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My first film and score


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Last month I finished my first actual film score, incidentally I also co-made the corresponding film (animated short). While nobody should expect a perfect product (it was made with a free raytracer using a scripting language rather than a visual editor), I hope it ended up somewhat funny and enjoyable :angry:

The film and score are available here:


I'd be happy about some feedback :)


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Hi Joe, whatdayaknow. :angry:

Atomic, a grimm parable showing that man's quest for knowledge will ultimatly lead to it's own destruction.

While this film does not have the nail biting tension and realiosm of Cat / Food an earlier short film subject submitted to the MB, this is still riviting stuff and if there is any one justice left in the world Mr. Afonso will be hailed as the new Werner Herzog.

I like the anination and the score is very fitting, well done.

You may need to work on the sound effects though, I was constantly adjusting the volume switch because it was either to loud or to soft.

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