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JP - full orchestral score?

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I am interested in finding a full orchestral score, preferable pocket

score, of the music from the movie Jurassic Park, composed by

Williams. So far I have only been able to find arrangements,

piano-reductions, highlights, medleys and so on.

It is always possible to find arrangements, suites and so on, but I am not

interested in all the pretty themes and motivs which is used in those

arrangements/suites and so on. I am interested in what lies between

these, often heroic, themes. The underlying, often more dramatic, atonal and

violent, parts. So these "J. Williams Signature Editions" is not really

what I am looking for.

Do you know if there even exists published scores of those "unheard

tracks", or is it only the conductor who possesses an example under

the recording session, whereafter he throws them away? If there does,

which companys would fx. publish them?

Thank you!

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