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The Guess the Screenshot game

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Alright, here's something to tide you over.

The rules are simple.

- A user will post a screenshot from a movie

- All other users may guess the name of the film

- First one who gets the right answer may post a new screenshot

- And so on.

- A direct screengrab is preferable, although stills are also acceptable. Screenshots should be untouched, so no small areas of a frame, or color changes or stuff like that

- Not a must, but if you find a screenshot online, it's handy to first download it, then rename it into something not associated with the film in question and then upload it back to a PhotoBucket account or ImageShack, so that people won't be able to guess the name of the film by checking the file's properties.

I'll start:


- Marc

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I think you should change the small frame rule. Seriously...your M:I shot was way too easy. I've done this on another message board and we used the small shots like the one I posted of Rambo. It's more challenging that way. You could've gotten away with Tom's hand holding Jean's wrist, with the knife. The knife is a well-known object in the movie, so we would've known probably.

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail of course. Sir Robin's legendary confrontation with the Three Headed Knight. He reportedly managed to avoid soiling himself.

John- who must now search for a screengrab...

EDIT- OK, this one shouldn't be too tough.


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Ah yes, I see it now.

Although, it's not a complet screenshot. By that 'logic' what is this from?


Justin - Who complements Mr. B on thinking "outside the frame" :P (Alex may burn in Gre'thor. :wave:)

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