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Post Your ROTS Album Info Here


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Got mine at Wal-Mart today


Fascinating! So yours didn't have a sticker on it saying you can get an exlcusive Wal*Mart download?


It did have a sticker on it, I haven't downloaded the interview yet. I took the ID number from the CD

Max-Not getting the joke if there is one

Look at the spine on the packaging.

Neil - not joking

SK 94480 then

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Whatever.Just download them at mf.com as usual.

Well,it's nice that Williams explains the meaning of Duel of the Fates,which has nothing to do with this c.d.,and that the new chorus piece derived from it he talks about has yet to be identified since BotH has no words in it.


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OST Arrived today from Amazon.co.uk .. Red Slipcase, The Revenge of the Sith logo is silver and indented... All the usual stuff inside... no huge Copyright warnings or anything...

SK 94220 8O

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No Canadian love....Sony sends a big FU to everyone outside the US and Mac users.

Congrats, Sony...way to be elitist about the whole dame thing!

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The standard SK 94220. My local Target(s), as usual, didn't bother carrying this big release on Tuesday. They did have tons of copies of the other "big" soundtrack, XXX: State of the Union. I didn't feel like driving all the way to Best Buy after work, and the closest Wal-Mart was too far for me to bother. I ended paying little more for it at FYE. (Had $21 in store credit to blow, so I used it towards that.) Didn't care about the downloable extras, anyway. You know those are going to be made available somehow...

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