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The Guess the Screenshot game

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Ok....random word association guessing. Go now!

The Patriot

My Fellow Americans

American Beauty

Beauty and The Beast

King Kong

The Return of the King

Return of The Jedi

Batman Returns

Batman Forever

Forever Young

Mighty Joe Young

The Mighty

Mighty Ducks

and....uh.....uh......Howard The Duck.

Yes....it's Howard The Duck. :|


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Well even the beginning is crap, the bird looks fake and as soon as "actors" appear I could puke all over it.

However you got it.

By the way, the second is also a real piece of shit exept some nice landscapes.

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well, it was a long time ago, I did not read any serious critics, and I very like to go to the mountain. I also bought it second handbeside that I think when I first saw it i found it quite okay ( Cliffhanger like :-) I think in the meantime my taste changed a little. BTW the other two are also rather "old" films, one is from 1990 the other from 1994, so War of the worlds is wrong.

quote about vertical limit from imdb:

This is, without doubt, the least accurate film on climbing I have

ever seen. This movie is simply absurd. I consider it about as

"accurate" as, say, Spy Kids is to global espionage."

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no, no. I'm quite sure lots of people consider the first as bad movie, at least the director. The second one almost everybody would consider bad, because the main character simply cannot act.

beside that insomnia is 2002, and I said the film is from 1994

platoon is from 1986 the film from 1990.

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