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Getting Into the Holiday Spirit


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A holiday special like this is hard to come by! For all those who have not seen, languish in its absurdity!

When Carrie Fisher sings the Star Wars theme and hits the note where she says "Cheeeewiiiiieeeeeeee!", I am never un-flabbergasted.

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Over 25 years after its original airing, it's still scary as all hell.

Weird that it's labeled as an "extended edition," though, because it was originally much longer, and much lamer. :)

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If those Wookiee scenes are any indication, Episode 3 is gonna rock! :)

Seriously though, someone needs to send this thing back to hell. I'm still scarred from the first time I saw it years ago. :cry:

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Taken down by Lucasfilm. Too bad, I was actually kind of curious about this thing... :?




Lucas is adding to the "mystique" (or is that "mistake") of this project by supressing it. He can't be upset about losing money on this because he has vowed never to release it, so others are filling that void. This decision makes little sense. Losers.


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