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Track name for 1M8 in ROTS?


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I'm putting together my mix CD of OST material, Galaxies files and tracked music. I have the segment of Escape From Naboo as 1M8. However, I can't remember what was happening in ROTS as this played. Can anybody give me some idea, so I can create a track name.

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Wouldn't this be "Grievous and the Droids?"

The scene is when Grievous abandons the ship. Whoever created the chronological cue list properly referred to this as "Grievous Abandons Ship."

Plus, there is no record of it being recorded, and most of it was cut from the film, with the "Escape From Naboo" music playing almost around the same scene, so it's a good bet that this was the original music for that scene.

Hope this helps.

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