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For Your Consideration, John Williams, HPPOA


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Maybe you should break into Howard Shore's house and steal his ocsar.


has anyone noticed Justin's level of sarcasm increasing dramatically lately?


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I think the best unreleased cues of PoA after watching the movie on DVD are (names by John Takis):

Grave Danger

A Word of Caution (one of the best uses of Double Trouble)

Winter Comes

Meddling With Time

Sirius Black's Escape (Buckbeak's Theme once again)

Also, I have new appreciation for the cues:

The Snowball Fight (I love it the way it starts all of a sudden)

The Werewolf Scene (the Best action cue of the film)

Saving Buckbeack (the way it starts as Harry is sent by Hermione to save Buckbeak -- perfection!!!)

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My absolute best unreleased bit is when Harry casts the patronus on the Dementor that pops out of the chest during Lupin's lesson,with the heroic brass rendition of the past theme.Classic Williams moment.


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