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Little orchestration contest


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...Well, not really a contest... more an experiment :|

Inspired by the everlasting question "How complete are composer's sketches?/How much does an orchestrator do?", I propose the following:

Everyone here who'd like to, orchestrate the following sample:



(JPEG images)


(Sibelius file)

I tried to use the little I know of Williams' sketches as a reference for the formatting.

Then when some people have done an orchestration, we compare the results (and looks who's closest to the composer's intention, i.e. my own orchestration ;))

Chris, curious

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I could have a go at orchestrating it in a few days time... I take it is a Sibelius file.

John Williams sketches are similar but he uses 8 staves + 1 line for percussion. (- at least on his Superman scores and I heard that he uses 8 staffs for Harry Potter), as well so he can be slightly more detailed about the instrumental line.

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Yes, of course it's possible to use more staves :angry: I made mine based on the format of the Star Wars Main Title sketch, part of which was printed in a Star Wars magazine a few years back, that one had 4 staves.

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