Trek-Insurrection. I know that "The Healing Process" and "End Credits" should be merged together.

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Could someone help me out with Menken's Hercules?

I searched to see if anyone had posted it already, but all I could find was a post of my own from two years ago saying I should buy the score (which I have only just now done). :)

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Anyone know if M. Night's "Signs" is in order?

By the way, here's Spider-man 2:

1. Main Title

2. Peter's Birthday (Last part of Track 5)

3. M.J.'s New Life / Spidus Interruptus

4. A Phone Call (First part of Track 5)

5. Smart Arms (Unreleased Christopher Young track; it's the slow version of Doc Ock's theme)

6. Otto's Demonstration (Unreleased Christopher Young track)

7. Demonstration Gone Wrong (Unreleased Christopher Young track)

8. Doc Ock is Born

9. Angry Arms/Rebuilding

10. The Bank/Saving May

11. The Mugging/Peter's Turmoil

12. Doc Ock's Machine

13. Aunt May Packs

14. The Wrong Kiss (Middle part of Track 5)

15. He's Back!

16. Train Fight (Unreleased Christopher Young track)

17. Stopping the Train (Unrleaseed Christopher Young track)

18. Armageddon/A Really Big Web!

19. The Goblin Returns

20. At Long Last, Love

21. Train/Appreciation (Album Version)

22. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head- Performed by B. J. Thomas

Hope that helps.

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Anyone know the order for Dragonheart?

1 The World of the Heart - Main Title (Main Titles)

2 Wonder's of and Ancient Glory (Einon is saved by Draco)

3 Bowen's Ride (Bowen Swears to kill the Dragon, Fary Gilbert's Introduction and Bowen's last kill )

4 The Last Dragon Slayer (The Cave of Draco and Flight)

5 Mexican Standoff (Bowen and Draco Fight in Land)

6 Draco (Draco explains the story of the Draco constellation)

7 Kyle, The Wheat Boy 0:00 - 0:40 (Draco attacks Felton's Feud)

8 A Refreshing Swim (Ersatz kill and dracos swim)

9 Bowen's Decoy (Kara is put as decoy and Draco's 2nd fake attack)

10 Flight to Avalon (Meat Meat Meat Villagers scene and FLight to Avalon)

11 Re-Baptism (King Arthur speaks to Bowen)

12 Einon (Einon goes with the cavalry to attack the insurrects)

13 Kyle, The Wheat Boy 0:40 - End (Heart of the Battle - Gilbert shots Einon) I dont know if the beginning of the cue is presented in this sequence, but i dont think so.

14 The Connection (Einon sees the bond between him and Draco, flees to Caer Einonoch)

15 To the Stars (Draco goes to the Stars)

16 Finale (End Credits)

There maybe some more edits i fear

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Predator 2:

1 Main Title

7 El Scorpio

2 First Carnage

9 Swinging Rude Boys

5 Danny Gets It

4 Truly Dead

6 Rest In Pieces

3 Tunnel Chase

8 This Is History

10 Dem Bones

11 End Title

Dani would you know if they will release a full version


How are you havent seen you in ages how comes your not back at the JC forum

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I know people have been wondering for a while what the proper order for the Spider-Man 3 music for the Christopher Young and Deborah Laurie material goes in. Well I downloaded a DVD screener of the film and was able to finally place the music in film order. Here's the track list for those who are curious about it.

*Music by Deborah Laurie

01. Main Title

02. Engagement Ring / Broadway Marquee*

03. Harry In Lab / Web / Meteor

04. The Goblin / Stargazing*

05. Aunt May's Ring*

06. Harry Attacks Peter

07. Birth Of The Sandman

08. Keys To The City*

09. Peter Leaves A Message*

10. Transforming Into Black Suited Spider-Man

11. Lonely MJ*

12. Lonely MJ (Alt Ending)*

13. Black Suited Spider-Man Goes To Church

14. Peter At MJ's Window*

15. Peter Asks Harry For Help*

16. Setting MJ Down*

17. Death Of A Friend*

18. Happy Ending

19. Peter And MJ Dance*

20. End Tag*

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Question about Titanic....

I know that the middle section of "A Building Panic" is used in the early part of "The Sinking" (about 10 seconds into that cue - the part where the people are running up the side of the ship; and also when the glass dome implodes), but does anyone know if any other parts of "Building Panic" are in the final movie, and if so, where? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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There was a cue list on the old site that is now missing in action...

About Titanic: I edited out that middle part out of A Building Panic because it's only repetition, plus it interrupts the flow of A Building Panic. Edit's not so hard to make.

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I put Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer in film order incase if anyone was wondering.

01. Galactus Destroys / Opening

02. Wedding Day Jitters

03. Chasing The Surfer

04. Sibling Switch

05. The Future / Doom's Deal

06. Botched Heroics

07. Outside Help

08. Camp Testosterone / Meeting The Surfer

09. A Little Persuasion

10. Mr. Sherman / Under The Radar

11. Someone I Once Knew

12. Doom's Double Cross

13. Springing The Surfer

14. Pursuing Doom

15. Four In One

16. Silver Saviour / Aftermath

17. Gunshot Wedding

18. Noren Radd

19. Silver Surfer Theme

I didn't hear the cue "Noren Radd" anywhere in the film so it's probably unused or just a short bonus theme.

