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Which Williams scores do you know the most in detail?

King Mark

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When I was a young child in the 70's to early 80's I had stuff like Star Wars, Jaws, CE3K, E.T., Raiders, Superman and Star Trek TMP memorized.

I don't re-arrange cues and splice them togther, to me that's stretching it a bit too much. With all the scores and expanded releases available now and the number of film scores I do have I probably don't remember them as well as I used too.

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This thread could be the measure of the true Williams classics.Because if you end up learning all the cues by heart for whatever reason I believe that's a measure of greatness.More than voting for CE3K in a Best of Williams poll, because you really like the last 20 minutes but don't know the first 3/4 very well...


Speak for yourself. CE3K is one of Williams' very best scores, and like just about everything he wrote back then, I know it by heart. As Joe said, in the '70s there wasn't much else available. We didn't have computers. We didn't have video. So we'd all go to the movies (for godawful cheap) and listen to the soundtracks, over and over and over again. It also helps that when you're young, there's a lot more time to simply listen and dream.

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I remember having a very boring summer job back in College, and I would pass time by reciting various Johnny scores in my head. Time flew fast!!!

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By that I mean you know every cue by heart,you know where every bit of unreleased music goes,you've painstainkingly edited the c.d. tracks back into the film order,you can recognise almost every random segment of music you hear and know exactly where it is in the score ...ect...

I find I've been able to do this ever since I was 5-6 years old listening to ESB, SW, Superman, ET, and Raiders non-stop.

All the Star Wars scores:

Empire Strikes Back

Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars

Return of the Jedi

Phantom Menace

Attack of the Clones

The Fury

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Temple of Doom

Last Crusade

ET (though I admit the film version isn't 100% memorized as much as the album yet).



Jaws 2

Jaws (though, like ET, I admit the film version isn't 100% memorized as much as the album yet).

The Lost World

Jurassic Park

Far & Away

...um I can go on and on.

No surprise, they're all my faves. There are more... like most of the 70s and 80s scores. I can pick out what score it came from with just a little sample off most scores, though I know the 70s and 80s ones more. If I like a score a lot, I'll memorize every second, and re-memorize it upon hearing the expanded versions. Of course, if there is new music that is unreleased in CD, film, or expanded albums, then I wouldn't know it, but I know most of the released and expanded stuff.

And all summer, I've been listening to an expanded Sith album over and over and over. It is my favorite Williams score, maybe ever now. Right next to Empire and the Fury. The album was OK, but the expanded score is a masterwork.

-Chris, finally having a small amount of free time to post....

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