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Shmi's Theme and War motif

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I am able to identify almost all Star Wars themes but I still have problem with Shmi's Theme and War motif from The Phantom Menace. Where I can hear them on Ultimate Edition soundtrack? Thanks for help!

Does Shmi's Theme appear in AOTC?

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Shmi's Theme is mentioned above.

Qui-Gon's theme is not on the O.S.T., but it is on the U.E. The repeating melody in disc 2 track 1 is Qui-Gon's theme and it is repeated during the duel and at Qui-Gon's parting words (Sorry, I don't have mine with me to check track numbers and times).

Darth Maul's theme is trickier. I always thought that the drums themselves in Darth Maul's arrival on Tatooine track were his thematic material, but I've heard other more educated types say the music underlying the drums is Maul's theme.

Jar Jar's Theme...meh, easy to figure out. There's a whole track on the O.S.T. dedicated to it.

Anakin's and the Duel of the Fates theme should be equally easy to spot because they are given concert renditions.

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Actually guys, upon closer review (from your correct info that is :) ) I think "Shmi's Theme" is at about 3:55 into the "Anakin is Free" track, and with the oboe playing it. At least, that is the same theme that is heard in AOTC when she is dying and when Anakin is rescuing her.

Am I wrong here guys?

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