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Modern Day Mozart?

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You can listen to his music here:


Go below the page. Click play to listen to 'Overture to 11/9'. First you'll hear a short interview with Jay, the 11-year-old composer.

Indysolo, please make the url shorter. I would do it myself but I don't know how.


Alex Cremers

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I don't see where the problem is, the URL gets broken off into the next line and the board is as wide as always.

On Topic: Very interesting, that piece. Has a certain simplicity in the theme, but he writes interesting harmonies and a quite tought out development of his theme. I hope some more clips of his music will surface on the net.

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Wonder what he'd be like as a film composer . . .

Erich Wolfgang Korngold was writing symphonies at age 11. Hmm, he hadn't written 5 at that age though!

Anyway, film music could sure use a talent like his. Maybe it will forful john williams prophecy of a genius coming along to popularize film music with the musical intellectual community.

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Interesting thing about "Bluejay" - he never revises. According to the interview on 60 Minutes, everything comes out "right" the first time, unless his pencil snaps or something. 60 also featured a clip of Bluejay's Juliard professor cautioning against this extreme compositional confidence.

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Erich Wolfgang Korngold was writing symphonies at age 11.

Actually he wrote no symphonies until he was 55, and then only the one. However he had written many piano works by the age of 11. He did finish an incredible Sinfonietta by the age of 15. If anyone hasn't heard this yet go and find it NOW. It's great (and phenomenally advanced for one so young. Sounds like Mahler and Strauss in places!). The recording to go for is Matthias Bamert and the BBC Phil on Chandos.

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