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War of the Worlds, nowhere in sight (for Dutchies)

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Am I crazy or has Holland skipped on this soundtrack?

No matter where I look, I can't seem to find it. They all point to the obvious Jeff Wayne set. Mediamarkt in Utrecht actually had ordered dozens of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, it's all layed out there on the shelves, but no John Williams to be seen.

Any of you Dutchies know where to get it? Cause I sure don't.

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Fame in Amsterdam had it, but it sold out.

Mediamarkt and Free Record Shop did not have it, Neither did Diskoland or Music Store in Hoorn.

I ordered mine at www.cdwow.nl for 13 Euro's.

I've been having trouble finding the last few Spielberg/Williams scores here.

Not a clue what The Terminal CD even looks like.

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I saw it in Italy with Italian cover. But I thought 20+ Euros was a bit pricey, thank you very much.

- Marc, who got Sky Captain instead.

That one is good!

Mediamarkt Groningen also only has dozens of the Jeff Wayne version, like it it also has dozens of electronical re-recordings of LotR, Harry Potter and Passion of the Christ music. Seems the guy (or woman of course) responsible for ordering soundtracks doesn't seem to be that into soundtracks.

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I ordered mine at www.cdwow.nl for 13 Euro's.

Great suggestion. Lot cheaper than Amazon even :)

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