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The Guess the Screenshot game

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#2 is G.I. Jane, Nightscape64 guessed it.

Scissorhands is right with The Beach.

Last clue for #6;

Parts of the score from the sequel to #6 were used in The Truman Show....

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The kudos points tally;

Justin for Angela's Ashes 6, - 5 because it's a JW scored film = 1 (the "anyone would know it" penalty)

Marc for Titanic 2,

Marian for Alien(s) 3,

Marc for Alien 6,

Nightscape94 for GI Jane 8, - 5 for the clue = 3

scissorhands for The Beach 9, - 4 for the clue = 5

Marian for Koyaanisqatsi 10, - 1 for the first clue, - 3 for the second clue = 6

The Winner, with 9 points - Marian.

Runner-up, Marc with 8.

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#4 is JP, correct The ruleofthirds.

Here come the clues;

The leading actors in 1, 2 and 3 have each won an Academy Award for best actor, but not for these particular films, except #2.

The earliest film of the 3 is 1998.

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If your No 1 pic above is from THE THREE KINGS, then George Clooney did not win a Best Actor Oscar. He won Best Supporting Actor. So you may have to revise your categories again. I'm pretty sure that bullet-ridden Merc is from THE THREE KINGS.


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Thankyou for your concern. Your conclusion, though elegant, is ultimately incorrect. Said bullet ridden Mercedes is not from "Three Kings".

Please feel free to submit furthur guesses in the future.


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Is number 2 The Pianist?

Right on. ^_^

Justin - Most curious about number 3.

Actually, I threw that one in there for you, special! as I know for a fact you have seen it and commented on it in the 'last film you saw' thread....

more clues

#1 - Actor is Denzel Washington

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Some obscure French movie whose title eludes me for the moment...ah yes LE TRES GRAND MERDE DANS LE CHATEAU. Pretty awful too if memory serves.

Hitch :thumbup: Officium (Jan Garbarek)

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The above one was scored by Fenton.

Marian - who was going to post a new one now, but doesn't have his DVD drive connected.

Dangerous Liaisons with Sharon Stone, Meryl Streep and Joaquin Phoenix.

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Also wrong. Except for the song, it's all original Fenton, not Fenton adapting Händel & Co. Also, the lead character is fictitious, although there's some historical characters around as well.

Marian - who happens to like the movie.

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