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Does anyone know how to combine the 2-Disc Elfman Spiderman 2 with the Chris Young tracks from the same movie?

EDIT: Or is Chris Young's a real rejected score, not replacement tracks? I'm not familiar with Spiderman 2's progress.

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The music Chris Young rescored for Spider-Man 2 was to replace some of Elfman's music. From when Octavius reveals the arms to the fusion experiment to the failure of that experience is the replaced Young's music in the film. Also he rescored The Train sequence.

For me I left off all of Young's music from the score and just made it an Elfman only score since it's how it should be.

This is the list for all of Elfman's music only.


01. Main Titles (3:21)

02. Pizza Man (1:40)

03. Book Troubles (0:33)

04. Riding To May's (0:23)

05. Peter's Birthday (0:35)

06. Harry Remembers (0:47)

07. Responsible One (0:49)

08. Backyard Revisited Part I (1:34)

09. Backyard Revisited Part II (0:28)

10. Apartment Transition (0:26)

11. Theater Montage (2:01)

12. Cops and Robbers (1:24)

13. Spotting MJ / Spidus Interruptus (2:08)

14. Draggin' (0:25)

15. A Phone Call (0:54)

16. The Reveal (1:14)

17. Blue Light (1:03)

18. Fusion (1:47)

19. Mayhem (1:26)

20. Doc Ock Is Born (2:49)

21. Angry Arms (2:19)

22. The Bank (2:17)

23. Saving May (3:03)

24. Spider Fall / Rebuilding (2:28)

25. Uncle Ben (2:16)

26. Happy Montage (1:55)

27. Peter Appeals To MJ (0:56)

28. A Mugging / Spider Gone (1:38)


01. Ock's Machine (1:42)

02. Rooftop Rendezvous (1:23)

03. The Fire (2:35)

04. Peter's Turmoil (1:46)

05. Aunt May Packs / Sells Spidey (2:55)

06. Not Back Yet (1:08)

07. The Wrong Kiss (0:46)

08. Almost A Kiss (1:32)

09. A Hostage (1:57)

10. He's Back (2:00)

11. The Train Part I (2:25)

12. The Train Part II / Appreciation (4:05)

13. Out For The Count (2:05)

14. The Trouble With Harry (0:17)

15. On The Case (2:00)

16. Armageddon (5:37)

17. A Really Big Web (2:28)

18. The Goblin Returns (2:36)

19. Declared Love (2:56)

Young rescored as I said The Train Parts I and II, The Reveal, Blue Light and Fusion.

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I don't think anyone's liable to care, but I found a proper order for Star Trek IV.

*1, 1, *2, 10, 4, 3, 7, 6, 9, 2, 8, 11, 5.

*1 - Paramount Logo (DVD Rip)

*2 - Earth (DVD Rip)

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I thought the "complete recordings" for that, that was released on the 31st was in order?

Nope, it's the previous soundtrack + 4 extra tracks... I know because I got it today.

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You're right Bondo... there are a few small cues here and there that are missing but it's I'd say about 98% complete.

Here is the order in which the score goes...

01. The Agoge

02. The Wolf

03. Return Of A King

04. Submission

05. The Ephors

06. Cursed By Beauty

07. What Must A King Do?

08. Goodbye My Love

09. No Sleep Tonight

10. Tree Of The Dead

11. The Hot Gates

12. Fight In The Shade

13. Come And Get Them

14. First Battle Push

15. No Mercy

16. One Wild Night

17. The Immortals Battle

18. Fever Dream

19. To Victory

20. Blood Drunk

21. Xerxes' Tent

22. Tonight We Dine In Hell

23. The Council Chamber

24. Xerxes' Final Off

25. A God King Bleeds

26. Glory

27. Message For The Queen

28. Remember Us

29. To Victory (Remix)

Since 25 and 26 are cues that run into each other I simply just edited them as one cue for me.

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Anybody have the chronological order for The Usual Suspects? (If not, I can take a stab, but if the job has already been figured out no sense in duplicating what's been done).



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Random, but here's Ewoks by Peter Bernstein. Don't be fooled by the abysmal films these two scores are attached to! They are really very impressive and feel like the music of old-fashioned fairy tales - only a little darker and quirkier. The orchestrations are wonderful - think the polar opposite of Zimmer's. Williams's influence is minimal, with only two quotes of Parade of the Ewoks (both unreleased) in Caravan of Courage and a ten-second cameo in The Battle for Endor. Both films have excellent unreleased end credits suites, but I haven't been able to bring myself to buy the infernal DVD (especially because in my much nerdier stages I bought a bootleg DVD based on the video releases!). Tracks 1 to 5 are from Caravan of Courage, and the rest are from The Battle for Endor.

01 Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare

02 Flying

03 Izrina

04 The Trek

05 The Pulga Chase

06 Introduction / Main Title

07 Teek

08 The Set Up / Terak's Theme

09 Noa's Ark

10 Good Night, Bad Dreams

11 A Poker Game

12 The House

13 Escape

14 Noa and Terak

15 Farewell

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