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The Guess the Screenshot game

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Blade Runner


I will give you a hint. The film is made in 1990 by a director who has an "active" interest in Ancient Egyptian culture.

I'll give you another hint. The film is extremely bad.


Alex Cremers

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My last screenshot isn't Katmandu.  HINT: It's directed by someone who got a JW score in '99 for one of his films.  However, this film is quite a bit older than that.

Indiana Jones and the Last Shipment of Heineken?

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I have a question about the Pink Floyd movie.

Is that true, that if you play the movie for about 18 minutes and 20 seconds you see the child in this picture (which is actually a CD cover)?

I heard it many times, but I've never been able to check if it's real or not.


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On page 21, Marc said "You should set PowerDVD to capture in "current video format." That way, anamorphic transfers will appear as widescreen images when you paste them into an image program."

That was a reply to my question, so if you're using PowerDVD, it's a reply to your question too. 8O

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